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Android Development Step-by-step 70:android access to Google Analytics summary

Ask for yourself, today's project to access Google Analytics, which is used for statistical analysis, you can view the current mobile phone active users, event clicks and so on data, first look at the effect:Prior to eclipse inside the access has been successful, yesterday the project team decided to use Android studio to develop, see Google official documents, official document Https://

Android Development Step-by-step 70:android access to Google Analytics summary

Ask for yourself, today's project to access Google Analytics, which is used for statistical analysis, you can view the current mobile phone active users, event clicks and so on data, first look at the effect:Prior to eclipse inside the access has been successful, yesterday the project team decided to use Android studio to develop, see Google official documents, official document Https://

Android Core Analytics-----Android phone System Ril-java

variable that is incremented to uniquely identify a rilrequest. This variable is used as token when it is sent, and tokens seen at the rild layer are the mserail.Event_end:[email protected]@[email protected]2) Send the steps: The first step: Generates a rilrequest that will generate m_serial (the requested token) and fill the request number, data, and result Message object into Rilrequest Step Two: Use Send to package rilrequest to the event_send message to Ril sender Handl

Android source code analytics Android toast using specific explanation toast yourself definition

During the Android development process. Toasts make it a class that we often use. When we need to communicate some information to the user, but it is not necessary to interact with the user, this approach is a very appropriate way.we are accustomed to using toast like this: Toast . Maketext (Context context, String info, int duration). Show (); This method isThe system provides us with a convenient static method for creating toast objects, and the ins

Use Google Analytics in Android

Google Analytics can be applied not only on websites, but also on Android applications. The following is an explanation: 1. Of course, you have registered a Google Analytics account and registered it for free. 2. Download the Google Android SDK for Android 3. Place the

Google Analytics in the use of Flash CS3 tutorial analysis _flash AS3

This is Google's related instructions ( flashtrackingintro.html), we are interested to have a look, I have done a tutorial here to teach you step-by-step use of this component.I. Apply for a Gmail accountBecause this component gets the data that is tied to the account, you need to have a Gmail account.Open

Android Memory Management Analytics

there is red-green blindness, you can choose the last item. After the click, the interface is as follows, according to the above-mentioned rendering level, Genymotion's interface does quite well:Next, start our project:First you'll notice that the title of the app is over-drawn. Why does it lead to this? Because at the time of drawing, the theme of the app first adds a layer of background to the entire interface. We can remove this background and add it in the OnCreate () method:getWindow().set

Android App Analytics APK file structure

. ? classes.dex fileClasses.dex is a Java bytecode file generated after the Java source code is compiled (first, the Java file is compiled into a bytecode file via the JDK and then compiled by Dex into Classes.dex). However, because the Dalvik virtual machine used by Android is incompatible with the standard Java Virtual machine, the Dex file is different from the class file, whether it is a file structure or opcode. None of the common Java Anti-compi

Google Analytics Statistics Code ga.js Chinese Tutorial

2010-12-06 11:07:08|Category: Java Programming | Tags:google analytics ga js Code | Report | Font size Subscription Google Analytics Statistics Code ga.js Chinese Tutorial Today we talk about the new statistical code of Google Analytics ga.js, about the Ga.js script here with you to explore and lea

The mutex for Android analytics

); Pthread_mutexattr_setpshared (attr, pthread_process_shared); Pthread_mutex_init (mmutex, attr); Pthread_mutexattr_destroy (AMP;ATTR); } else {pthread_mutex_init (mmutex, NULL);//if branch: Lock}}inline in this process Mutex::~mutex () {Pthread_mutex_destroy (mmutex);} Inline status_t Mutex::lock () {return-pthread_mutex_lock (mmutex);} inline void Mutex::unlock () {pthread_mutex_unlock (mmutex);} Inline status_t Mutex::trylock () {return-pthread_mutex_trylock (mmutex);} #endi

Big Data Architecture Development Mining Analytics Hadoop HBase Hive Storm Spark Sqoop Flume ZooKeeper Kafka Redis MongoDB machine learning Cloud Video Tutorial

Training Big Data architecture development, mining and analysis!from zero-based to advanced, one-to-one training! [Technical qq:2937765541]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------Course System:get video material and training answer technical support addressCourse Presentation ( Big Data technology is very wide, has been online for you training solutions!) ):Get video material and training answer

Message processing for Android analytics

handler relate to Looper? See how the handler is constructed:Public Handler () { if (find_potential_leaks) { final class public static Looper Mylooper () {//Get Looper return Sthreadlocal.get () associated with this thread; }  Summary: Each thread creates a Looper through sthreadlocal2. Main thread ActivitythreadWhen did the main thread create the Looper? In the main method of, there are: public static void Main (string[] args) { samp

Android Test Analytics 1

also be used in other IDE command line forms. These tools obtain information from tests in the application's project, and use this information to automatically create the compiled file and the directory structure under the test package. 5. TheSDK also provides Monkeyrunner, which is an API for test devices under a python program , and ui/application exerciser Monkey, which is a command-line tool that simulates a ui/application unit by sending a stress test that mimics a random event to a devic

AMS for Android Core Analytics

Activitymanagerservice, called AMS, is one of the core features of the Android kernel and starts the service when the system starts systemserver.Android Frame:The composition of Activity manager is divided into the following sections:1. Service agent: Implemented by Activitymanagerproxy for interprocess communication with system services provided by the server side2. Service hub: Activitymanagernative inherits from Binder and implements Iactivitymanag

Android Traffic Analytics tcpdump & Wireshark

non-operation is ' not '! ', with the operation being ' and ', ' ; or ', ' or ', ' | | ' These keywords can be combined to form a powerful combination of conditions to meet people's needs.Here are a few examples:A want to intercept all packets received and sent by all hosts:#tcpdump Host to intercept host and host or communication, use the command: (when applying parentheses to the command line, be sure to#tcpdump host and

Python analytics android logs get Activit load time

Recently, there is a need to compare the time of a single activity load of two versions before and afterIn the Android log we can see similar Info/activitymanager (2486): Displayed activity com.teleca/. contextmenuactivity:240 MS (total 41289 ms) log, which is the load time of the activityFirst get the log through adb logcat > xx.txt, and then analyze the log with the following code:#-*-coding:utf-8-*-#analyze And

Android Touch Event Analytics

event is targeting accessiiblity focus we give it to the View that have accessibility focus and if it does not handle it//We clear the flag and disp Atch the event to all children as usual. We is looking up the accessibility focused host to avoid keeping//state since these events is very r Is. View Childwithaccessibilityfocus = Ev.istargetaccessibilityfocus ()? FindchildWithaccessibilityfocus (): null; Action_pointer_down, there will be multiple touch points if (ac

The binder for Android Analytics 02

. The Transact () method that calls the Mremote object above is the Transact method that calls Binderproxy: Public native Boolean transact (int code, PARCEL data, Parcel reply, int flags) throws Remoteexception;...static Jboole An android_os_binderproxy_transact (jnienv* env, Jobject obj, jint code, Jobject dataobj, Jobject replyobj, Jint flags )//Throws remoteexception{ if (dataobj = = null) { jnithrownullpointerexception (env, NULL); return jni_false; }

The parcel of Android analytics

data size of%p to%d\n", this, mdatasize); ALOGV ("Initstate Setting data pos of%p to%d\n", this, mdatapos); Mobjects = NULL; mobjectssize = 0; mobjectscapacity = 0; Mnextobjecthint = 0; Mhasfds = false; Mfdsknown = true; Mallowfds = true; Mowner = NULL;}In Setdatacapacity, setdatasize and other functions, called to Continuewrite, this function is the actual application of memory functions:status_t Parcel::continuewrite (size_t desired) {//If shrinking, first adjust fo

Smart pointers for Android Analytics

(string8* out, const ref_entry* refs) const { Char buf[128]; while (refs) {Char inc = Refs->ref >= 0? ' + ': '-'; sprintf (buf, "\t%c ID%p (ref%d): \ n", Inc, Refs->id, Refs->ref); Out->append (BUF), #if debug_refs_callstack_enabled out->append (refs->stack.tostring ("\t\t")); #else Out->append ("\t\t (call stacks Disabled)"); #endif refs = refs->next; }} mutable Mutex Mmutex; ref_entry* mstrongrefs; ref_entry* mweakrefs; BOOL mtrackenabled;

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