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Android monitors the state of the keyboard by listening for changes in the outermost layout, which changes the outer layout of the soft keyboard (provided the mode of activity is set to compress).

outermost layout . Addonlayoutchangelistener (New Onlayoutchangelistener () {@Overridepublic void Onlayoutchange (View arg0, int arg1, int arg2, int arg3,int arg4, int arg5, int arg6, int arg7, int arg8) {TODO auto-generated Method Stubif (EditText. Hasfocus ()) {/*** There is no use of handler, so Sroderscrollview will not scroll to the bottom. Just scrolls the initialization height.* All scroll to the bottom if scrollview too long will cause edittex

Android to make beautiful self-adapting layout keyboard method _android

size, Each line of numeric keypad is a linearlayout with 3 digits inside the button. Set the LinearLayout layout_height=0dp,layout_weight=1 for each row, as follows: This has reached the top of the numeric keypad and up and down the adaptive. Now the question is, how does the gray border come out? TextView does not set the Border property, the online search method is very troublesome. Here is a trick to use, using the gray background, so that the two keys between the margin=1

The solution to the top of the layout when the Android soft keyboard pops up

setting for the main window. "Adjustresize" The/M "r:m-W (Z. Q6 d*aThe Activity main window is always resized on the screen to allow space for the soft keyboard "Adjustpan" TheThe Activity main window does not adjust the size of the screen to allow space for the soft keyboard. Instead, the contents of the current window are automatically moved so that the current focus

Computing of the layout of the android soft keyboard in full screen mode

In non-full screen mode, set the activity's windowSoftInputMode attribute to adjustResize. At the same time, you can get the changed size in onSizeChanged (int w, int h, int oldw, int oldh) of the View, and then calculate the distance to move the screen based on the results of the changes. However, in full screen mode, even if the activity's windowSoftInputMode attribute is set to adjustResize. When displayed on the keyboard, the Screen of the Activit

The layout calculation problem of Android soft keyboard in fullscreen

In non-full-screen mode, set the activity's Windowsoftinputmode property to: Adjustresize. At the same time, the onsizechanged (int w, int h, int oldw, int oldh) in the view can get the changed size, and then calculate the distance that the screen needs to move according to the result of the change before and after.However, in full-screen mode, even if the activity's Windowsoftinputmode property is set to: Adjustresize. It does not push the activity screen upward when the

The solution to the top of the layout when the Android soft keyboard pops up

the soft keyboard "Adjustpan" theThe Activity main window does not adjust the size of the screen to allow space for the soft keyboard. Instead, the contents of the current window are automatically moved so that the current focus is never covered by the keyboard and the user can always see the part of the input. This is usually not expected th

Android Soft Keyboard Popup When layout specified content up-move implementation and problem resolution

The Android SDK currently offers only two soft keyboard pop-up mode interfaces:one is to eject when the auto-flush interface will be all elements on top,one is to not redraw the interface, directly cover the control elements,no other mode, if you want to achieve other effects, light using the system interface is not possible. Workaround:The first step: nesting a ScrollView for what you want to be top-up:and

About the Android soft keyboard put the layout on top of the problem

First of all I need to say: The top of the layout is a bar, there is the upper left corner back button and title, bar below is a scrollview, there are various TextView and EditText,When you click on the edittext below, you do not want the soft keyboard to top up the bar (invisible).Here are a few things to note:1. In Androidmanifest, the corresponding activity configuration android:windowsoftinputmode= "Adj

Use the android: windowSoftInputMode attribute in the AndroidManifest. xml file | keyboard, squeezing, layout

Turn: The AndroidManifest. xml File "StateUnchanged", "stateHidden ", "StateAlwaysHidden", "stateVisible ", "StateAlwaysVisible", "adjustUnspecified ", "AdjustResize", "adjustPan"]... > Attributes: Android: windowSoftInputMode How the main window of the activity interacts with a keyboard window that contains the screen. The setting of this a

Android soft keyboard pop-up layout issues

The recent project needs to do a similar chat room module, based on the socket implementation, this part of the time to do a summary later, the function of the relevant points are implemented a small example also made, and finally found a more griping at everything problem is that the soft keyboard pop-up will always be the title "Extrusion" screen, (whether the title is written in the layout or added to th

Android Keyboard masking parent layout roll up fix

Private voidControlkeyboardlayout (FinalView Root,FinalView Scrolltoview) {Root.getviewtreeobserver (). Addongloballayoutlistener (NewOngloballayoutlistener () {@Override Public voidongloballayout () {rect rect=NewRect (); //get root in the visible area of the formroot.getwindowvisibledisplayframe (rect); //gets the non-viewport height of the root in the form (the height of the area being obscured by other view) intRootinvisibleheight = Root.getrootview (). GetHeight ()-Rect.botto

Win8.1 Touch Keyboard layout How to set? Win8.1 Touch Keyboard Layout Setup method

1. If we use a Samsung notebook, you will see a keyboard icon in the lower-right corner of the computer's taskbar.2. When we click on it, we will eject the keyboard shown in the following image: Change layout 1. If you do not want to set the keyboard layout, click on the p

System Soft Keyboard >android How to force the system soft keyboard to be called when external physical keyboard?

at the same time by judging the current physical keyboard type: Boolean computescreenconfigurationlocked (Configuration config) {if (!mdisplayready) {return false;} TODO (Multidisplay): For now, apply the Configuration to main screens only. Final Displaycontent displaycontent = getdefaultdisplaycontentlocked (); Use the effective "visual" dimensions based on rotation final Boolean rotated = (Mrotation = = Surface.rotation_ 90 | | Mrotation = = surfa

Android Mastery: tablelayout layout, GridLayout grid layout, framelayout frame layout, absolutelayout absolute layout, Relativelayout relative layout

Several common layouts are available in Android: LinearLayoutLinear layout RelativeLayoutRelative layout FrameLayoutFrame layout AbsoluteLayoutAbsolute layout TableLayoutTable layout GridLayoutGrid

Android Source Development Note the soft keyboard coexists with the built-in physical keyboard and the external Bluetooth keyboard does not coexist with logic

Requirements 1:android device comes with a keypad with nine keys, at which point the keypad is recognized as HW Keyboard, and the default and soft keyboard cannot coexist, requiring the soft keyboard to coexist with the physical keyboard.Realize:On the internet to find others summed up the Android5.1 solution, need to

Use the underlying keyboard hook to change the keyboard layout

From Looking at the hooks in Win32 compilation, I was wondering how to write a whole-person program that changed the keyboard layout. Check the information and find that the underlying keyboard hook (wh_keyboard_ll) can be implemented. First, install and uninstall the HOOK: Installhook proc hins: DWORDInvoke setwindowshookex, wh_keyboard_ll, A

Android keyboard display and hide, android keyboard hide

window is always adjusted to reserve space for the keyboard. "AdjustPan" The main window of the Activity does not adjust the screen size to allow space on the keyboard. On the contrary, the content of the current window is automatically moved so that the current focus is not overwritten by the keyboard and the user can always see the part of the inpu

Qwerty physical keyboard layout and special symbol Layout

Keyboard layout file: Qwerty. KCM The process of converting the driver key value to Android keycode: Qwerty. KCM: scalecode-> key name Keycodelables. h: key name-> keycode Special symbol ing: Qwerty. KL Change the sym key to a special symbol: Added in Qwerty. KCM Sym 0xef01 0xef01 0xef01 0xef01 0xef01 0xef01 The system displays the characterpic

Android Layout learning-Layout (Layout) Details 2 (common Layout and Layout parameters)

Android Layout learning-Layout (Layout) Details 2 (common Layout and Layout parameters)Layout Parameters (layout Parameters): in XML files,

Page does not rise with soft keyboard and Android hidden soft keyboard summary _android

state or dependent on the theme of the settings"B" stateunchanged: When this activity appears, the soft keyboard will remain in the previous activity, whether hidden or displayed"C" Statehidden: When a user chooses an activity, the soft keyboard is always hidden"D" Statealwayshidden: When the Activity main window gets the focus, the soft keyboard is always hidde

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