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Android realizes weather forecast temperature/temperature Polyline Trend Chart

representation in Mpandroidchart, they are independent of each other in their use, but they share the x axis (horizontal axis).For example, in this case, the red y vertical axis on the left represents a high-temperature polyline, and it has its own set of drawing mechanisms to run independently; in the same vein, the blue y vertical axis on the right represents a low-t

Android custom controls implement temperature rotation button effect _android

); Draw minimum temperature mark //minimum temperature if less than 10, display as 0x String Mintempflag = mintemp Draw the Rotate button /** * Draw rotation button * * @param canvas canvas /private void DrawButton (canvas canvas) { //button width high int Buttonwidth = Buttonimage.getwidth (); int buttonheight = Buttonimage.getheight (); Button shadow width high int buttonsha

Android Three slide effects Gesture Recognition left and right slide effect left and right slide guide effect fade Show button left and right slide Effect

Gesture Recognition 1. oncreateAddGesturedetector mgesturedetector; //Listen for gesture events Mgesturedetector = new gesturedetector (this, ongesturelistener ); 2.//Implement event handling Ongesturelistener = new ongesturelistener (){ //Add unimplemented Methods }; 3.RewriteOntouchEvent //Handle touch events with the gesture detection Interface Public Boolean ontouchevent (motionevent event ){ Return mgesturedetector. ontouchevent (event ); } Slide between

Android Power Information view (electricity, temperature, voltage) instance code _android

This example describes the Android power information viewing method. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: 1. Powertestactivity: Import; Import Android.content.BroadcastReceiver; Import Android.content.Context; Import android.content.Intent; Import Android.content.IntentFilter; Import Android.os.BatteryManager; Import Android.os.Bundle; Import Android.os.PowerManager; Import Android.view.View; Import

Android development to obtain Weather Forecasts (weather, temperature, wind power ...) WebService

[Android] View Source Print? /** * Get Weather Forecasts (weather, temperature, wind power ...) */ public class MainActivity extendsActivity { privatestatic final String NAMESPACE = ""; // What is next to the WebService address? The WSDL can be added or not added based on the address of

The Android custom TextView drawableTop icon is left aligned with the text (rendering), and textview is left aligned

The Android custom TextView drawableTop icon is left aligned with the text (), and textview is left aligned Public class DrawableTopLeftTextView extends TextView {private Paint mPaint; private float fFontHeight; private Drawable [] drawables; private int leftMargin = 40; // The TODO object must be obtained through code, public DrawableTopLeftTextView (Context con

Android-ViewPager: do not slide left (right) or left or right of viewpager

Android-ViewPager: do not slide left (right) or left or right of viewpager Because of the project requirements, it is required to select a sliding month, and sliding to the current month is prohibited to slide left to the next month, Baidu is disabled, most of the two-way sliding between the

Android anti-WeChat homepage sliding switch between left and right, android anti-micro

Android anti-web page sliding switch between left and right, android anti-micro You can see whether the Home Page switching effect is very dazzling, sliding switch, click the bar at the bottom to instantly switch, sliding switch gradient effect, online: I have also seen other people's implementations on my blog. On the basis of this, I have made some optimizati

Android uses Pulltorefresh to complete ListView drop-down refresh and left-sliding removal features _android

ListView Refresh Brush function believe that the ape friends who are engaged in Android development are not unfamiliar, including now Google Pro son swiperefreshlayout implementation in some apps can also be seen (but individuals do not like the official refresh effect). This article will lead some new Android friends or friends who love sharing to simple implementation of ListView Drop-down and

Android Gesture Recognition (sliding left and right) enables page switching and android gestures

Android Gesture Recognition (sliding left and right) enables page switching and android gestures Then let each specific interface inherit the baseactivity and implement the corresponding next or pre method. To display the effects, we define several animated effects: left-to-right or right-to-

Detailed Android to achieve ListView left-right Sliding Delete entry method _android

use Scroller to implement the gorgeous ListView sliding Delete Item Effect Here's a little example of using scroller, At the same time can also be used to help the initial release of the reader more familiar with the use of scroller mastered the use of scroller, we can achieve a lot of sliding effect. For example, sideslip menu, Launcher,listview drop-down Refresh, and so on, I realized today is the ListView item's left and right sliding delete item

How to achieve sliding between the left and right sides of the fade button in Android

First, let's look at the running effect: Program structure: Code in the MainActivity file:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: package com. android. buttonpageflipper;Import android. app. Activity;Import android. graphics. PixelFormat;Import android. OS. Bundle;Import android

Example of an Android gesture operation (up/down/left/right judgment) _android

.getx (); Float y = e2.gety ()-e1.gety (); The limit must be 1/3 across the screen to calculate the float x_limit = SCREEN.WIDTHPIXELS/3; float y_limit = SCREEN.HEIGHTPIXELS/3; float X_abs = Math.Abs (x); float y_abs = Math.Abs (y); if (x_abs >= y_abs) {//gesture left or right if (x > X_limit | | | x public class Gestureutils { //Get screen size public static Screens Getscreenpix (context

Android Developer Headlines (ii) implement left-slide menu _android

In the previous article to introduce you to the Android developer headlines (a) launch page implementation, interested friends can refer to. Title: Bring you to achieve the developer's headline (ii) to implement the left-slide menu Grammar_cjkruby:true Starting today to mimic the developer headline sideslip menu, the second article in this series, I believe you have seen many apps using this sideslip.

Android-to-android activity screen switching animation (1)-left/right sliding Switching

: Call this method to display the previous view in framelayout. View the source code of viewflipper. viewflipper is mainly used to automatically switch views. This class provides the following main methods. Setfilpinterval: Set the view switching interval. The parameter is in milliseconds. Startflipping: Start view switching. The interval is the number of intervals set in the preceding method. The switchover will be performed cyclically. Stopflipping: Stop view switching. Setautostart: Set wheth

Android detects memory cards and the amount of space left on the phone (based on Environment,statfs and DecimalFormat) _android

This article is an example of how Android detects memory cards and the amount of space left in the phone. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Android environment can be used to detect whether a phone has a memory card installed and a file storage path. Statfs can get the size of the memory card and the amount of space remaining. DecimalFor

Android to achieve left and right sliding effect of the method of detailed _android

This example shows how the picture is sliding around in Android.As for the sliding effect, which is used more in Android, the slide effect of this example is implemented using Viewflipper, and of course it can be implemented using other view. Then let's start to achieve this effect. For the sake of understanding, let's take a look at the effect chart:The main effect figure is as follows:Let's take a look at the program Structure chart: Mainactivity co

Android custom control implements navigation bar that can slide left and right _android

First up Effect chart: This control is actually relatively lightweight, I believe many small partners can do it. Because the project encountered a number of special customization requirements, so I wrote one, here put it out.Let's first analyze the functionality of this control:• Ability to respond to left and right slides and to respond to fast sliding• There are different style expressions for selections and not selected items, such as foreground

How to Implement pop-up menu layer and PopupWindow on the left of android popwindow

PopupWindow can achieve the floating layer effect. The main methods are: You can customize the view, use the LayoutInflator method; you can display the animation when it appears or exits; you can specify the display position. In order to present multiple functions of PopupWindow and implement them with simple code, a menu function pops up on the left of the click button is compiled, when the animation effect is displayed and exited, And the pop-up lay

Android skillfully use Viewpager to achieve left and right circular sliding picture _android

Viewpager This small demo is to be able to loop around the picture, the following index, slide to the last page in the right slide will be the first page, the first page to the left slide to the last page, first on the effect of the picture: 1, first look at some layout under the XML Use Viewpager first need to introduce Android-support-v4.jar this jar package, don't forget to add

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