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Manufacturing capabilities (SPC introduction) ─CPK of the process capabilities explained

CPK's process capability explainedCPK is the CI of the accuracy and the standard of the process capability.Cpk= (1-ck)? C PThat is, at the same time as the CP, consider taking a (1-ck) number, to Praya the deficiency of the CP, the maximum time is 1, that is (ck=0) (the center value is not biased), if the central value is not too large, the number of this relationship (1-CK) will be smaller, the CPK would also become smaller.C PK rating of the class NBSP;

Basic Capabilities of software developers: four major capabilities

Software developers constitute the foundation of the software development team. If there is a problem with this foundation, the entire development team will face a disaster. In order to avoid such a disaster, in addition to technical issues, software developers are required to possess the following four capabilities:1. Role Positioning capability: define your own tasks and responsibilities. Clearly Understand: (1) specific tasks and responsibilities o

"GStreamer Development" GStreamer Basic tutorial 06--Media format and pad capabilities

Goal The pad's capabilities is the basis of a GSTREAMER element because the framework is automatically processed most of the time, so we almost don't feel it exists. This tutorial compares the principle of bias, introduces: What is pad capabilities How to get this thing When should I get this thing? Why do you need to know them? Introduced Pads Pads allows information to enter or leave a element--as if it

"Cloud Alert" 48 "IBM and Cisco's latest acquisitions to enhance OpenStack ease-of-use capabilities"

2015-06-08 Zhang Xiaodong Oriental Cloud InsightClick on the link text above to quickly follow the "East Cloud Insights" public numberThe two acquisitions that were announced this week were noteworthy, with Cisco buying piston cloud computing, the same time IBM's acquisition of the Blue Box group, aimed at solving the pain in the construction of the private cloud platform, allowing it to build an enterprise private cloud better and faster.Management capabili

Web Architect's capabilities (RPM)

Wen/Liu RuhongRecently and a few friends talked about the popular web 2.0, also mentioned the most important role-architect. There are disputes between the parties, only because of the background and perspective, including the word architecture, itself from the architectural reference, as for the architect, you can simply from the architect of architecture to extend, is nothing more than design structure, design a building structure. Back to the software itself, it can simply be understood as th

A small SQL Server DBA wants to talk about the capabilities of SQL Server

Label:Original: A small SQL Server DBA wants to talk about the capabilities of SQL ServerA small SQL Server DBA wants to talk about the capabilities of SQL ServerBaidu has not yet searched for relevant individuals to write more valuable articles, at least in the Chinese network of the world there is noBut there is an article on Microsoft's website: "Comparing SQL Server with IBM DB2"The article compares fro

Detailed SQL Server 2008 R2 database SSAS modeling and scaling capabilities _mssql2008

layer between a physical relational database used as a data source and a proprietary cube and a dimension structure for satisfying user queries. In this way, UDM can be treated as a core part of an OLAP solution. The model also provides rich advanced business intelligence capabilities to provide optimal relational analysis and OLAP analysis, and further enables organizations to leverage unique key performance indicator frameworks (Critical performanc

Interpreting data mining capabilities in SQL Server Analytics Services

Data mining is one of the most exciting new features of SQL Server . I view data mining as a process that automates the analysis of data to obtain relevant information, and data mining can be integrated with either relational or OLAP data sources, but the benefits of integration with OLAP are extremely significant. Because the structured data source makes the user no longer need to provide the massive information to the data mining algorithm. Although not an expert, I learned from my colleague G

MongoDB supports turning off automatic sharding and migration capabilities, enabling manual configuration of shards, data block splitting, and data migration

MongoDB supports turning off automatic sharding and migration capabilities, enabling manual configuration of shards, data block splitting, and data migrationHave the relevant information, seek to shareThis article is from the "Beingawhole Memory Brick Hut" blog, reprint please contact the author!MongoDB supports turning off automatic sharding and migration capabilities, enabling manual configuration of shar

Debugging capabilities for Eclipse

resultsWhen the program runs, you want to see if a program is running correctly, or when you look at the value of a variable:Select a sentence or a piece of code, right-click on the menu that pops up to select the watch (CREATE VIEW expression) item, at which point the execution results of the code are displayed in the Expressions (expression) window.Select a sentence or a piece of code, right-click on the pop-up menu to select the Inspect (check) item, you can directly display the value of the

Implementing code reuse with Eclipse's snippets capabilities

If you want to create a code snippet, that is, Snippets can select a piece of code in Eclipse's editor and right-click on add to Snippets .... Open the creation of the Code Snippet dialog box, such as database connection and so on, pop-up dialog box lets you select the type of code snippet, you can choose from the original type can also enter a new kind, then click OK, the dialog box appears customize palette left is the code snippet tree classification, The name on the right is a good remember

Let your Java Web program have struts capabilities.

First download the corresponding version of the struts package, and then import the required jar package in the Lib directory, if you do not know can be fully imported (later to understand the functionality of each package can be added on demand).The Web. xml file is then modified to add a filter and a mapping table, typically adding filters to all URLs.The last is to add the CONFIG. struts.xml file, which is generally a file or struts.propertites.Here is an example of the struts2.3.16 version:A

Optimize availability with MySQL built-in replication capabilities

settings. However, as this article says, there is indeed a file generation. If you are interested in this, you have to test yourself. In addition, in the latest MySQL manual, I found that the copy function is in the 3.23.15 version, please check your own version of MySQL. At the same time, the text about the binary log setting is said to be set in the MY.CNF. In the 3.23.24 version I used, the manual says that there can be three files for parameter settings, respectively, for My.ini files in th

JavaScript enables front-end AES encryption and decryption capabilities

convert to Base64 string after the decryption//service side should be back Base64 after the encrypted data EncryptedData = EncryptedData.ciphertext.toString (); var encryptedhexstr = CryptoJS.enc.Hex.parse (EncryptedData);Results DemoTip:aes.js N UnityHttp:// Console View"Source code as follows"[HTML] view plain copy [HTML] view plain copy > html lang="en"> head> meta charset

Unity comes with networking capabilities-create services and connect to specified services

The game itself needs to create a service on the network, and then other games can connect to the service, and then play together in the same game scene.The method for creating a service call is network.initializeserver ();The method to connect the specified service invocation is network.connect ();This article explains how these two methods are used in an instance.Unity comes with networking capabilities-create services and connect to specified servi

Python implements translation capabilities

1, open the file example:1 file=open (' D:\\python\\untitled\\hello.txt ', ' R ', encoding= ' Utf-8 ') 2 () 3 print (data) 4 file.close ()2, the use of Urllib Library request page for a simple translation, request Baidu translation, will be translated content as parameters to Baidu, and then assign the results to parameters, and finally print out:On the code:1 Import urllib.request 2 import urllib.parse 3 import JSON 4 5 content=input ("===== Please enter what you want to transla

Java threading and concurrent programming practices----additional threading capabilities

); Th.setuncaughtexceptionhandler (TU); Th.start ();}}Operation Result:Custom Exception Handling ... Java.lang.ArithmeticException:/By zero The thread is Thread[thread-0,5,main]But for a while, it seems that abnormal handling and threadgroup have nothing to do with it, observation:Threadgroup implements the Thread.uncaughtexceptionhandler, soWhen we did not call Setuncaughtexceptionhandler(thread.uncaughtexceptionhandler eh),The JVM will automatically find the Threadgroup object for the thread,

SQL Server replication capabilities to avoid bug interruptions

SQL Server has powerful replication capabilities, in addition to synchronizing data and database objects from one database to another and accurately distributing them. SQL Server replication is divided into three kinds, the following describes the three kinds of replication technology and some of the deficiencies, we can use the specific circumstances to choose the appropriate replication methods to avoid these defects interference. 1. Snapshot repli mvc How to send a file to the browser to provide file download capabilities

File downloads typically require a File selection dialog box to choose where to store the files. We can do it ourselves, but the simple thing is to take advantage of the out-of-the-box capabilities of the browser. All browsers include file downloads, but the File selection dialog box is not available in every browser. Here I only choose the two browsers I use: Google browser and Sogou browser. Let's start with a small example: Public ActionResult

Dramatically improve Outlook's mail search capabilities with C #

With Outlook, have you ever encountered a problem with the above diagram? Up to 18419 emails! Too much, every time to find a mail is very time-consuming, to find a way to solve this problem is a very urgent matter. The use of MS Search, of course, but it is too heavy, and does not support such as a logical search expression, such as complex search function, how to do? Luckily I had the WEBUS2.0 SDK, so I decided to develop a gadget called Outlook Searcher (Outlook Search Wizard) myself. The O

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