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The workaround for the default Ic_launcher icon is still displayed after the launcher icon is replaced on the Android app

When doing a mobile phone adaptation, encountered a very strange problem, in 1080x720 's phone can display the replacement ic_launcher.png icon, but in 1920x1080 's phone display ic_ Launcher.png is still the default icon, and after checking that it does not include the default Ic_launcher.png icon throughout the project, what is the

Icon background and default configuration for android launcher development

Icon background and default configuration for android launcher development1: Then I checked the desktop icon loading process myself:When the desktop is loaded for the first time, an xml configuration file is read by default to complete the configuration. The configuration file is in the

The implementation method of Android Launcher dynamic icon

In our use of Android system, often see a lot of icons online monogram Some numbers, such as the number of text messages, the number of messages and so on, it is curious, how this is achieved? And he will continue to change according to the actual situation, it is very magical, the default Android is not supported, then we have to speak slowly today, he is how to achieve.Today we introduce two methods, one

Android launcher source code parsing 06: Long press the desktop to add the icon

shortcut. * @param parent The group the shortcut belongs to. * @param info The data structure describing the shortcut. * * @return A View inflated from layoutResId. */ View createShortcut(int layoutResId, ViewGroup parent, ShortcutInfo info) { TextView favorite = (TextView) mInflater.inflate(layoutResId, parent, false); favorite.setCompoundDrawablesWithIntrinsicBounds(null, new FastBitmapDrawable(info.getIcon(mIconCache)), null,

How does android modify the built-in apk icon and androidapk in launcher?

How does android modify the built-in apk icon and androidapk in launcher? Find the variable in IconCache under launcher to store the package name and icon to be modified to apk. Private String [] className = {"com. google. android

Add the run icon for Android studio on launcher in Ubuntu

To run a command to create a desktop file:sudo gedit/usr/share/applications/android_studio.desktopOpen the window and enter the following, noting that exec and icon are modified to the path of Android studio under their own system.[Desktop Entry]Type=applicationName=android StudioExec= "/opt/android-studio/bin/studio.s

Android Launcher development icon background and default configuration

= Mcontext.getresources (). GETXML (Workspaceresourceid);AttributeSet attrs = xml.asattributeset (parser);Begindocument (parser, tag_favorites);Final int depth = parser.getdepth ();Final HashmapLaunchermodel model = Launcherappstate.getinstance (). Getmodel ();。。。。return i;}is actually a process of parsing XML and writing to a database, is the data source for the entire launcher,Knowing how these icons are loaded is good for mak

Android Launcher icon box-added to optimize display effect, androidlauncher

Android Launcher icon box-added to optimize display effect, androidlauncher Read the code and explain it. Mainly used for image processing PorterDuff. Mode. SRC_ATOPSRC_ATOP The source pixel and target pixel are mixed to make the upper-layer graph display in the center to achieve the framed effect. Package com. ferris. launchericonutils; import

Android Launcher calendar icon display date

See the number on the iphone calendar icon will change with the date changes, recently on the Android platform also studied, the implementation method is as follows:directly on the sourceChanged it in the launcher.First, in the file, find the method private CacheEntry cachelocked (componentname componentname, ResolveInfo info,HashmapIn Entry.icon = Utilities.createiconbitmap (

Android Launcher icon plus frame optimization display effect

.getwidth (); Bitmap resultbmp = Bitmap.createbitmap (width, width,bitmap.config.argb_8888); Paint paint = new paint (); Canvas canvas = new canvas (resultbmp); canvas.drAwbitmap (lay1, 0, 0, paint);//Draw the lower layer//Let the upper icon center Display int top = 0;if (Lay1.getheight () > Lay2.getheight ()) {top = (Lay1.gethei Ght ()-lay2.getheight ())/2;} else{//here can determine whether the picture is larger than the box, and then continue to ge

Hide apk in Launcher startup icon Android Development tutorial

To hide the boot icon from the APK in launcher:APK's Androidmanifest.xml file is removed from the main activity in Intent-filter.To see if the APK is installed successfully:See the application list for apps, settingsStart the APK method:Intent Intent = new Intent (intent.action_main);Intent.setcomponent (New ComponentName ("", ""));Intent.addflags (Intent.flag_activity_new_task);StartActivity (Intent);Hide apk in

How to set the app Launcher icon to a pop-up box in Android

= context;This.resinfo = Resinfo;}@Overridepublic int GetCount () {TODO auto-generated Method Stubreturn Resinfo.size ();}@OverridePublic Object getItem (int position) {TODO auto-generated Method Stubreturn Resinfo.get (position);}@Overridepublic long getitemid (int position) {TODO auto-generated Method Stubreturn position;}The purpose of this place with Viewholder is to improve the app's speed by not having to reconstruct our convertview and find ImageView and textview every time.@OverridePubl

Android How to modify the icon of the built-in apk in launcher

Locate the Iconcache in launcher to store the package name to be modified and the icon to be modified.Private string[] ClassName = {"", ""};Private int[] ResId = {R.drawable.com_android_google_map,r.drawable.com_android_googlesearch};Add the following code in the Cachelocked methodif (Systemproperties.getboolean ("persist.sys.ts18.sp025", fa

Notes ubuntu12.04 How to add the launcher icon (to resolve the issue of the launcher icon disappearing)

Os:ubuntu Linux 12.04I manually updated the Firefox browser the other day (see, but then when I opened the browser, there was no Firefox icon on the launcher. This allows us to no longer open the minimized browser ... Nor can you quickly open the browser. So I learned how to add an icon to the

Detailed explanation of the source code launcher Main Screen Program Arrangement in Android [Android launcher evolution 1]

Recently I have studied lancher, from the text message MMS framework to the bug and demand modification of launcher. Next I will explain the layout of the simplest home screen program of launcher, it gives readers a sense of getting started. The main screen of Android is divided into five screens, which are 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 from left to right. So which programs

Android launcher analysis and Modification 1 -- default Interface Configuration of launcher (default_workspace)

when there are more than two parameters in the folder attribute. If (Folderitems. Size () 2 Amp; folderid gt; = 0 ){ // We just delete the folder and any items that made it Deleteid (dB, folderid ); If (Folderitems. Size ()> 0 ) {Deleteid (dB, folderitems. Get ( 0 );} Added = False ;}} If (Added) I ++ ; A. Recycle ();}//......... Return I ;} In fact, it is a process of analyzing XML and writing data into the database. launcherprovider. Java is the data s

Android's launcher launcher adds shortcuts and widget instances _android

Context Class objectResourceID the specific picture resource ID.Common Properties:PackageName the package name of the application, the type is Packagename:type/entitynameResourceName ResourceID The resource name of the corresponding For example: a picture resource = 0x7f020000, then resourcename is Packagename:drawable/icon Specifically how to get the picture resources through the Intent.shortcuticonresource object, please refer to the sa

Android Launcher: get the list of apps installed on your mobile phone. Android launcher

Android Launcher: get the list of apps installed on your mobile phone. Android launcher The most important of Launcher is to obtain the entries and icons of all application lists. Generally, there are two methods to obtain them: PackageInfo ResolveInfo Run and obtain the

Customize your own Android mobile desktop launcher === an introduction to launcher development-Article 2

Launcher is our home, which can be simply understood as a simplified Linux GUI. As a GUI, it must first complete its most essential functions,That is, it must be able to provide categing to all applications (category_launcher). However, as a GUI, it must not only be a good score, but also be a beautiful girl (wallpaper );In addition, it must be highly interactive. If there is no good interaction, just like you have been paying attention to a beauty fo

Android Launcher startup process "Launcher partial START process"

The research code starts with: Androidmanifest.xml, custom the Android system starts, the system needs a home application to be responsible for displaying the applications, that is, the application is intended to be the first application launched by the Android system. On Android, this default home application is launcher.To use an applicati

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