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Android app Optimizer's direct reason for slow app lag

The most important root cause of performance problems that most users perceive as lag is because of rendering performance. From the designer's point of view, they want the app to have more animation, pictures and other fashion elements to achieve a smooth user experience. But the Android system is likely to be unable to complete those complex interface rendering

Fix prompt signing conflict when Android app installs quickly, Android signature file generation (GO)

, IW, Ja, ko, lt, lv, MS, NB, NL, pl, PT, pt-rpt, RO, Ru, SK, SL, SR, SV, SW, TH, TL, TR, UK, VI, ZH-R TW, zu strings.xml/projectname/res/values line Android Lint problem "error, in Will"missingtranslation"from "fatal" is changed to "warning" or "warning" option below.Go onAfter solving the above problem should be no problem, continue to export the signature package, the following dialog may appear, meaning that you need to set the debugableHowever, o

Fix Android SDK cannot be updated, Appium test hybrid app cannot return WebView issue

extra update fails, manually download the file (6.0.3) directly: Https:// follow the prompts to installThird, open the Android AVD new simulator1, Device:nexus One (3.7 ", 480*800:hdpi)Target:android 4.4.2-api Level 19Cpu:goole APIs Intel Atom (x86)Skin:no SkinInternal storage:200SD Card:1gib

How can I inject code into the Android app to fix my self-dissatisfaction in writing!

How can I inject code into the Android app to fix my self-dissatisfaction in writing! I hope you will be enlightened and have a better tutorial. You can learn it yourself! How can I inject code into the Android app to fix my self-

Android App development error: Your project contains error (s), please fix them before running Your

Re-open Eclipse run Android project, or some time to run Eclipse, open, find new project all have Red Fork, the previous project recompile also has this problem, Internet search to solve the problem by doing the followingWorks have Red fork, do not know what is missing, but there is no error in the project, run the program to error: Your project contains error (s), please fix them before running Your applic

Android Card optimization 1 lag analysis

1, perceptual LagUser perception of the lag, mainly from the interface refresh. The performance of the interface is mainly dependent on the UI rendering performance of the device. If our UI design is too complex, or the implementation is not good enough, the device does not give force, the interface will be like stuck, the feeling of the user lag.1.1 16ms PrincipleBefore we analyze the reasons for the

SHARESDK a bug cause analysis of app crashes and fix method _android

Recently studied game app do social sharing, finally chose Sharesdk to integrate, not only because SHARESDK support the mainstream social platform at home and abroad, but more importantly, SHARESDK provides a special Cocos2d-x integration program, There is a special documentation and code demo for developers to refer to. The documentation mentions three ways to integrate: pure Java, plugin-x, and cocos2d-x-specific components, where SHARESDK cocos2d-

Fix IE apk into zip:android mobile app file download server configuration workaround

page: following is the configuration of the various file name suffixes in Nginx mime.types:Text/ Jad;application/java-archive jar War Ear;Application/x-java-archive-diff Jardiff;Application/ apk;Application/ cab;Application/octet-stream bin EXE dll;Application/vnd.symbian.install sis;X-epoc/x-sisx-app Sisx;Application/iphone PXL IPA;A

Xiamen Customs Trade Pass app News swipe tab drop-down refresh bug fix

Onscrolllistener () {@Overridepublic void onscrollstatechanged (Abslistview view, int scrollstate) {TODO auto-generated Method StubLOG.E ("viewpagerfragment_scrollstatechanged", "Scrollstate:" +scrollstate);LOG.E ("viewpagerfragment_scrollstatechanged", "Mlistview.getchildat (0). GetTop ():" +mlistview.getchildat (0). GetTop ());Gettop=mlistview.getchildat (0). GetTop ();}@Overridepublic void Onscroll (Abslistview view, int firstvisibleitem,int visibleitemcount, int totalitemcount) {Mfirstvisib

Fix ie download apk into zip:android mobile app file download server configuration workaround

Fix IE apk into zip:android mobile app file download server configuration workaroundThe apk file is actually in the zip format, but the suffix name is modified to APK, after decompression through unzip, you can see the Dex file, Dex is the full name of Dalvik VM executes, that is, Android Dalvik execution program, not Java The bytecode of me is the Dalvik byte co

My Android Advanced tour------> Fix error: You need to use a theme.appcompat Theme (or descendant) with this activity.

#1, error descriptionToday, to achieve activity does not show the title bar effect, in the project's Androidmanifest.xml file, the corresponding activity to add properties android:theme="@android:style/Theme.NoTitleBar"The specific code is as follows:activity android:name=". Module.view.activity.KuwoMusicPlayActivity" Android:theme="@android: Style/theme.notitlebar"> intent-filter> action android:name="

Android Hot fix Framework robust principle + and the framework code from "closed source" into "open source" (the next chapter)

I. Review of the framework principleThis article continues to look at the Heat repair framework robust principle, in a previous article has explained in detail: Robust framework principle, because this framework is not open source, so through the official introduction of the principle, we have simulated the case and the framework of the simple practice of logic. Finally in the anti-compilation of the American group app to verify that the logic of the

Product orientation for the App Store: Thinking about the Android App Store model

Article Description: thinking of the Android App store. Melee, messy, and uneven, this is a idiomatic expression of the status of the domestic Android Third-party App Store. Behind the impetuous disputes, there is a lack of thinking about the App store itself. The

My Android Advanced tour------> fix Android Studio post-build apk error: The APK file does not exist on disk

1. Error descriptionToday, after compiling the app with Android Studio and installing the APK, the error is as follows:file build\outputs\apk\OYP_2.3.4doesnotonwhile Installing APKAs shown2. Solution1. Try the build-and-clean project again to compile, or invalid2. Invalid attempt to restart Android studioThen I went to open the Build\outputs\apk\ directory and fo

Android Hot fix Framework robust principle + and the framework code from "closed source" into "open source" (the previous)

directly, get the APK file, this article is loaded with the Dex file, So let's get this apk classes.dex file out and then change it to Patch.dex and put it in the device's SD card directory. You may get an error when running:About this error here, not much explained, because we put the repair package interface Engineering Code also added to the fix package Dex. Specific error causes and solutions, be sure to go here for:

Find and fix memory leaks in Android-outofmemoryerror

android.content.res.Resources.loadDrawableForCookie( android.content.res.Resources.loadDrawable( android.content.res.Resources.getDrawable( android.content.res.Resources.getDrawable( com.nostra13.universalimageloader.core.DisplayImageOptions.getImageOnLoading( What does that mean? Is my bitmap (bitmap) too big?Unfortunately, this kind of stack trace tends to be a bit confusing

Android Hot FIX: Andfix and hotfix, comparison and implementation of two schemes

case, it is unreasonable, the third parameter actually to pass the bug class name, we can not predict which class will occur the bug, so I changed to thisHotFix.patch(this, dexPath.getAbsolutePath"");The third parameter is not to be tested.SummarizeCompared to the two solutions, Ali's andfix more attention to change the details of the bug, although it is from the native layer to do the operation, but the framework is well packaged, we use it very simple, and has updated maintenance, it is said

Android Hot Fix principle Summary

BackgroundWhen the app after the release of an emergency online bug, the whole company will be busy, the company if the line of serious P1-level bug, or even the whole project team in the middle of the night to get emergency repair on-line, and the cause of the bug may just pass the wrong parameters, or write the wrong line of code, And the repaired app has to be re-shelves until the bug is corrected after

Android--------Ali andfix hot fix

Andfix, full name is Android Hot-fix. Ali Open source is a hot patch framework that allows the app to fix bugs on the line without republishing the release.Devices that support Android 2.3 to 6.0 and support arm and X86 system architectures. Perfect support for Dalvik and ar

Fix Android Compile the 64K Reference Limit

A description of the 64k reference limit Android application (APK) files contain executable bytecode files in the form of Dalvik executable (DEX) files, which cont Ain the compiled code used to run your app. The Dalvik executable specification limits the total number of methods that can is referenced within a single DEX file to 65,536-including Android Fram

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