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Drawerlayout drawer effect in Android app menu writing example _php tips

Navigation menu for drawer effectlooking at a lot of applications, I think this slippery drawer effect of the menu is very good. Do not have to switch to another page, also do not have to press the menu hardware button, directly in the interface of a button click, the menu slide out, and feel able to put a lot of things.References to libraries:First of all, Drawerlayout this class is in the support libra

Design guidelines for Android drawer navigation

the navigation drawer indicator. Dismissing the navigation drawerWhen the navigation drawer are expanded, the user can dismiss it in one's four ways: Touching the content outside the navigation drawer Swiping to the left anywhere on the screens (including edge swipe from right) Touching the app Icon/t

Android Design and Development series second: Navigation Drawer

anywhere in your app by swiping from the left edge of the. Dismissing the navigation drawerWhen the navigation drawer are expanded, the user can dismiss it in one's four ways: Touching the content outside the navigation drawer Swiping to the left anywhere on the screens (including edge swipe from right) Touching the

Android official finally support Navigation Drawer (navigation drawer) mode

On the day of Google Io, the Android team updated the support library and added several more important features to the support library of the new version (V13).Adds a drawerlayout control that supports the creation of Navigation drawer mode. Can be set from the left side of the menu or the right side, can also left the menu to exist.Add Slidingpanelayout controls to support the summary, detail interface mod

About android drawer, navigation drawer

! Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Open navigation drawer Close navigation drawer Web search Sorry, there\'s no web browser available Finally, the main acti

Android Navigation Drawer Style Drawer usage

NavigationDrawer navigation drawer) is a panel that transitions from the left edge of the screen and displays the main navigation operations of the app. Show Navigation Drawer You can slide the slider from the left edge of the screen or click the icon on the ActionBar of the app to display the Navigation

Android Navigation drawer-navigation Drawer

Google updated its Google + app in July this year, adopting a new approach to navigation and abandoning navigationdrawer. In the moment, there is a series of discussions about the pros and cons of Navigationdrawer, but for developers we just have to take care of what we need to achieve or learn, 2012 YouTube, Facebook, Path and other applications have used navigationdrawer such a way of navigation, last year Google in order to rectify the increasingly

[Android] Navigation Drawer of Android Design

Overview In the past, ActionBar was unique to Android 4.0. Later, ActionBarSherlock's dedicated-step martial arts, and SlidingMenu, however, this can be a good fit for Android 4.0. Since the Google I/O conference (last year, this year will begin in a few days ). According to zhihu daily, Douban applications obviously feel the style of Android Design.Effect Public

Android uses Drawerlayout to simulate the drawer mode of Netease news client, scaling androidlayout

Android uses Drawerlayout to simulate the drawer mode of Netease news client, scaling androidlayout I personally feel that Netease's client is more avant-garde and has a lot of new things. Sometimes I can learn a lot by imitating these good clients. At the beginning of today's main topics, the following are the effects of Netease client drawer mode implementation

Navigation menu implementation for Android drawer effect

newconfig) {Super. onconfigurationchanged (Newconfig); Mdrawertoggle.onconfigurationchanged (Newconfig); } @Override Public BooleanOnoptionsitemselected (MenuItem Item) {//Pass the event to Actionbardrawertoggle, if it returns//true, then it has handled the app icon touch event if(mdrawertoggle.onoptionsitemselected (item)) {return true; }//Handle your other action bar items ... return Super. onoptionsitemselected (item); }} The more tangled is

Implementation of Navigationdrawer navigation drawer function in Android Development (source code sharing)

throughout the UI navigation drawer. (3) The drawer view (the ListView above) must specify its horizontal gravity and the android: layout_gravity attribute. Supports the right-to-left language (RTL), specifying the value and "start" instead of "Left" (the layout is RTL in the right drawer ). (4) The

Android------drawerlayout for drawer effect

, the browser will be called to open the Baidu homepage.Full code:public class Mainactivity extends Activity implements Onitemclicklistener {private Drawerlayout mdrawerlayout;private ListView mdrawerlist;private arraylist6. Add an icon in the upper left corner to open the drawer when the user taps the iconAdd code in Mainactivity's OnCreate method:Turn on Actionbar app icon function Getactionbar (). Setdis

Implementation case of Android drawer menu DrawerLayout, android custom layout

Implementation case of Android drawer menu DrawerLayout, android custom layout (1) project layout FileActivity_main.xml Fragment_content.xml (2) Main class files Package com. xuliugen. drawerlayout; import java. util. arrayList; import android. app. activity; import

Android Note: Use of drawerlayout drawer layouts

Drawerlayout (drawer layout), often appearing in various apps, such as CSDN.Points:1. When using Drawerlayout, in the XML layout, put the layout of the main interface in front, then put the layout contents of the drawer behind2. Remember to add android:layout_gravity= "left" or "start" to the layout in the drawer to indicate which side the

Android development of the Navigationdrawer navigation drawer function implementation (source sharing)

The navigation Drawer (navigationdrawer) is a panel that slides in from the left side of the screen to display the main navigation items for your app. Users can open the navigation drawer by sliding into the left edge of the screen or by touching the app icon on the action bar.The navigation

Android uses scyclingdrawer to implement drawer Effects

An slidingdrawer class is also called a "drawer" class. It is easy to use, including handle, and content. Handle. When you click it, content is either drawn from the drawer or closed from the drawer. This is the result of pulling the drawer up and down. Set the slidingdrawer attribute to

Android 5.X Toolbar + DrawerLayout implement drawer menu

fragment = new ContentFragment (); Bundle bundle = new Bundle (); bundle. putString ("title", (TextView) view ). getText (). toString (); fragment. setArguments (bundle); mFm. beginTransaction (). replace (R. id. fl_containor, fragment ). commit (); mDrawerLayout. closeDrawer (Gravity. LEFT );}});} A ListView is used to render the drawer menu and set the click event for replacing the content view on the right after clicking. Complete code: Package

Android uses Navigationview to implement drawer menu interface

Navigationview is very important in MD design, before Google also proposed using Drawerlayout to implement the navigation drawer. This time, in the Android Design Support Library, Google provided the Navigationview to implement the navigation menu interface.This time we wrote the code in Android with Tablayout to achieve similar netease tab dynamic sliding effect

Getting Started with Android Programming folder Manager Development drawer and file categories-4

In this folder management app, we can try to reference some new elements, here I give a blow to introduce a drawer called the layout, QQ used to the drawer layout, notThey also on the original basis of their own development of the new drawer layout, and quite tall on the, by the way, classification management, these ar

Scyclingdrawer drawer effects for Android

The slidingdrawer hides content outside the screen and allows you to drag a handle to display hidden content.It consists of two sub-views: one is the handle dragged by the user, and the other is the content that changes with the drag ). Slidingdrawer should be used as the overwrite of the internal layout, that is, the slidingdrawer should use the framelayout or relativelayout layout internally. The size of slidingdrawer determines the space occupied when the content is displayed. Therefore, its

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