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Samsung S6 mobile phone Android beam What is the function? G9208 Android Beam Use method

What is the function of Android beam? The Android beam is a new feature based on near-field communications that can share the functionality you're using for other phones. After Android upgrades to 4.1, Android

What is the difference between Samsung S beam and Android beam?

mobile phones that support s beam. Does this sound a bit like the previous one?ArticleAndroid beam we introduced in. Yes, Android beam and S beam are very similar in usage and functions. However, the two are actually based on different technologies.

How does Samsung S6 use the Android beam feature? What is S6 mobile phone Android beam?

Note: You must use this feature to support NFC capabilities for both devices. 1. Under the Standby page, click "Application". 2. Click "Set". 3. Slide up the screen and choose NFC and pay. 4. Click "NFC". 5. Click on the slider on the right side of "off" to show that the "on" representative is open. (The mobile phone also needs to turn on this feature) 6. Click on "Android

Samsung S5 How to use the Android beam feature

Attention:1. The use of this feature must be two mobile phones to support NFC features. 2. Samsung mobile phone with the original battery. 1. Under the Standby page, click "Application". 2. Click "Set". 3. Slide your finger up the screen and choose NFC. 4. Click on the rectangular icon on the right side of NFC and click OK. The green rep is turned on. (The mobile phone also needs to turn on this feature) Note: If the above operation is f

14. NFC Technology: Transfer text using Android beam technology

The basic idea of Android beamThe basic idea of Android beam is that two (only two) NFC devices are close (usually back-to-back) and push the data to another NFC device by touching the screen of an NFC device. In the process of passing data, two NFC devices cannot be too far away or the NFC connection will be interrupted. And

NFC technology: Transferring text using Android Beam technology (i)

"); the } the the @Override - Publicndefmessage Createndefmessage (nfcevent event) { in //TODO auto-generated Method Stub the theString Text =Mbeamtext.gettext (). toString (). Trim (); About if("". Equals (text)) { theText = "Default Text"; the //when the phone is near another phone, make it automatically turn on the calculator the //ndefmessage ndefmessage = new Ndefmessage ( + //New ndefrecord[] {Ndefrecord - //. Creat

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