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Amazon anti-DDoS: Remove device encryption in the latest Fire Tablet System

Amazon anti-DDoS: Remove device encryption in the latest Fire Tablet System Just as Apple and the FBI are in a fierce battle for device encryption, another tech giant, Amazon, has reversed its path and removed the device encryption feature from the latest Fire Tablet system.User: Why can't I find the encryption funct

Amazon's Fire Phone is for Android developers

Amazon was also unable to compete in the mobile phone competition last week, releasing its own Fire phone, so the Android family has another variant, and the level of fragmentation of the Android system is further exacerbated. Because of the work, I was fortunate enough to get a project in advance last month, but for policy reasons it is now possible to talk about the new phone.For the features and appearan

Python Simple Combat Project: "Ice and Fire song 1-5" role relationship map construction--The visualization of __python

The same series of posts:Python Simple Combat Project: "Ice and Fire song 1-5" Role relationship map constructionPython Simple Combat Project: "Song of Ice and Fire 1-5" construction of role relationship map--Database designScrapy+redis+mongodb distributed crawler crawl novel "Ice and

PS 5 min Quick Draw Super Fire MBE style icon

Recently Super Fire MBE style icon finally out of the tutorial! Great God @ Ox mo Wang Han personally wrote the tutorial, 5 minutes quick to finish, dynamic diagram demo Simple to understand, together to practice a hand! This style and case by the Paris designer MBE creation, the original is the AI drawing, here is to give everyone a kind of PS drawing ideas.   Step 01 Vector rounded rectangle, changin

5 reasons you should fire a workaholic programmer

English Original: 5 reasons why should fire workaholic programmersDavid Heinemeier Hansson said that workaholic does not solve the financial dilemma of start-ups. Instead of relying on compulsive implementations of your ideas, he argues, it's better to have a strategy that will allow creative and interesting people to invest in your vision.Want to save money for your start-up company? Do not have to hire a

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