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How do I move from programmer to Product Manager (transfer from everyone to Product manager)

product to solve, it is optimistic, every little progress can make it happy, each one of the shortcomings is the impetus for its progress. The world's best product managers, the brightest stars, jobs is the ultimate spokesperson, his definition and design of the Apple products have changed an era, leading the trend. His harsh, extreme, world-changing beginner's

Programmer Career Development: Project manager, technical Manager or product manager __ Management

, naturally there is nothing to say. Generally speaking, the development of programmers will basically go through such a few paths. Programmer-System analyst-architect-Technical manager-cto, programmer-Project leader-project manager-project director-cto, programmer-product designer-product

is the product manager so gorgeous? ---the feeling of a female product manager

Since a Steve Jobs, the product manager suddenly burst out loud. Steve Jobs did well, he was the founder, the boss, the product manager, but the general product

The difference between a project manager and a product manager

There are two positions in the company's organizational structure: Project manager and product manager.The project manager is a relatively broad term, as long as a project can be used as a manager can be called the project manager, such as: construction project

Product strategy diagram that the product manager should know

Product strategy diagram that the product manager should know The number of first-class administrators is insufficient. There are already three types of jobs in the product department. Product Department

How to prepare a product-Product Manager notice

Original article: Workshop ...... When all these problems... I have been engaged in the Internet for many years. Recently, I am confused about my products, and I don't know what I do, sometimes I think about what my own products do when I do half the work or encounter difficulties. What kind of users will use them? Will users like them ...... When all these problems go around, we find ourselves lost in the strange circle of products. Of course, it is not ruled out that many

Product Manager Position recognition: Personal positioning of product managers

first formal occupation. Fortunately, in my work in this environment, the front-end development of this position, the entry requirements are not high, not too hard to learn, and is in addition to the designer first to communicate with the Product manager, but also with the back-end of the brother Exchange, is the dream of the development of the category of jobs

How can we become a good product manager?

a mistake to do the right thing unconsciously at the right time.   Many product insights are actually honed in failure.For example, I have been feeling recently that Steve Jobs actually made a mistake. In the Dharma, people are greedy, greedy, and crazy, and greed is the nature of everyone. Therefore, CEOs of the company always like to develop new products, and product

Zhou Hongyi: how can we become a good product manager?

thing unconsciously at the right time. Many product insights are actually honed in failure. For example, I have been feeling recently that Steve Jobs actually made a mistake. In the Dharma, people are greedy, greedy, and crazy, and greed is the nature of everyone. Therefore, CEOs of the company always like to develop new products, and product managers always lik

Product Manager into e-commerce industry star Post

experience parts. Product managers in big companies do this with UI designers or interaction designers, but in small companies they can only rely on product managers themselves. I think this part is the most valuable part of the product manager's work, if the product manager's work does not have these, it is certain t

The future of "Product manager"?

product of the post, you can focus on the key to try to chop thorns into the major companies of product internships or product training students and other posts, this can be concerned about the annual open Campus recruitment network jobs. now the recruitment of product pers

Core skills of a good product manager

in my previous work, has designed the Product Manager position core Competency model, today sees Michael's article, and I thought very much resembles, the translation organizes out and everybody shares. 1. Communication Skills Excellent product manager must be a successful communicator, communication skills including

Why can't the product manager's salary be higher than the programmer's?

company boss is just recruited the primary product manager, is the document writer. The boss is the so-called product manager's salary must be high, even if the product ability is poor, programmers will not say anything. The reason most people are unconvinced is that the product

Self-criticism on titles [everyone is a product manager: 9095]

want to hear your opinion. You are responsible for this .... Because you wrote this book... ⊙ B ...... Well, let me first draw a conclusion: "Everyone is a product manager." This is definitely not to say that everyone in the team should be a product manager, instead, everyone should use the

After watching you can also be independent of the project! The Product Manager does all the work in the app from beginning to end!

(i) before the start of the projectEngaged in product work for more than a year, but I have been suffering from such or such confusion, many people want to engage in products, or the boss of their own business to bear the product of the job, but they do not understand the position of the product is clear, some think it is purely painting prototype, some think to

No, product manager's capability model

for the job at hand. Why should we be competent for the job at hand? This should not be answered. So far, we can see the key points: Competence is more important than ability development. Different Jobs lead to different abilities. "Competence over Competence Cultivation" is the biggest difference between school education and vocational education.Application", Because I didn't know what to do at the time, so it's totally the method center. Vocati

Product Manager Responsibilities

With the development of the domestic Internet, Product manager post demand greatly increased, in the domestic, engaged in the majority of product jobs for product managers, in fact, a lot of jobs in the

Why did product manager badian-WeChat succeed?

is no room for evolution at the very beginning for a complicated rule. We can see that many products, such as Twitter, are very simple, and their rules are as simple as you can, but such things are the most vital. If it takes me an hour to get the logic of a product plan, it is definitely not a good product. Let's look at it again. The first point is the concept of Steve

App Product Manager (i)

With the rapid development of mobile apps, a large number of apps are released to the market every day, from traditional app business to social and e-commerce apps, nearly 2mobile app products are becoming more and more prosperous, then there are a large number of the position of the product manager, the demand for a large number of outstanding talents. The current situation,Mobile phone is the extension of

Product Manager's past and present (Career Planning)

Based on my personal understanding of Internet product managers (hereinafter referred to as PM), I drew the above sketch and wanted to express the following content: 1. The blue arrow points to the object that PM will be exposed to during work.2. The blue arrow is PM-centered and points to the surrounding departments, indicating that PM plays an active role in communication and coordination.3. green arrows indicate the types of work most often chang

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