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I have a dream

I have a dream Martin Luther King, Jr. 28 August 1963, at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C. I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. Five score

I'm driving in America.

Using "Country on Wheels" to describe American cars is not too much. The American daily life is closely related to the automobile, and no car can live normally. Newcomers to the United States must first obtain a driving licence, not only used when

ebay's business model and Amazon's ecommerce

In the United States, people often sell their own junk in their front yards and garages, known as yard Sale and garage Sale. For example, children are big, childhood toys do not need, parents let children in their front yard to put a stall, toys a

Early o2o entrepreneurial stories-twists and turns

Chinese people love to get together. Once a concept is put forward, a large number of people begin to follow suit. Now, all related and irrelevant things depend on o2o. From the path to o2o development, to how to play the role of the Community daema

(original) North American credit card personal use experience and summary (Personal Finance Edition) [Essence] I 8 months F1 Two degrees to the United States, now credit score between 724-728 floating, the highest time also 730 , belonging to the good range, greater than 746 excellent score. within two

Hedge fund manager's farewell letter (zt)

Powerful farewell letter. Here: Login. Andrew is the fund manager at Lahde Capital, a California hedge fund. His Fund's annual return was as high as 866% because of the short subprime mortgage last year. This year, he decided to put the ox in the

Interview Wunda: I don't care if AI turns evil.

Interview Wunda: I don't care if AI turns evil.It can be said that these universities have the best computer science courses: Carnegie Mellon University, MIT, Berkeley, California and Stanford. These are the places where Wunda received a bachelor's

What are Americans playing?

In the United States, there are 23 million small enterprises, and 0.543 million new small enterprises will be added each month. Therefore, if your company wants to stand out and succeed, it not only requires a unique value proposition, but also

In search of the perfect market

Survey: Electronic commerce In search of the perfect marketMay 8th 1997From the economy ist print edition The Internet, for all the miracles it has wrought in communications, is still a horrible way to buy a shirt. But it will get better,Much

50 stars 3 in NBA history

22 James Worthy English name: James WorthyBorn on: February 1, February 27, 1961 Height: 2.06 meters NBA career: Title: Forward Honors: ① Won the NBA championship three times② Won the NBA championship MVP in 1988James wossi was born in.

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