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For Android, the Common Dialog Box, single-choice dialog box, multi-choice dialog box, Icon-based dialog box, and custom Adapter and custom View dialog box are described in detail.

For Android, the Common Dialog Box, single-choice dialog box, multi-choice dialog box, Icon-based dialog box, and custom Adapter and custom View di

Android dialog box (Dialog) and custom Dialog

). Settitle ("Radio Box"). SetIcon (Android. R.drawable.ic_dialog_info). Setsinglechoiceitems (new string[] {"Item1", "Item2"}, 0,new Dialoginterface.onclicklistener () {public void OnClick (Dialoginterface dialog,int which) {Dialog.dismiss ();}}). Setnegativebutton ("Cancel", null). Show (); protected void Dialog6 () {new Alertdialog.builder (this). Settitle ("list box"). Setitems (new string[] {"Item1", "

Custom dialog, android custom dialog

Custom dialog, android custom dialog (1) You need to prepare the style of the custom dialog box, that is, a layout file. Layout file Image (2) Write a

Custom Dialog, android custom dialog

Custom Dialog, android custom dialog Yes. When the first button is pressed, a custom Dialog is displayed. The second and third buttons are ProgressBar, but the style is changed. The fir

Android Custom Custom Dialog dialog box

Now is going to implement a custom dialog, mainly involving style file style. Refer to the case, write your own code to achieve. First create an Android Project--customdialog, and then create an XML file Filled_box.xml under the Res/drawable folder, which reads: android:right= "10DP" android:bottom= 10DP "/> This file mainly draws a rounded rectangle (th

Custom title of the Android dialog box and the title of the android dialog box

Custom title of the Android dialog box and the title of the android dialog box The title of the dialog box that comes with Android is not easy to understand. If you need to set a

[Android] Android custom dialog box (DIALOG) location, size

android. OS. bundle; import android. view. gravity; import android. view. window; import android. view. windowmanager; public class actdialog extends activity {/** called when the activity is first created. * // @ overridepublic void oncreate (bundle savedinstancestate) {super. oncreate (savedinstancestate); setconten

Create a custom Dialog dialog box for example sharing in Android _android

Custom Dialog Base versionMost of the time, when we use the Android SDK to provide the Alerdialog, will have different effect because of your system different, just like you brush is MIUI system, the pop-up box will display at the top! Here is a simple introduction to the application of the custom pop-up box. First cr

Android UI Design Series custom dialog Implement various styles of dialog box effects (7) _android

Although Android provides us with a number of components, but not very convenient to use, we developed the APK have their own style, if the use of the system self-contained components, always feel and the application of the theme is irrelevant and does not look good, then we need to customize, In order to facilitate the learning of custom components, I have prepared several

Android custom Dialog box (Dialog) location, size

Code:Package angel. dedevil; Import android. app. Activity;Import android. app. Dialog;Import android. OS. Bundle;Import android. view. Gravity;Import android. view. Window;Import android

Android custom dialog box (DIALOG) location, size

Code: Package Angel. dedevil; Import Android. App. activity; Import Android. App. Dialog; Import Android. OS. Bundle; Import Android. View. gravity; Import Android. View. window; Import Andr

Example code for the custom dialog box (Dialog) in Android _android

1. Modify the System default dialog style (style, theme) 2. custom dialog Layout file 3. You can encapsulate a class, inherit from dialog or directly using the dialog class to achieve, in order to facilitate re-use later, we recommend that you encapsulate a

Own Android dialog box (Dialog) custom collection _android

. R.drawable.ic_dialog_info). Setsinglechoiceitems ( new string[] {"Item1", "Item2"}, 0, New Dialoginterface.onclicklistener () {public void OnClick (dialoginterface dialog, int which) { Dialog.dismiss () ; } }). Setnegativebutton ("Cancel", null). Show (); Figure 5 Figure 6 Effect: The information content is a set of simple list items New Alertdialog.builder (this). Settitle ("ListBox"). Setitems ( new string[] {"Item1", "Item2"}, N

Android Custom View (1): dialog box-dialog

Android system comes with a dialog box, on many Android 5.0 under the system of mobile phones, can not bear to see, so the UI design basically need to customize the dialog box, beautiful dialog boxes, how to design a simple custom

Android UI [multi-option dialog box for Android custom Dialog]

A dialog box is displayed in the latest launcher project. Many of my friends asked meCodeSo today, I took some time to deduct this code and share it with you. "Please mark the source of your post and respect the author's Labor achievements." Right I will not elaborate on the code here. Some unnecessary items are included in the project. The usage is as follows: public class mainactivity extends activity implements extends {public corpusselec

Android custom dialog box (Dialog) location, size

SetAttributesDIALOG.ONWINDOWATTRIBUTESCHANGED (LP);Dialogwindow.setattributes (LP);/** Set the size of the dialog box as a percentage of the screen size*/WindowManager m = Getwindowmanager ();Display d = m.getdefaultdisplay (); Get screen width, Gao YunWindowmanager.layoutparams p = dialogwindow.getattributes (); Gets the current parameter value of the dialog boxP.height = (int) (D.getheight () * 0.6); Hei

Android custom dialog box, android custom

Android custom dialog box, android custom There is a built-in dialog box in android. For the sake of appearance, many developers will use a custom

"Sail Plan 005" 2015 Sail plan Android Apidemo The Devil's pace app->activity->custom Dialog Dialog form of activity,theme use, shape use

App->activity->custom Dialog Example using Activity to implement a custom dialog boxThe class customdialogactivity itself is nothing special. The key point is its definition in Androidmanifest.xml: android:label=" @string/activity_custom_dialog " Android:theme = "@style/theme.custo

Android dialog box Introduction 2 custom dialog box

1. Define the login. xml custom logon view under layout. The Code is as follows: 2. Write Java code. Here is the custom dialog box called by a button. The button ID is dialog5 Case R. id. dialog5: layoutinflater Inflater = layoutinflater. from (dialogdemoactivity. this); view = Inflater. inflate (R. layout. login, null); // note that the username and password

Android interface ---- custom Dialog, and then use the callback method to process the events of buttons in the Dialog

Package com. demo;Import android. app. Dialog;Import android. content. Context;Import android. OS. Bundle;Import android. view. View;Import android. view. View. OnClickListener;Import android

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