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Purple bird Amazon data cube free Amazon keyword tool

Amazon keyword Mining amazon product analysis Amazon The words of competing products Analysis Purple bird Data www.ziniao.comAmazon keyword mining Amazon product analysis Amazon competi

Python to create bulk keyword ranking query tool

When you do the site, all look at the inclusion and keywords ranking what, so build this batch keyword query tool.#encoding: Utf-8import urllib,re,random,time,sys,stringio,sockettry:import pycurlexcept:passfrom BS4 Import Beautif ulsoupscore={1:28.56, 2:19.23, 3:10.2, 4:8.14, 5:7.5, 6:5.72, 7:4.01, 8 : 4.41, 9:5.53, 10:6.70,} #获取根域名, Baidu products Direct dis

How to accurately predict the time of keyword ranking

chain, station and outside the number of links can be used as reference data for our data. Site data for the first place    The second and third, respectively, are cars in China and the Amazon Mall, from which the word navigator is the hot word. 4. Super hot Words One of the obvious features of the super hot word is that the top site will have an ICO tag, or a well-known large web site, with an ICO label stating that the site has a hi

Look at the electricity Business Circle keyword ranking from the bystander

Stationmaster Circle Big very fire Electric circle competition, the key words in the electric business circle in the Baidu index also rose a lot, the game is benevolent see, the things, the game is also a lot of dark horse SEO situation, Baidu related search box, Baidu related search terms, the most sensational will be regarded as Kkk103 electric business Circle, Although it is through the relevant tools to brush up, but also to the ranking of keyword

5 Steps to improve your site's keyword ranking

can determine the main keyword, the company name, personal name into the title or description, but there is no need for the page keyword layout. Second, the keyword density Keyword density has been identified as the most important factor in the ranking of keywords, especi

How to improve website keyword ranking

1. It is recommended that the website pages be purely static. As website optimizers, static pages are useful for search engines. However, it is best to process dynamic pages and generate pseudo-static pages, which is also conducive to optimization.2. Selection of keywords is the basis before keyword optimization. If the selection of keywords is not good, the rest will be good, and your keyword

Hot keyword Optimization Invalid ranking reasons for the failure

, although not high, but for a collection of less, the ranking of the new station can have such a Alex ranking is very abnormal, the site's traffic every day not more than 5 IP,PV although higher but almost all of my own or the company's people point. From this can be judged that the site brush over the flow, and then I looked for the maintenance of the station before the people consulted, is indeed a usefu

How to obtain Baidu keyword ranking on the page

How to get Baidu keyword ranking on the page how to use PHP to get Baidu keyword ranking to display on the page, instead of using its keyword ranking Query Tool nbsp; thank you! ------

How to obtain Baidu keyword ranking on the page

How to get Baidu keyword ranking on the page how to get Baidu keyword ranking using PHP how to get Baidu keyword ranking display on the page, rather than using its keyword

Baidu and Google Keyword ranking online query-PHP source code

Ec (2); Baidu and Google Keyword ranking online queries are recommended on this site. The query address is zz.111cn. netkeyword. It indicates that the keyword ranking keyword is automatically extracted from the Keywords in Your webpage code! The system will automatically pro

March 1 The latest Keyword ranking Experiment analysis

keywords, found that the competition is very low, it is easy to do up.) Through a certain conversion rate will be able to generate orders, can become a real business order. Third, give examples to illustrate Google Statistics tools Baidu and Google separate search for "Google statistics tool" See Baidu related Search belongs to the General keyword, this key has certain representative power. Do go up t

Site keyword ranking unstable case sharing

still gratifying, the total volume seems to be lower than before. Colleagues think his station appears this situation is Baidu put his station home page as a news attribute, so the day of the Baidu snapshot, the rankings go quickly all off. If the simple case of this explanation is still feasible, now is the domain site problem, the tool query without Baidu snapshot, direct Baidu Web site display: Sorry, did not find the URL, you can directly access

Grasp the source to resolve the site keyword ranking instability analysis

Do site SEO, we are not afraid of the site no rankings, no content, no chain, or even no site, but we are afraid of the original site rankings suddenly unstable, this instability often makes a lot of SEO optimization personnel unprepared, because the reasons and details of this is too much, Want to recover for a while is not a day two days of things, if it is a personal webmaster that good point, the pressure is not so big, but if the company employees, then leadership, boss, customers are going

How to get a higher keyword ranking for new apps

search rankings in AppStore. This is done by analyzing the publisher's application and by working with real users to improve the search rankings and popularity of the application, and to attract more people to download their apps. and the application of high praise for the ASO optimization of the app also occupies a large proportion. There are many developers have this aspect of demand, in this case, Invincible Warrior Technology launched Bestreviewapp to provide developers with praise services

Baidu, google keyword ranking online query

Site recommended Baidu, Google keyword ranking online query Oh, Query Address: Tool description Which keyword ranking keyword automatically

Keywords ranking optimization mining long tail keyword method

long tail word. Here the ranking is also ranked by the search volume, indicating that the long Tail keyword Mining tool search volume is the highest, followed by the long tail keyword mining. You can also find a lot of long tail words through your own combination. 4. Long Tail Word mining tools From the above diagra

Brief description: how to let GOOGLE collect your website and have a good keyword ranking

Many people ask, how to make their own web site on Google , how to let my station in keyword search when there is a good ranking? I personally think that-- 1. Before submitting a website to Google , be sure to do some real content of your site (even if it is copied); 2. Make friends, and other sites to do more links (especially those PR value is higher than your site), so that your station name can be see

Webmaster Analysis: New station to quickly get keyword ranking of several suggestions

With SEO technology to optimize their site, by getting the rankings to get traffic, which is now all keen to study. Now many of the company's website optimization staff in order to make the new station has a better ranking, the early site on the line on the release of the chain, to their own site to import traffic. In fact, this method is not appropriate, a new station for a short time suddenly get a large number of import links, will be judged by the

Website keyword ranking down 8 major culprits

Often can see a lot of friends in the Forum, QQ group in the discussion, today's site rankings have dropped, eggs hurt ah. This degree Niang in the end what is going on, some people said that Baidu and artificial, but also some people say that Baidu one months there are always a few days, and others said ... So what is the reason for your website keyword ranking down? Quanzhou SEO think that the following s

Love Station SEO Tool pack keyword monitoring tool how to use

1. Add Tasks There are two types of tasks. One is a single URL that corresponds to multiple keywords. Suitable for monitoring multiple keyword rankings for a single site. The other is a single keyword corresponding to multiple domain names, suitable for a single keyword station group site or competitor website keyword

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