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Android: Use strikethrough in TextView

Android: Use strikethrough in TextViewCategory: Android2014-09-25 13:17 3431 People read comments (0) favorite reports Add strikethrough to TextView programmatically:[Java]View Plaincopy Textview.getpaint (). SetFlags (Paint.strike_thru_text_flag); By the way study:Textview.getpaint ():[Java]View Plai

TextView add Strikethrough in Android

Requirements in the Project ~ ~ ~The price of an item in the mall, and one is the preferential price ... You need to use a strikethrough.public class Testactivity extends Activity {private TextView TV; @Overridepublic void OnCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) {super.oncreate (savedinstancestate); Setcontentview (r.layout.activity_main); TV = (TextView) Findviewbyid ( ); Tv.getpaint (). SetFlags (Pa

Android TextView, including strikethrough, hyperlinks, colors, and fonts, androidtextview

Android TextView, including strikethrough, hyperlinks, colors, and fonts, androidtextviewThere are several ways to add special effects to TextView:First, use the android: autolink attribute to automatically apply the effect, for example:Java code Android: id = "@ + id/te

In Android, TextView is added with strikethrough and androidtextview

In Android, TextView is added with strikethrough and androidtextview Project requirements ~~~~ One of the prices of items in the mall is the preferential price... A strikethrough line is required. Public class TestActivity extends Activity {private TextView TV; @ Override

TextView some set strikethrough ellipsis underline font change etc.

Font ChangeTextview.settypeface (Typeface.createfromasset (Getassets (), "Sthupo. TTF "));Sthupo. TTF can download font files on the web and put them into the assets file.Delete LineTextview.getpaint (). SetFlags (Paint. Strike_thru_text_flag);Ellipsis只需要下边的设置:textview.setSingleLine(); textview.setEllipsiz(TextUtils.TruncateAt.valueOf("END"));在xml中设置如下:android:singleLine="true"android:ellipsize="end"Multiple TextV

Android--textview attribute xml

appearance, otherwise the default appearance is used. The values you can set are as follows: textappearancebutton/textappearanceinverse/textappearancelarge/textappearancelargeinverse/ Textappearancemedium/textappearancemediuminverse/textappearancesmall/textappearancesmallinverse Android:textcolor Setting text color Android:textcolorhighlight the background of the selected text, the default is blue Android:textcolorhint sets the color of the hint text, which is grayed out by default. Used

Android textview changes the color of some text and replaces the text in string. xml.

The International UI is adjusted in the project, because the Chinese and English are different, so the knowledge here is used:Java code Textview = (textview) findviewbyid (R. Id. textview ); // Method 1: Textview. settext (html. fromhtml (" // Method 2: String text = "get silver treasure box! "; Spannablestr

Simple analysis of property settings for Android TextView XML

"|" SeparatedAndroid:typeface Set the text font, must be one of the following constant values: normal 0, sans 1, serif 2, monospace (equal width font) 3]Android:height Setting the height of the text area, support measurement: px (pixels)/dp/sp/in/mm (mm)Android:maxheight Setting the maximum height of the text areaAndroid:minheight Setting the minimum height of the text areaAndroid:width sets the width of the text area, supported by the measurement: px (pixels)/dp/sp/in/mm (mm), and the differen

The selector that writes textview has learned about the rules for Android to read XML files.

Depressed, I wrote the Android: drawable status at the top of the list for a whole morning. Put Android: drawable to the top, so that when you click the textview control, parse the XML file and you will find that the first one matches multiple conditions, so you will immediately return the value, the image correspon

Android-TextView of common controls, android-textview

Android-TextView of common controls, android-textview TextView is an Android text control used to display text. Let's take a look at the structure of TextView (developer.Android. Com)

Android learning notes-TextView (text box) (1), android-textview

Android learning notes-TextView (text box) (1), android-textviewReference from: 1. Basic attributes: Id:Set a component id for TextView. Based on the id, we can get this object through the findViewById () method

Practical Android skills: Use textview to implement Rich Text-set different font styles in the same textview

Background In the process of application development, it is often seen that some information with different font styles is like the time and charging information on the default lockscreen. In a similar situation, the first possible response is to use different textviews. Different font styles are set for each textview to meet the requirements. Android is recommended. text. *; and

Android development skills 3-formatting TextView text and development skills textview

Android development skills 3-formatting TextView text and development skills textview This example mainly studies how to display webpage links and change the specific text color in TextView. 1. main. xml 2. MainActivity. java: Package com. yayun. edittextdatedemo; import

Android Programming Development TextView Text display and modification method (with TextView attribute introduction) _android

This article illustrates the TextView text display and modification method of Android programming development. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: A. A new activity and Layout First create a new activity_main.xml in the Layout folder, and when you create a new project, you will typically create this XML file by default, modifying its code

HTML tags supported by Android textview

="..."> Section label, which can contain text, list, table, etc. Define text in small font Define text in the strikethrough StyleDoes not comply with the standard web design concept, do not approve of use.Strike is short for strikethrough. Emphasis on labels Subscript tagSubIs the abbreviation of subscript SuperlabelSupIs the abbreviation of superscript Define monospaced textDisapproved.This label is

Android implements a way to omit the part or scroll display when TextView text is too long _android

, we also need to use the TextView Setmovementmethod method to set a scrolling instance, the following code TextView TV = (TextView) Findviewbyid (R.ID.TVCWJ); Tv.setmovementmethod (Scrollingmovementmethod.getinstance ()); Android Development Network prompts relevant to view the SDK Android.text.method Bra

Android Programming Settings TextView Color SetTextColor usage Instances _android

This example describes the Android programming settings TextView color SetTextColor usage. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: There are methods for setting TextView colors in Android SetTextColor, this method is overloaded and can be passed in two parameters. public void SetTextColor (i

A summary of the TextView control usage examples of Android development _android

This example summarizes the TextView control usage of Android development. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The TextView control can present text information to the user, and we can set whether the text information can be edited 1, TextView Basic use To create a

Android TextView Hyperlink Implementation _android

resorting to other classes. An easier way to do this is to add Autolink to the TextView XML layout, which is easiest to do, but cannot modify the style: Second, Spannable Way After the android:autolink= "Email|phone|web" is set in the XML, there is an underscore underneath the URL text, and we can see the source code of the class Clickablespan cl

A brief summary of how to implement TextView font color settings by Android programming _android

The example in this article describes how Android programming implements TextView font color settings. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: for Settextview (int a) Here's a is the value of the color passed in. For example, the red 0xff0000 refers to 0xff0000 how to directly into the is not a way to set the color, only through the article in the third way to get the color v

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