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Use android Nine-Patch (required to create a chat interface) and androidnine-patch

Use android Nine-Patch (required to create a chat interface) and androidnine-patch I recently learned how to create a chat interface, designed image stretching problems, and so on. I learned how to create Nine-Patch images by referring to some books. First readCode and effects without using Nine_patch: xmlns:tools=

Android Hot Patch Dynamic Repair technology (end of article): Automatically generate packaging with signature patches, refactoring projects

First, about the previous four blog postsAndroid Hot Patch Dynamic Repair Technology (i): from the Dex subcontracting principle to the hot patchAndroid Hot Patch Dynamic Repair Technology (ii): actual combat! Class_ispreverified problem!Android Hot Patch Dynamic Repair Technology (iii)--using javassist to inject byteco

Android 9 patch (very good, quite comprehensive: Turn)

(reduced) with the content ). Then, how can we edit a normal PNG image as a ninepatch image? The editor draw9patch. bat is provided in the android SDK/tools directory and can be opened by double-clicking. It is easy to use and mainly has the following options: Using ninepatch images as the background, the background can be stretched (reduced) with the content ). Then, how can we edit a normal PNG image as a ninepatch image? The editor draw9patch. bat

Android studio image ERROR: 9-patch image xx .9.png malformed

Android studio image ERROR: 9-patch image xx .9.png malformed Android studio image error 9-patch image error in Android ERROR: 9-patch image xx .9.png malformed1) exception: AAPT err (1118615418): ERROR: 9-

Android hot patch dynamic Repair Technology (2): Practice! CLASS_ISPREVERIFIED problem!

Android hot patch dynamic Repair Technology (2): Practice! CLASS_ISPREVERIFIED problem!I. Preface In the previous blog, we introduced the dex subcontracting principle to introduce Android's hot Patching Technology, and now we will solve two problems.1. How to package the Fixed Bug class into dex2. How to insert external dex into ClassLoader2. Create and test the Demo2.1 directory structure 2.2 source code A

Patch for Android

How to download the android kernel because the current source code after git on the android website does not include the kernel, You need to download the android kernel separately to generate the used patch. below is how I use it, for your reference, here is a way of extracting raw

Android Studio picture Error:9-patch image xx. 9.png Malformed

Android Studio pictures error 9-patch image error in AndroidError:9-patch image xx. 9.png Malformed1) Exception:Watermark/2/text/ahr0cdovl2jsb2cuy3nkbi5uzxqv/font/5a6l5l2t/fontsize/400/fill/i0jbqkfcma==/dissolve/70/gravity /center "/> -->AAPT Err (1118615418): Error:9-patch image icon_item_bottom_line.9.png Malfor

[Android design things] 9-patch applications

In the previous blog, we talked about the problem of device size, resolution, and software version fragmentation when designing Android applications, this article introduces how to create multiple sets of resources (ldpi, mdpi, hdpi, and xhdpi) and how to layout them. Today, let's talk about 9-patch, which is also used to help us solve this problem. First, let's take a look at the functions of the 9-

9-patch and padding in android

padding was changed after going through this step, and did not continue the in-depth investigation. The guess is related to the setting of android: background. With this setting removed, the padding is gone.Later, the artist confirmed my conjecture that padding was written in the 9patch image. So when you cannot find the padding settings in the xml and code, but the results have the padding effect, it should be a good thing for 9-

Android: Making Nine-patch pictures

It is a specially processed PNG image that can specify which areas can be stretched and which areas are not.So what is the actual effect of the Nine-patch picture? Let's take a look at it with an example. For example, there is a picture of a bubble pattern in the project Message_left.png, 3.38.Figure 3.38We set this image to a linearlayout background image and modify the code in the Activity_main.xml as follows: HT tp://

Android Nine point PNG (Nine-patch) Production and application

You may not have heard of the term nine-patch, which is a specially processed PNG image that can specify which areas can be stretched and which are not.Now I'm going to teach you how to make a nine-point PNG image.------------------------------------------Nine_patch Production--------------------------------------------------Material:First we try to set a background image for TextView without a nine-point PNG, the XML parameter is as follows: Text

Understanding of 9-patch images in Android

In Android, you can not only use normal images with the. png,.jpg,.gif extension as a picture resource, but you can also use a 9-patch image with a. 9.png extension as a picture resource. Normal images with the extension. Png,.jpg,.gif are common, and they are usually done by drawing software. The 9-patch picture is generated by using the tools provided in the

[FMX] Android APP launches black screen optimization patch

Instructions for use***************************************************Android APP launches black screen optimization patchSwish, Yangyxd 2016.01.16version:1.0.0QDAC Official group: 250530692***************************************************"Installation Method"Double-click Setup.bat to install the patch file (backup will be done during installation)Double-click Uninstall.bat to recover.CompatibilityThis

Android App patch updates and androidapp Patches

Android App patch updates and androidapp Patches I hope you will forgive me for having been busy for the last week. This week, I suddenly fell idle. When I had time, I reconstructed the code and accumulated some avant-garde technologies. So today, I will share my research on the past few days. Mobile Internet focuses on user experience and Rapid Product iteration. Through user feedback and user behavior tra

Features and production of Android 9 patch pictures (. 9.png format Picture) (RPM)

This article discusses the following two topics around. 9.png format pictures:1. Features of the format picture2. How to MakeI. Features of the file in 9.png formatCompared to the traditional PNG format picture, the 9.png format picture has a circle of dots around the picture, which is used to define the expandable area of the picture and the content display area.Images of this format have the ability to adjust the size of the Android environment with

Android App Patch Update

generated the diff package. Also provides a bspatch, this is to help us carry out the document peace.Suppose you want to do this in Android. It is necessary to configure the NDK development environment, assuming that the students do not want to be able to directly use the. so file in the demo.It is possible to merge files by calling this method:The combined APK file is no different from the latest installation package and has the same eigenvalues.Fin

Android Development, 9-patch picture setting background problems

9-patch in order to solve the different sub-screen image adaptability, the picture has been padding, and in Android, to give a control to set a background map, and ultimately to call the Setbackgrounddrawable method to set the picture resources, and this method of execution is like this, If the picture resource is padding, it defaults to the padding of the control. Based on this, if the control does not exp

Android 9-patch PNG

Format:9-patch PNG(recommended) Dimensions LDPI: Portrait: 200x320px Landscape: 320x200px MDPI: Portrait: 320x480px Landscape: 480x320px HDPI: Portrait: 480x800px Landscape: 800x480px XHDPI: Portrait: 720px1280px Landscape: 1280x720px XXHDPI: Portrait: 960px1600px Landscape: 1600x960px XXXHDPI: Port

Android App Patch Update

command.Since my computer is a MacBook, the following commands are executedAfter executing the command, we get Xx.patch, which is the difference package that we want to download below. Depending on the difference between different versions, the difference package will be much smaller than the entire apk. Also, if you have multiple versions of your app, you'll need to generate multiple diff packages. If you want to generate the process automation, look for the back-end buddies with easy to solve

Android solution after the mobile end of the patch pack why not upgrade, after the upgrade "app not Installed", and the update after the success of the issue repeatedly

command to install 2 times the app test, and then connect the VPN, enter the user name and password, to see if other apps are normal login, I use their own mobile phone testing, found that the latest app login, other apps still can't login, the dog, special is not just changed good? Heart tired, do not know what reason, I will restart the phone, and then re-login to the latest app, and then test other apps, you can log in normally. Well, at least in the comfort of the heart, after a while my te

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