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Android (Android) Development Statistics app start time _android

Objective As Android developers, presumably more or less to touch the start speed optimization related things, when the user more and more, the product function with more and more iterations, the App gradually become bloated is a very common phenomenon, even can be said to be unavoidable phenomenon, followed by the work is to optimize the performance of the app,

Android product Development (eight)-->app data statistics

Reprint please indicate the source: a column of Maple Leaf In the previous article, we introduced the hot fixes in the Android community, and introduced several popular heat repair frameworks, as well as their pros and cons, and introduced the practice of thermal remediation in their own projects. At present, the main principle of heat repair is actually divided into two, one is through the use of DEX load order to achieve thermal repair function

App traffic test--using the TCP send and receive length statistics feature provided by Android itself

There are 3 places in the Linux system to save the traffic statistics files, for Android system also applies:(1) Under/proc/net/dev, you can view the incoming and outgoing traffic of each network interface (equivalent to adb shell Cat/proc/pid/net/dev,adbshell cat/sys/class/net/wlan0/statistics/rx _bytes)(2) Under/sys/class/net/, you can find a directory of relat

App add CNZZ Statistics Plugin tutorial Android version add phonegap_android

Keymob Mobile advertising platform is a precise and stable advertising SDK, mobile advertising platform, is committed to shaping the most influential mobile advertising platform. Main mobile advertising services, across the iOS, Android two major platforms, including banners, Shing, Full-screen, video ads, banner and other forms of advertising.first, import jar packageusers who develop with eclipse will first extract the downloaded Mobileprobe.jar int

Android app power consumption statistics, no USB connection required

Android app power consumption statistics has always been a headache, manual statistics time is too long, automated statistics is not very accurate (the implementation of automation code needs to connect via USB, and USB will charge, which results in statistical data is not a

APP statistics using the Android system

I was working on a small program a few days ago. It was about how Android counts the number of times the app was used and how long it took. Later, I checked some relevant information on the Internet and finally solved the problem. It is actually very simple. This is a self-contained function on the mobile phone. You do not need to press any combination of buttons at the same time. Instead, you can

Keymob Mobile converged ad platform: How app developers maximize ad revenue

There are many business models for application developers to gain revenue, in which mobile advertising is sure to be the most basic source of profit, and this is where most developers settle down, and how to maximize application traffic using the advertising platform is also a topic of interest to many developers. So how do you find a balance between user experience and profitability so that apps don't affect the user experience and help developers ac

Keymob: Trying to help app developers maximise mobile advertising revenue

Keymob Mobile ad Aggregation is a management tool that helps mobile app developers assemble many of the best ad platforms. Through it, you will be able to achieve application cross-promotion, targeted promotion and so on, so as to maximize your advertising revenue. It also helps you sell ads on your own, and you can switch to other ad platforms at will, so you can get the highest-priced ads at all times.Key

Keymob: Trying to help app developers maximise mobile advertising revenue

Keymob Mobile ad aggregationis a helpMovingapp developers assemble many of the best advertising platformsManagementtools. Through it, you will be able toachieve cross-promotion of applications,targeted Promotionand so on to achieve your advertisingintothe maximum. It can also help youself-selling advertising, and other advertising platformscan switch freely, so that you can always run the highest-priced ads. Keymobthe currently supported advertising platforms are:BaiduAdvertising,AdMobAdvertisin

From beginner Android to now earning 50 dollars a day, revenue is slowly increasing, Android developers make money

from self-taught Android a year to now a little bit of income every day is still quite a sense of accomplishment. I, is learning javaweb development, just work soon, into a small company, ordinary things are not many, accidental opportunity to contact Android, think quite fun. Very confused at first, equipped with an Android environment for a long time (now equip

Post-release statistics of Android applications-Baidu mobile statistics applications and android statistics

Post-release statistics of Android applications-Baidu mobile statistics applications and android statistics After an App is published to various channels, we need to collect some information from different channels, such as some

Open statistics: the key to enabling fine-grained App operation and fine-grained app operation

Open statistics: the key to enabling fine-grained App operation and fine-grained app operationData is the lifeline and the most important intangible asset for companies, small and medium-sized entrepreneurial teams, and individual developers. Currently, App development is increasingly dependent on data support. Most de

3 mobile app statistics and analytics platform comparison

analysis functions, but also for app Circle advertising and promotion platform functions. It can be said that flurry is currently the most comprehensive mobile application statistical analysis products, in addition to statistics in a single application of various data indicators, but also to provide cross-application conversion statistics, such as for enterprise

iOS's App Store statistics tool

Objective With the popularity of iOS development, a number of companies have provided specialized solutions or tools for all aspects of iOS development. These solutions or tools include: User behavior statistics tools (Friends, Flurry,google Analytics, etc.), App Store sales analytics tools (such as App Annie), app cr

App Promotion channel download volume statistics scheme

Often in the group to see someone ask this question, so today put together a discussion of the plan to say: Mainly say Android tracking and iphone app tracking.1.iphone Application channel Tracking statisticsIf it is the iphone application in AppStore, then there is no way to track, because each channel is the promotion of this one package, cannot distinguish.Used to be a time stamp to record a Udid library

Android native app, web app, hybrid app pros and cons analysis

-relative platform) ; supports a large number of graphics and animations; Easy to find (inside the App Store) and rediscover (app icon will always be on the home page); app downloads can generate profits (of course, the App Store pulls 20-30% revenue). c

How Android Gets the app app size _android

Android encapsulates this approach, and we don't have permission to call it, so we can just go through the aidl and use the Java reflection mechanism to invoke the system-level approach. The following code: (note more detailed) /** * Role:-----Get the size of the package-----* @param context * @param pkgname app's package name * @param appInfo entity class for storing some information about the app/PU

0-2-year-old app developer must-read, preparation before Android app development

are about 7 inches in size, and for this type of pad, you can consider directly allowing users to use the mobile version of the app (if an app is used on a 6-inch phone, there is no interface problem, which can usually be used on a 7-inch pad).Apps for mobile versions: games, video playback, graphic image processing, reading, education, or corporate office are recommended to support horizontal and vertical

Product orientation for the App Store: Thinking about the Android App Store model

worldwide, etc.Payment platform: Alipay, 19pay, Shenzhou payment, etc.Development platform: Appcelerator, Appcon, etc. These services are more vertical and professional, in the field of advertising platform has even begun to differentiate into a proxy service advertising customers, to do channel service media more subdivision of the positioning. Of course, for 360, Tencent such a kind of dash-type enterprises, although now have no time to take into account, but the follow-up if necessary

Android apps add allies statistics and calculations new users

Hardware and Software EnvironmentMacbook Pro MGX 72Android Studio 1.3.2Genymotion SimulatorIntegrated friend of the Alliance SDKFirst to the league's official website account, completed to the admin back to add the need to integrate the application of the Alliance statistics, as follows After submitting, assign key to your application, as followsPs://

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