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Asm.jar not available, error:could not find adb, please install Android SDK and set path to ADB

Error:could not find adb, please install the Android SDK and set path to ADBEnvironment: Win7 64bit Eclipse 1.4.1Android-sdk_r21-windowsProblem Description: Put Asm.jar in the user directory of C drive, execute Java-jar Asm.jar, jump out as promptedCause analysis: The SDK directory settings are incorrect.1.

How to get started with the android SDK adb command

How to get started with the android SDK adb command [Basic Introduction] The adb command is often used to learn about android. ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge and is a tool in the

Summary of commonly used Android ADB commands [Android SDK]

the root account: su (2) enter the password (3) Go to tools> sudo./ADB kill-server and turn off the server service. (4) Go to tools> sudo./ADB devices to start the existing ADB service. 7. Install JDK in Linux (1) download jdk-6u15-linux-i586.bin files (2)/usr/Java enter the Directory (3) set the password Sudo-passwd

Android SDK-debugging bridge ADB (2)

. II:What are the main functions of ADB?   1: view the status of the current simulator or Android device instance The adb devices command is usually used to view the status of the simulator before use. The ADB response information is obtained through this command, and the ADB

Android Performance test: ADB view Android emulator version number and SDK version number

Absrtact: With the increasing features of Android, various Android SDK and Android simulator are also updated. For some reason, we need to look at their version number. Let me introduce you to the following specific methods:1 adb view An

Troubleshoot Android SDK manager download issues and Android Studio every time you start up in fetching Android SDK Compoment information

1, can solve the difficulties of domestic access to Google serverLaunch Android SDK Manager, open the main interface, select "tools", "options...", pop up the "Android SDK manager-settings" window;In the Android SDK manager-settin

IntelliJ Idea run Android program times wrong; Unable to locate ADB within SDK

Environment: IntelliJ IDEA15 issue: Run Android times wrong throwable:unable to locate adb within SDK Workaround: Put the adb.exe reason in the SDK installation directory \platform-tools : My adb is installed separately and is installed under the tools of the

64-bit Linux systems cannot run the Android SDK for ADB and AAPT, suggesting no such file or directory solutions

Resources:Http:// am running the adb and AAPT tips under the Android SDK directory on 64-bit Debian: bash:./aapt:no s

Download Android SDK and Android SDK

Download Android SDK and Android SDKThe Android SDK is an important part of building an Android development environment. Today we summarize the And

Android SDK under Widnows and Linux adb cannot find a device solution

Typically, after you have installed and configured the environment variables for the Android SDK, you will not see your device immediately after you successfully enter the ADB devices on the command line (Terminal). This eliminates the problem of the device itself, the most common is in the user directory of the. Android

ADB Android debugger download

ADB is a 10 thousand-capable tool that allows you to manage the status of Android devices. For more information about ADB, see: com/GUIDE/developing/tools/adb.html. ADB has the following functions: Download and install the APK application on the h

(Original) Android getting started tutorial (6)-use the android SDK help documentation (English) to download the Chinese SDK help documentation (Chinese)

Just as DOTNET development requires msdn and Java development requires JDK documentation, it is best to have corresponding help documentation before Android development. In fact, the android SDK itself contains a lot of development help documentation (English version ). The procedure is as follows: 1. Open the SDK to

Android SDK Download SDK platform failure record

When using Android SDK Manager to download, you will encounterAfter downloading, you may have the same error, even though repeated attempts are still not installed properlyDownloading SDK Platform Android 8.1.0, API 1, RevisionDownload finished with wrong size. Expected 6560

Use thunder instead of SDK manager to quickly download Android SDK

When you use AVD manager to upgrade the SDK, it will be online and slow. During the upgrade, you will find that a temp folder is generated under the SDK Directory, which downloads the file to this temp folder, then we upgraded it. Unfortunately, it was too slow. We have thunder. Download these files in thunder and copy them to the directory. Then we can use AVD m

Android uses SDK Manager to download SDK slow, easy to drop packets and exception resolution

The first step,After the SDK manager starts, some Google XML files are parsed and some log messages are printed in log.After parsing, copy all the logs into a notepad (this step is because the Log window does not support the search), in the inside to find what you want to download, and then you can get the corresponding XML file.As an example:If you want to download

Android SDK Android NDK android Studio official download Address

Android SDK Android NDK android Studio officialIf the download speed is too slow, please use thunder, Baidu cloud offline and other methods to download.For Linux systems, if you cannot upgrade online, see belowsudo vi/etc/hostsAdd to74.125.206.93 are th

Error collection in Android SDK manager download installation

1. "An internal error occurred during:" Launching New_configuration ". Path for project must has only one segment. "Workaround:Run/debug Settings, Properties, Project -1. Select "Launching New_configuration"2. Delete3. OK2. "Downloading Google USB Driver, revision Download interrupted:url not found."WORKAROUND: (Thank you: @AMinfo)SDK Manager Inside menu, Tools, offcial add-on Sites, Enable allSDK Manager I

Android SDK Android NDK android Studio official download Address

This article from: the download is slow or cannot be downloaded, there are three ways to fix it1. Patience.2. Use P2SP download tools, such as Thunder, Baidu Cloud offline.3. You know.Cannot upgrade online please see belowsudo vi/etc/hostsAdd to74.125.206.93 BundleHttp://

Android SDK manager cannot display uninstalled SDK solutions available for download

FAQ:I have downloaded some sdks in my android SDK manager, but now I want to download the new SDK again. Why is the packages list not displayed? What should I do? Answer:It is said that was strong in the Mainland, the great tianchao really don't let people live, the solution is to modifyC: \ wind

Download Android Development sdk ndk and android development sdkndk

Download Android Development sdk ndk and android development sdkndk Version 2014.7 ADT BundleHttp://

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