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Unity calls Android Native method (one) to get Android system volume

). ToString (); theStream_ring_text.text = audiomanager.callint>(Maxvolume, stream_ring). ToString (); -Stream_music_text.text = audiomanager.callint>(Maxvolume, Stream_music). ToString (); WuStream_alarm_text.text = audiomanager.callint>(Maxvolume, Stream_alarm). ToString (); -Stream_notification_text.text = audiomanager.callint>(Maxvolume, stream_notification). ToString (); AboutStream_dtmf_text.text = audiomanager.callint>(Maxvolume, STREAM_DTMF). ToString (); $ - } -}Unity calls

Android Deep Exploration Volume One chapter I overview of Android system porting and driver development.

the files in that directory are stored in the system memory.I learned from this chapter that, regardless of which version of the Linux kernel, the methods and procedures for developing Linux drivers are basically the same, As long as you have mastered the driver development of a Linux kernel version (recommended using the Linux2.6 or linux3.x kernel version), other Linux kernel versions are easy to master.GUN C is also a must-know technology for lear

Migration and debugging of the Android system ---> how to modify the volume on the status bar of an Android device and hide the value when switching between the portrait and horizontal screens

In the past two days, due to a customer's requirement, the volume key on the status bar of the MID portrait screen is removed. So I tried to modify it, succeeded, and shared my experience. Take a look at the modified one, as shown below. Horizontal screen: there is a volume plus or minus key Portrait screen: The volume plus or minus key is removed Then let's

Android uses Audiomanager to modify the volume of the system _android

The example in this article describes how Android uses Audiomanager to modify the volume of the system. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Here are a few audiomanager ways to adjust the volume. The first is to get the Audiomanager instance: Audiomanager am= (Audiomanager) Getsystemserv

"Android" uses intent to call system other program, use OnKeyDown to listen to volume key, long press event

Intent is very common in Android programming, and it has been shown in "Android" to use bundles to transfer values between multiple activity (clicking the Open link) to wake up other activity and pass data between the activity. In fact, the role of intent is far from this, it can also invoke other inherent programs in the system, such as making calls, sending tex

Modify the Android 5.x system default volume size

Changing the system default volume requires two places:1. Frameworks\base\media\java\android\media\audiomanager.java1 /**@hide Default Volume index values for audio streams*/2 Public Static Final int[] Default_stream_volume =New int[] {34,//Stream_voice_call47,//Stream_system55,//stream_ring68,//One ,//Stream_musi

"Android" system volume and screen brightness adjustment

(Audiomanager.stream_music, audiomanager.adjust_raise, audiomanager.fx_focus_navigation_up); Currentvolume = Maudiomanager.Getstreamvolume (Audiomanager.stream_music); LOG.I (TAG, "Current Volume:" + Currentvolume); public void-down (view view) {///volume decrease Maudiomanager.adjuststreamvolume (Audiomanager.stream_music, Audiomanager.adjust_lower, AUDIOMANAGER.FX_FOCUS_NAVIGATIO

Monitor the volume of ringtones in the Android system (ringtones, volumes, mute, and speakers)

The Android program obtains and sets the ringtone and volume.Obtain the ringtones and volume of the android mobile phone through a program. Similarly, you can set the ringtone and volume easily!AudioManagermAudioManager = (AudioManager) getSystemService (Context. AUDIO_SERVICE );// Call volumeInt max = mAudioManager. g

How to Get and set the ringtones and volume of the android System

From: the ringtones and volume of the Android mobile phone through a program. Similarly, you can set the ringtone and volume easily!The method for setting the volume is also very simple. audiomanager provides the method:Publicvoidsetstreamvolume (intstreamtype, i

Thoughts on Android technology insider-system volume

Chapter 1 kernel mechanism and structure analysis of Android is full of "very simple" and there is no need to introduce it if it is simple. Besides, these simpleCode, Called manyProgramIt may not be well written. Chapter 2: Analysis of Several CPP files later in Android IPC Mechanism-binder, you can consider the class diagram structure of C ++ or UML diagram. Code and text are everywhere, making people una

Linux system LVM (Logical Volume Manager) Logical Volume management

downtime under the premise of the size of the file system can be easily adjusted to facilitate the implementation of the file system across different disks and partitions. Fortunately, the Logical Disk volume management (lvm,logicalvolumemanager) mechanism provided by Linux is a perfect solution.LVM is the abbreviation for Logical Disk

Android game background music audio volume control, android volume control

Android game background music audio volume control, android volume control Game sound effects are the music we use to play games. This is also a must-have for every game. However, if the background music you play is interrupted, we can use getCurrentPosition () this method is used to determine the audio playback offset

Android volume key monitoring and android Volume monitoring

Android volume key monitoring and android Volume monitoring Conclusion: The following two methods can be used to obtain the volume key. During the test, we found that When KeyEvent. KEYCODE_VOLUME_UP is held down all the time, Samsung's tablet counts to 200, and this event i

Android custom Seekbar dynamically change hardware volume size and volume key synchronization

1,:2, PackageCom.hero.zhaoq.seekbarchangeddemo;ImportAndroid.content.BroadcastReceiver;ImportAndroid.content.Context;ImportAndroid.content.Intent;ImportAndroid.content.IntentFilter;ImportAndroid.database.ContentObserver;;ImportAndroid.os.Handler;;ImportAndroid.os.Bundle;ImportAndroid.util.Log;ImportAndroid.widget.SeekBar;/** * Android implements Seekba

Android Sound focus----from music back to luncher adjust the volume to show the volume of music

; Normally in the audio and video interface to adjust the volume of the stream is Stream_music, back to luncher adjust is stream_voice_call, but this switch a little delay streamoverride.sdelayms, resulting in the exit tone, After the video interface is adjusted immediately, the change is still the size of the Stream_music:You can modify the/frameworks/base/media/java/android/media/ file /*

Phone shake shake function volume is the same as the system volume

{Thread.Sleep (2000);float volumenum = (float) getvolume ()/7;int streamid = (Music2, 1, 1, 0, 0, (float) 1.4);Soundpool.setvolume (Streamid, Volumenum, volumenum);//Play sound} catch (Interruptedexception e) {E.printstacktrace ();}}});Thread.Start ();Mytextview.settext ("Hello world!!!");}});}//Get current system volume 0~7private int Getvolume () {int

Large Website access volume + large data volume => seemingly simple SQL statements will also be linked to the system

A simple SQL statement: Select count (1) From tablename with (nolock) Where Columna = A and columnb = B and columnc = C, called by a key page, although memcache cache is added, due to data structure design problems, the CPU load of the database server is as high as 100%, and the critical page response times out, resulting in extremely bad impact. The reason is,Index missingAt the beginning of the data structure design, no index was created for the table, and then ignored that the table only tes

Android player volume control-use vibration sample code-progress bar to control volume

When writing a program, we will use the following code to notify the sound to implement this behavior: Setvolumecontrolstream (audiomanager. stream_music );Mediaplayer = new mediaplayer ();Mediaplayer. setaudiostreamtype (audiomanager. stream_music );// Mediaplayer. setoncompletionlistener (beeplistener );Assetfiledescriptor file = getresources (). openrawresourcefd (R. Raw. Beep );Try {Mediaplayer. setdatasource (file. getfiledescriptor (), file. getstartoffset (),File. getlength ());File. Clos

Android android source code case when adding the volume plus/minus button in the navigation bar, Android android

Android android source code case when adding the volume plus/minus button in the navigation bar, Android android Some Android devices do not have a volume adjustment button for the enti

Rotten mud: [solution] After the LVM volume group name is modified and the system is restarted, it cannot enter the system.

Rotten mud: [solution] After the LVM volume group name is modified and the system is restarted, it cannot enter the system. This article was sponsored by Xiuyi linfeng and first launched in the dark world. The installation of a server system is complete, but the LVM volume g

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