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Delphi Debug Connect any Android phone/tablet/box (to install Google USB Driver, and there are many related articles on USB)

Delphi sometimes cannot connect to debug some phones, solutions:1. Install Google USB Driver2. Check the phone or tablet USB vid,pid via Device Manager3. Modify the Android_winusb.inf on your computer to add the vid,pid found in the 2nd step to the INF.For example:; Samsung Galaxy S3%singleadbinterface% = usb_install, usb\vid_04e8pid_6860%compositeadbinterface% =

Android and PC socket (TCP/IP) Communication (by USB) Refuse to connect

Android and PC socket (TCP/IP) Communication (by USB) Refuse to connect Time: Source: Csdn community Author: Joy_liut Click: Scenario 1:Android_server:Final int server_port = 12345;Private void startserver (){Try{Log. E ("s: Connecting ...","");Serversocket = new serversocket (server_port );While (true){Socket Client = serversocket. Accept ();Log. E ("s: inser

CVE-2016-2502-DRIVERS/USB/GADGET/F_SERIAL.C in the Qualcomm USB driver in Android. Buffer Overflow Vulnerability reported by #plzdonthackme, SOCTT.

CVE-2016-2502-DRIVERS/USB/GADGET/F_SERIAL.C in the Qualcomm USB driver in Android.Buffer Overflow Vulnerability reported by #plzdonthackme, SOCTT.struct Ioctl_smd_write_arg_type { char *buf; unsigned int size;}; #define Gserial_buf_len 256char smd_write_buf[gserial_buf_len];struct ioctl_smd_write_arg_type smd_write_arg; ... ca

How does Android Enable Automatic Installation of a usb driver?

code is to switch to UMS, you can customize to switch to another usb mode, such as MTP. Public void updateState (String state ){ ...} Else if (REZEROCMD. equals (state )){ /* When recieve REZEROCMD, it means that PC has installed a proper driver, so can switch to other USB function (UMS )*/ Slog. w (TA

LINUX/ANDROID--USB Touch Screen Driver-Usbtouchscreen

Recently need to put a touch screen device to TV, now more common is the use of USB interface Touch box, for various platforms, here is a general record on Android kernel in the Usbtouchscreen driver.Writing is not easy, reprint need to indicate the source: compilation:The current kernel are all self-contained usbtouchscreen drivers, my version 3.1.

"Go" Android Printer-no device driver SDK, self-USB printing function

Original: under the device debugging, if the device provides a driver, according to the manufacturer's driver debugging can be, the device does not provide the driver, only in accordance with the common method of debugging.For Smart POS, cash registers, and other printing devices, how can the print

Intel & amp; #174; Android * USB Driver Installation Guide

This article is intended for intel? How to install the Android USB driver package. With this package, you can connect a Windows *-based machine to an Intel Atom? The Android device of the processor.System Requirements Hardware requirements:Android mobile devices with the Intel Atom processor Z2460 are installed.One

Install Android SDK and USB driver in Windows

.. The solution is to go to settings and set "Force https ://... Sources to be fetched using http ://..." Check and update. In available packages, you can see the packages that can be installed. Select 8 according to your needs. First install a USB driver so that your phone can connect to your computer. SelectUSB driver package, None of the above (on

A brief analysis of Linux driver framework for USB bus driver

device driver uses the data interface provided by the lower-level driver to access the USB device without needing to be concerned about the specific transmission details. In Linux2.6, the USB host controller driver has been written for us, the following is a simple analysis

Android adb usb Driver Installation Method

1. Open the management-Device Manager of the computer and connect the Android device with USB (for Android devices to Enable USB debugging). You can see the USB device with a yellow question mark.2. Right-click the device to view properties-details, and select hardware ID in

Android: downloading the Google USB driver

Http:// Downloading the Google USB driver Figure 1.The SDK and AVD manager with the Google USB driver selected. The USB driver for Windows is available for download as an optional SDK com

Intel & #174; USB driver for Android * Devices

Author: Tao Wang (Intel) With the Intel Android USB driver package, you can connect your Windows *-based machine to an Android device with the Intel Atom processor installed. Note: The intel USB driver package (version 1.1.5) pr

Mobile phone sharing PC-PC network via USB

windows 7 was tested successfully, and the operation on the computer was much simpler than the XP system. Take a look at the following actions**********************************************************************************************One: Related preparation**************** 1, the mobile phone system is 2.2. 2, the phone needs root permission, and check the USB debugging.3, the computer installed a good Samsung

How to Write a USB driver in linux

types of USB Drivers: drivers on the host system and drivers on the device. From the host's perspective, a common host is a PC.The driver of the USB device in the host system controls the USB device to be inserted, while the driver of the

Hardware driver in Linux-USB device

Mbps, supports concurrent operations on multiple data streams and multiple devices, and supports hot swapping of peripherals. At present, although the USB interface has only developed 2 generations (USB 1.1/, USB), USB integrates all the advantages of a multi-platform standard-including cost reduction and compatibilit

Windows USB driver development experience)

With the increasing of USB devices, development of USB driver is becoming more and more important in embedded development. Windows CE's support for USB 2.0 is a huge boost to this wave of new technologies. The author of this article analyzes his own use-driven development experience, hoping that readers can take less d

Connect your computer to your phone and install your phone driver usb-driver

usb_device_descriptor.idproduct2> as root to edit the file/etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules, in the newly installed system, the default is not this file, you need to create it first.sudo gedit/etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules3> in the open 51-android.rules file, add the following line rule for each vendor:subsystem== "USB", attr{idvendor}== "15d9", mode= "0666", group= "Plugdev"Where the id "15d9" indicates that it is your mobile device; The value

USB Hardware and Software Knowledge 4: wince USB driver terminology

To do USB-related things in wince, we must first understand some concepts, which is very important. (1) host and FunctionFirst, you must know that the USB is a master-slave structure. For PCs and mobile phones, the PC end is the master end, called the host, and the mobile phone is the slave end, usually called the client. However, this term has changed in wince.

Conflict between vmware7 USB Arbitration Service and Sony Ericsson mobile PC Suite

Vmware7 USB Arbitration Service andSony Ericsson mobile PC kit conflict Install Sony EricssonAfter the mobile PC kit, virtual machines started by VMware cannot recognize USB flash drives and mobile hard disks. Start VMware manuallyThe following message is displayed when the USB

Linux device driver development details Chapter 20 USB host and Device Driver

. Endpoint descriptor: the endpoint address, direction, and type. It supports the maximum package size. If it is an end point of the interrupt type, it also includes the round inquiry frequency rate. In Linux kernel, USB end points are described using the usb_host_endpoint structure. The USB end point description is defined as the usb_endpoint_descriptor structure. String descriptor: other descriptors p

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