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Amazon Load Balancing)

ArticleDirectory 1. Where can I find the load balancing configuration page? 2. port forwarding Configuration 3. Health Check 4. Other problems Recently, the company wants to migrate its architecture to the cloud, store it in S3, and use EC2 for servers. To make our architecture horizontally scalable, we use AWS Load Balancing for load bal

Create and use AWS-elastic load balance (I)

Elastic Load balancer is an important feature in EC2. It can be used with auto scaling and The multip-Az of RDS to implement a very cost-effective and highly available structure. Let's first look at the most basic ELB structure. ELB uses DNS rotation to distribute data and achieve high availability for user requests. 650) This. width = 650; "src =" http://s3.51c

HTTPS load balancer configuration process for AWS EC2 servers

AWS EC2 Server Configuration load balancer steps:1. General Load BalancerAt least two EC2 instances, Here take the Centos6.7 system as an example to install an Apache httpd server default 80 port, or use a different server and port also line, configure the load balancer need

Server Load balancer technology Overview

At present, the development of business volume in Enterprise Networks, campus networks, and wide area networks, such as the Internet, exceeds the most optimistic estimates in the past. The Internet boom is surging and new applications are emerging one after another, even if the network is built according to the optimal configuration at that time, it will soon feel overwhelmed. Especially for the core parts of each network, the large data traffic and computing strength make it impossible for a si

How to use weave and Docker to build Nginx reverse proxy/Load Balancer server

Hi, today we will learn how to use Weave and Docker to build an Nginx reverse proxy/Load balancer server. Weave can create a virtual network that connects Docker containers to each other, enabling cross-host deployment and Autodiscover. It allows us to focus more on the development of the application rather than on the infrastructure. Weave provides such a great environment as if all its containers belong t

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