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Analyze HSL/HSB to obtain the Dominant Color of the image,

Analyze HSL/HSB to obtain the Dominant Color of the image, The HSL/HSB values of colors have been studied a little over the past two days, this is mainly because the write program wants to obtain the most prominent color values in the image through

Image Feature Overview

From found a good article on the Internet about image feature extraction. The project I made for myself was a bit similar and was released for your reference. Feature extraction is a concept in

"Single image Haze removal Using Dark Channel Prior" The principle, realization, effect and other of image de-fog algorithm.

Time 2013-09-04 17:05:05 iteye-blog original In the field of Image de-fog, few people do not know the "single image Haze removal Using Dark Channel Prior" article, which is the 2009 CVPR best paper. Dr. He

Image segmentation with color space

Original address: What is color space? Use color space for simple segmentation Color space and reading images using OPENCV Visualize clown fish in RGB color space

Image feature extraction (color, texture, shape)

The main content of this article is reproduced from the blog: 1. Color Feature

Use IBM page detailer to analyze Web Application Performance and Tuning

This document introduces the functions and usage of IBM page detailer, and uses an example to demonstrate how to analyze the results obtained by IBM page detailer and provide suggestions for improving the web application performance.

Android custom controls-3D galleries and image matrices

Android custom controls-3D galleries and image matrices  1.3D gallery implementation We know that the android system has provided us with a "Container" for displaying images-Gallery. However, this Gallery shows flat effects and does not have a

Brief introduction of common features of content-based image retrieval system

1. Preface Content-based image retrieval (contents Based image retrieval, CBIR) is a retrieval technique that finds images similar to retrieved content from an image database. It makes use of the image features, such as color, texture, contour and

Bitmapinfoheader and bitmapfileheader:

BITMAPINFOHEADER and BITMAPFILEHEADER: First, let's look at BITMAPINFOHEADER and write only a few main BiSize contains the size of this struct (including the color table) BiWidth and biHeight are the length and width of the image,

The principle summary and OPENCV Code implementation of box filter, mean filter, median filter, Gaussian filter and bilateral filter for image smoothing technology

Image Smoothing refers to the direct operation of each pixel data of the source image to achieve the purpose of smoothing the image. Essentially is the master convolution accounting sub-realization, convolution accounting sub-related knowledge you

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