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Android Wear Preview Launcher APK deep experience (decompilation analysis and download ). Author: Liam Spradlin

(Original article link: Click to open the link) A few days ago, Google officially published the Android Wear message to trigger a blockbuster in the smart wearable market. Although this ambitious project can only be used on smart watches, Google's goal is already obvious and they will specifically optimize this Android version, use as many wearable devices as possible. Within 24 hours of the release date, d

How does android modify the built-in apk icon and androidapk in launcher?

How does android modify the built-in apk icon and androidapk in launcher? Find the variable in IconCache under launcher to store the package name and icon to be modified to apk. Private String [] className = {"com. google. android

Hide apk in Launcher startup icon Android Development tutorial

To hide the boot icon from the APK in launcher:APK's Androidmanifest.xml file is removed from the main activity in Intent-filter.To see if the APK is installed successfully:See the application list for apps, settingsStart the APK method:Intent Intent = new Intent (intent.action_main);Intent.setcomponent (New ComponentName ("", "

Android How to modify the icon of the built-in apk in launcher

Locate the Iconcache in launcher to store the package name to be modified and the icon to be modified.Private string[] ClassName = {"", ""};Private int[] ResId = {R.drawable.com_android_google_map,r.drawable.com_android_googlesearch};Add the following code in the Cachelocked methodif (Systemproperties.getboolean ("persist.sys.ts18.sp025", false)) {Resources res = mcontext.getresources

Detailed explanation of the source code launcher Main Screen Program Arrangement in Android [Android launcher evolution 1]

Recently I have studied lancher, from the text message MMS framework to the bug and demand modification of launcher. Next I will explain the layout of the simplest home screen program of launcher, it gives readers a sense of getting started. The main screen of Android is divided into five screens, which are 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 from left to right. So which programs

Android Launcher: get the list of apps installed on your mobile phone. Android launcher

Android Launcher: get the list of apps installed on your mobile phone. Android launcher The most important of Launcher is to obtain the entries and icons of all application lists. Generally, there are two methods to obtain them: PackageInfo ResolveInfo Run and obtain the

Android launcher analysis and Modification 1 -- default Interface Configuration of launcher (default_workspace)

when there are more than two parameters in the folder attribute. If (Folderitems. Size () 2 Amp; folderid gt; = 0 ){ // We just delete the folder and any items that made it Deleteid (dB, folderid ); If (Folderitems. Size ()> 0 ) {Deleteid (dB, folderitems. Get ( 0 );} Added = False ;}} If (Added) I ++ ; A. Recycle ();}//......... Return I ;} In fact, it is a process of analyzing XML and writing data into the database. launcherprovider. Java is the data s

Android's launcher launcher adds shortcuts and widget instances _android

Foreword: Has been looking at the Launcher module recently, after almost two months study, finally understood the launcher some main function realization, now continues still inGroping state. Did not see launcher, in my case, can only worship, thought that all functions are it to achieve; Getting started, only to discover that launcher's many functions are justIn

Customize your own Android mobile desktop launcher === an introduction to launcher development-Article 2

Launcher is our home, which can be simply understood as a simplified Linux GUI. As a GUI, it must first complete its most essential functions,That is, it must be able to provide categing to all applications (category_launcher). However, as a GUI, it must not only be a good score, but also be a beautiful girl (wallpaper );In addition, it must be highly interactive. If there is no good interaction, just like you have been paying attention to a beauty fo

Android Launcher-simple Launcher development

Step 1: Use our application as the home(That is, press the home key to start your launcher .) To use our application as home, you only need to add the following in AndroidManifest. xml: AndroidManifest.xml Step 2: List the installed applications List Installed applications as an indispensable feature for launcher. The following describes how to list applications. After the program is run, it looks as foll

Android System Launcher--app launcher--interface display (i)

() method to open the Java worldInit1 () code in the source \frameworks\base\services\jni\Com_android_server_systemserver.cppCore code in System_init ()------->system_init.system_init ()We continue to findsystem_init.cpp in System_init () so this native the world to start up,The statement is then called in this method:runtime->callstatic ("Com/android/server/systemserver", "init2");That started the Java world after launching the native world.Let's ta

Android Launcher startup process "Launcher partial START process"

The research code starts with: Androidmanifest.xml, custom the Android system starts, the system needs a home application to be responsible for displaying the applications, that is, the application is intended to be the first application launched by the Android system. On Android, this default home application is launcher.To use an applicati

When there are multiple launcher on the Android system, set the boot automatically into the default launcher

After the boot is complete and unlocked, if there is more than one launcher on the Android system, a selection box pops up to let the user choose to enter a launcher. If the user does not want to choose, but want to go directly to a default launcher, how to modify?Note: This modification is not valid for Google Now

Story Behind Android desktop (launcher application) (6)-study the accessories implemented by launcher (listview that can be dragged)

Blog migration-I have migrated my blog to to better manage it. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by no updates! New address of this article: Click me In this article, we will write how launcher achieves the drag and drop of items on the desktop in Android. After studying its mechanism, the brain suddenly gets angry and wants to implement a drag-and-drop listview, after understandin

Android downloads APK installation APK opens APK

();} inputStream. close ();} System. out. println ("downloaded"); // send a Message to handler to change the text attribute of the button. message = handler. obtainMessage (); message. what = 1; handler. sendMessage (message);} catch (MalformedURLException e) {e. printStackTrace ();} catch (IOException e) {e. printStackTrace ();}}}). start (); return file ;} Here is how to install APK: /*** Install APK *

Customize an android launcher (home)

android source code.Filter: Android: Name = "android. Intent. Category. Home" in manifest when you mark whether it is the most critical code of launcher"Now we have defined our own filter, So we changed manifest:Android: Label = "@ string/app_name"> Then, put the compiled apk

Appium tests Android Launcher to obtain the target application by sliding the form. appium android

Appium tests Android Launcher to obtain the target application by sliding the form. appium android The so-called Launcher refers to the android Desktop Management Program. All application icons are placed on the launcher. In fact,

Analysis of Android launcher view architecture

1. First, let's take a look at the structural diagram of the launcher activity view (obtained by hierarchyviewer. BAT ): 2. Let's take a look at layout/launcher. XML, layout-Port/launcher. XML, and layout-land/launcher. xml. Xmlns: Android = "

Android android APK decompilation reverse, Android android apk

Android android APK decompilation reverse, Android android apk The reverse of the android APK program is much easier than that of the Windo

Android 4.0 Launcher source code analysis series (1)

First, we will analyze the Launcher layout as a whole. Let's have an understanding of the overall structure of Launcher by viewing Launcher. xml and using the combination of hierarchyviewer layout viewing tool. Use hierarchyviewer to complete the entire desktop as follows:Zoom in as follows: You can see the elements contained in the entire desktop. The top is the

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