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Android 0 Basics Section 32nd: New GridLayout Grid layout

Original: Android 0 basic Introductory section 32nd: New GridLayout Grid layoutThe main study in this issue is the grid layout is the new Android 4.0 layout, and the previous Tablelayout table layout is a bit similar, but he has a lot of former things, but also more useful.I. Understanding GridLayoutThe grid layout realizes the interleaved display of the control, avoids the influence of the layout nesting o

Android 0 Basics 29th: Use tablelayout form layout

Original: Android 0 Basics 29th: Getting the most out of tablelayout table layoutsThe linear layout and relative layout, while the linear layout is convenient, is difficult to meet if the control needs to be arranged neatly, and it is cumbersome to use relative layout, which provides table layout for this Android system.I. Understanding TablelayoutThe table layou

Android-based test summary of Android Basics (iv)

Android top-up Test summary Android basic service (iv) Android Basics in the previous Chapter broadcast receiver (iii) we talked about broadcast receiver basics. This section focuses on service-related basics, and service

[Video] basic learning-free Android development: Bluetooth chat room APP (3), androidapp

[Video] basic learning-free Android development: Bluetooth chat room APP (3), androidapp Basic Learning-free Android development: Lecture 3 of the Bluetooth chat room APP 3.1 ImageView and ImageButton controls3.2 details on the GridView Control3.3 SimpleAdapter3.4 event listener: OnItemClickListener3.5 input and di

Learn about the basics of Android from 0 (2)-Explanation of the AndroidMainfest. xml file

Learn about the basics of Android from 0 (2)-Explanation of the AndroidMainfest. xml fileAndroidMainfest. xml file details 1. About AndroidManifest. xml AndroidManifest. xml is a required file in every android program. It is located in the root directory of the entire project, describing components exposed in the package (activities, services, and so on), their r

Android basics: What is Android?

. Each component is described in more detail below. ========================================================== ========== ApplicationProgram Android will ship with a set of core applications including an email client, SMS program, calendar, maps, browser, contacts, and others. All applications are written using the Java programming language.Android has a series of core applications, including email clients, SMS programs, calendars, maps, bro

Dev Guide/Android basics/What is android

Original article location: Dev guide, Android basics, what is Android? Android Dev Guide Series 1: What is Android? Android is a software set for mobile devices. It includes an operating system, middleware, and some important appl

[Video] basic learning-free Android development: Bluetooth chat room APP (4), androidapp

[Video] basic learning-free Android development: Bluetooth chat room APP (4), androidapp Zero basic learning Android development: Bluetooth chat room APP Lecture 4 4.1 Use of the ListView Control4.2 BaseAdapter details4.3 ListView distribution and rolling events4.4 ListView event listener: OnItemClickedListener Watch Online:Http://

Android Basics to Introductory Learning (review notes)

the system does not displayANR to the user.Different components occur when the ANR time is not the same, the main thread (Activity, Service) is 5 seconds, Broadcastreceiver is 10 seconds. Solution: Put all the time-consuming operations, such as network access, Socket communication, querying a large number of SQL statements, complex logical computations, and so on in sub-threads, and then update the UI through Handler.sendmessage, Runonuitread, Asynctask, and so on. In any case, make sure the us

Android Basics-Backup

1, Android system now has more than 1.5, 1.6, 2.0.1, 2.1 2.2 2.3 software is basically generic, now the mainstream version of the system is 2.2 or 2.1, the latest is the 2.3 system, but do not buy 1.5 or 1.6 of the system's Android phone , these system versions are too early software compatibility is poor. Google is a production company for Android, and Google ha

Android Basics Getting Started Tutorial--10.11 sensor Special (2)--direction sensor

= (Sensormanager) getsystemservice (Sensor_service); Msensororientation = Smanager.getdefaultsensor (sensor.type_orientation); Smanager.registerlistener ( This, Msensororientation, sensormanager.sensor_delay_ui); Setcontentview (CView); }@Override Public void onsensorchanged(Sensorevent event) {Cview.setdegree (event.values[0]); }@Override Public void onaccuracychanged(Sensor sensor,intAccuracy) {}@Override protected void OnDestroy() {Super. OnDestroy (); Smanager.unregiste

Android Basics Getting Started tutorial--8.2.2 bitmap caused by oom problem

Android Basics Getting Started tutorial--8.2.2 bitmap caused by oom problemtags (space delimited): Android Basics Getting Started TutorialIntroduction to this section: In the last section, we have learned the basic usage of bitmap, and this section we are going to explore the bitmap of the oom problem,In the a

Android Basics (3)

Third-party plug-ins and class librariesGlide Android image loading and caching library - insButterknife ZeleznyHttp:// Android Butterknife ZeleznyGsonformatCollect the Android SDK need

Android Core Basics

speed of the network faster, more and more portable hardware performance, the price is getting lower, mobile internet will become the future trend, Moore's law. A mobile device operating system released by Google. Features: Open source, free. Hardware prices from low to high, to meet the different income groups 100RMB~2WRMB. In 2011, Android's market share in the world surpassed the Symbian system for the first time i

Android Development Engineer Must see interview: Java Basics Inventory

created when the JVM is started. The heap memory that the object occupies is reclaimed by the automatic memory management system, which is the garbage collector.Heap memory is made up of surviving and dying objects. The surviving objects are accessible to the app and are not garbage collected. The object of death is the object that the app is inaccessible and has not been reclaimed by the garbage collector. Until the garbage collector reclaims these objects, they will occupy the heap memory spa

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