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Exploration of AWS and azure in cloud computing (6)-Amazon simple storage service and Microsoft Azure blob Storage

Up to 10 TB/month $0.120/GB $0.201/GB $0.120/GB $0.19/GB Next 40 TB/month $0.090/GB $0.158/GB $0.090/GB $0.150/GB Next 100 TB/month $0.070/GB $0.137/GB $0.0701/GB $0.130/GB Next 350 TB/month $0.050/GB $0.127/GB $0.050/GB $0.120/GB Next 524 TB/month Contact Amazon Contact Amazon

Amazon Redshift Analytics Database features--essential or column storage

Tags: and redshift BSP Select HTTPS based solution Add tarAmazon Redshift is a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data Warehouse that enables you to cost-effectively and easily analyze all your data with existing business intelligence tools. From a minimum of 0.25 USD per hour (without any obligation) up to $ (PB) per terabyte/TB/year, the cost is less than one-tenth of the traditional solution. Customers

Amazon Zocalo cloud file storage, sharing and collaboration services

Introduction to Amazon Zocalo When you want to share files at work, and want others or even a group of people to give you feedback, and then submit them to you for modification, you can also modify different versions, then, let's repeat and discuss the corrections. What will you do? We usually send these files via email, ask for feedback from others, and store files of different versions locally. However, this is not the best solution, email may not

Java Development 2.0: Using Amazon simpledb to implement cloud storage, part 2nd

Java Development 2.0: Using Amazon simpledb to implement cloud storage, part 2nd: Implementing Simple Object persistence with SIMPLEJPA It is easy to model domain objects for almost all types of applications using a relational framework such as Grails, but what about using SimpleDB? In part 2nd of Andrew Glover's introduction to SimpleDB's series, he introduced you to how to use SIMPLEJPA, rather than the

Cloudfusion, support for Dropbox, Sugarsync, Amazon S3, Google Storage, Google Drive or WebDAV

Linux file System (FUSE) to access Dropbox, Sugarsync, Amazon S3, Google Storage, Google Drive or WebDAV servers. is also a way to:A FUSE wrapper around MongoDB ' s GridfsHttps:// usermode hookable Filesystem Library

General-purpose storage (SSD) of Amazon RDS)

In March of this year, we introduced SSD-based Elastic Block-level storage for Amazon EC2 instances. After a few months of release, this new method of choice, known as general-purpose storage (SSD), has accounted for 90% of the newly created EBS volumes, we learned from customers' feedback that they like this consistent performance very much (pre-configured

Diversified Low-cost Dell provides data storage and backup solutions for government departments and education departments

requirements, still need a certain scale of data storage and management systems, for a variety of specifications, a variety of density of storage media and storage facilities, Even the simplest mobile HDD backup system, there are more and more strong prayer. Common "low cost" demand The same is true in the field of

IP-SAN: Low-cost and secure storage

In this blog, I want to talk about the principles and implementations of SAN, do you still remember what the back-end storage technology is when I talk about HA and LB clusters in the previous section? NAS network attached storage ), of course, the efficiency of this technology is relatively low. If enterprises have high requirements on data storage speed, this t

Deploy a highly available, low-cost Oracle 12c RAC cluster by discarding shared storage

Tags: openfiler 12c oss sha Hyper-converged to address ADO RAC improvementsWith a lot of Oracle RAC, shared storage is used. Dual controller with full disk, 15000 rpm SAS full slot, made into RAID 10, the cost is still very large. Recently in the open source hyper-fusion test, has achieved the very ideal effect: to be centralized, high availability, open source and low

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