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windbg symbol and source code "second article"

A symbol file is a secondary data that contains some annotation information about the application code that is useful during debugging. If there is no secondary data, then the information available is only the binary file of the application. Binary

Unresolved external symbol cannot be resolved _ Send @ 16

(1) A compilation problem occurs in VC network programming. It turns out that wsock32.lib is missing.Add wsock32.lib to project --> Settings --> link --> Object/library modules.When developing Winsock APIs in VC, you must use the following three

Shell special Symbol Cut command, sort_wc_uniq command, Tee_tr_split command

Note content:L 8.10 Shell special symbol cut command L 8.11 sort_wc_uniq command L 8.12 tee_tr_split command L 8.13 Shell special symbol Note Date:2017.8.168.10 Shell special symbol cut command Special symbols:1.* Any arbitrary character wildcard

The introduction of strong symbol and weak symbol in C language _c language

Previously in the extern "C" usage details have already mentioned the concept of symbols, it is a compiler for variables and functions of a token, the compiler for C and C + + code in the production of symbols when the rules are not the same,

Explanation of symbol type in NM command

Excerpted from NM command introduces many, but mostly does not describe the meaning of its function symbol flags.Most recently used in debugging a dynamic library, which uses the most:Nm-a *

VxWorks symbol table

Symbol table InitializationThe symbol table is used to establish the relationship between symbol names, types, and values. It is an arbitrary string ending with null. Its type is an integer that identifies various symbols. Its value is a character

C language refers to the symbol in the connection script LDS--Clears the BSS segment, C implementation mode

Before our startup file clears BSS and copies are implemented by the way of assembly, however, we are able to use the C language without using the assembler:First look at the connection script: sections{. = 0x30000000 ; __code_start =.; .

On strong symbol, weak symbol, strong reference and weak reference _c language in C language

First of all, I said it was a tragedy, before I saw the programmer's ego-link, load and library. C has strong symbols, weak symbols, strong references, and weak references. When I saw the 3.5.5 Weak signs and strong symbols, I feel a little confused,

The symbol bit extension after char becomes int type

Binary negative Number:The original code is the original representation methodAnti-code is the inverse of the sign bit (highest bit)Complement = anti-code +1 1 bytes It can only represent 256 numbers anyway, because there is a sign, so we're going

How to: Specify the symbol position and loading Behavior

In other words, I have always believed that if the link is static_lib during dll debugging, I can directly step in, and I am tired of having confused the import and export operations when I first played with OGE, the concept of pdb has never been

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