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Amazon DynamoDB, a high-performance, scalable NoSQL database for Internet applications

Tags: daily capacity large number of scene mode shopping cart economic bidding copy Dynamodb is a fully managed NoSQL database service. Customers can easily use Dynamodb's services. Enjoy high performance, massive scalability and persistent data protection at the same time. The Dynamodb database was published by Amazon on January 18, 2012.It incorporates Amazon'

Empower your gaming apps with Amazon DynamoDB

Tags: style blog http color using OS strong fileAmazon Dynamodb is rapidly becoming the world's strongest game database. "Fruit Ninja" (developed by Halfbrick Studio), "Battle Camp" (developed by Pennypop) and other games take full advantage of Amazondynamodb's one-click Extensibility features to support the rapid development of the game, to provide services to millions of players worldwide. Amazondynamodb is also appreciated by a number of developers

Amazon DynamoDB, a high-performance, scalable NoSQL database for Internet applications

January 18, 2012, Amazon released Amazondynamodb, a fully managed, high-performance, high-reliability, cost-effective NoSQL database. Dynamodb is ideal for Internet-scale applications.The DYNAMODB database incorporates Amazon's many years of experience in large, non-relational databases and cloud computing. As early as 2007,

Introduction to Amazon dynamodb

-type primary keys: The primary key is the hash value of an attribute. Dynamodb creates an unordered hash index for the primary key atrributes. In the preceding example, the product has an ID as the primary key. This is the hash attribute (attributes) of the table ). * Hash and Range Primary keys: A primary key is a combination of two attributes. The first attribute is hash attributes. The second attribute is range attribute.

Introduction to Amazon Dynamodb (i)

combination of "UserID" (hash) and "timestamp" (range). By keeping the hash key element constant, you can search within the range keys element to retrieve the item. This way you can use the Query API to retrieve all the items of a single UserID in a series of timestamps, and so on, which is why Dynamodb is very much like SQL in the same way that it is nosql, and it's possible to achieve both the benefits of SQL and NoSQL, and see how you design your

Introduction to Amazon DynamoDB (ii)

with the same primary key hash value share the same partition in DynamoDB, the local level two index contains only items that are stored in the same location (the same partition). Therefore, LSI can be used to query items that have the same primary key hash value, but with different range keys.It is important to note that all the GSI related to the table must be specified when the table is created. A GSI index does not require that indexed properties

Initial Experience of MySQL and Amazon RDS in the cloud

BKJIA, December 10 (Internet headlines) Amazon's RDS Service Relational Database Service (Relational Database Service) has brought us a MySQL Database server in the cloud, making the concept of "Database as a Service" a reality, it provides a fast automatic upgrading/downgrading ladder for existing MySQL applications to enter the cloud. We know that Amazon EC2 instances can run MySQL, and it also provides S

AWS Opsworks How to add Amazon RDS support

AWS Opsworks is an application management service. You can use it to define your application in one stack as a collection of different layers. Each stack provides package information that needs to be installed and configured, while also deploying any AWS resources defined in the Opsworks layer. Depending on the load or the predefined plan, Opsworks can also extend your application as needed. If you plan to use Mysql,oracle,sqlserver or PostgreSQL, then Amaz

Log_bin_trust_function_creators error resolution when Amazon RDS MySQL database is restored

With Amazon AWS EC2 free cloud space, your DB instance uses Amazon RDS. There is a MySQL database with a large amount of data on Windows Server. Now you need to restore this MySQL database on Amazon RDS, tick off the views (because it will require super permissions, and the

Amazon AWS Learning-Deploy data for an Oracle-type RDS Database

For more details on deploying data for RDS, importing and exporting, see [official documentation].To deploy data for RDS, it is important to note that the RDS database only has 1521 ports open, so all operations can only be done through a 1521 port database connection.1 Exporting dataIn the source database:--查看数据库目录:select * from dba_directories t;--数据导出(操作系统命令行执

Configure Amazon RDS mysql to store Chinese Characters, amazonrds

Configure Amazon RDS mysql to store Chinese Characters, amazonrds Configure Amazon RDS mysql to store Chinese Characters Https:// Http://

Configure Amazon RDS MySQL to store Chinese characters

Configure Amazon RDS MySQL to store Chinese charactersHttps:// Cfn-rds-dbinstance-charactersetnameHttp://

General-purpose storage (SSD) of Amazon RDS)

In March of this year, we introduced SSD-based Elastic Block-level storage for Amazon EC2 instances. After a few months of release, this new method of choice, known as general-purpose storage (SSD), has accounted for 90% of the newly created EBS volumes, we learned from customers' feedback that they like this consistent performance very much (pre-configured storage is 3 iops per GB) and increased to 3000 iops as needed, you do not need to consider the

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