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God, angels, elves.

the face of such a strict God, the Angels are constantly to rush, repeated changes are also inevitable heart to complain; only the elves in God there to be angry with the smiling face, back to face the Angels complained, Not only to endure, but also to act as a psychologist to smooth their fluctuating mood. Alas, the elves ... Finally, the Angels do not live up to expectations, ahead of the task, the perfect "public Security law enforcement and law enforcement supervision system" delivered to t

Sketch absolute match artifact Mirror preemptive experience

The designer's hardest thing to do than to be broken Wings Angel round, in view of this, electrostatic selection from the spirit of closer to work near the Lama Temple, in order to be blessed and sheltered. Incense also on the head also knock, but how the effect? Buddha said, to have a pious heart, so he gave me sketch, Buddha said, to have a fear of the heart, so mirror came, every day look in the mirror,

Notes on the startup of the oldest programmers: full-text search, data mining, and recommendation engine applications 14

Half the Analects of Confucius create an EnterpriseWu Yan hasn't had a long time since he started his own business, but the ups and downs and joys and sorrows he has experienced over the past days are even more than the total. Sometimes he really feels tired, now he is deeply aware that he should strengthen his self-cultivation. Wu Yan used to have a habit of buying a book about inspirational or successful learning every time he encountered a career bottleneck. Therefore, these books are the mos

Photoshop "American poster Art" I

. 5. Then, draw the red swimsuit and headdress section. 6. Draw the color part, while paying attention to the combination of color and form. 7. Links combine "sketch" and "paint" layers to continue to refine the overall relationship. 8. Use a custom triangular brush (as described in the previous Wacomintuos tutorial) to draw more hierarchical relationships to make the form more rounded. 9. In addition to the head and upper body, the legs and fe

Parody Ted Withers style poster

It was an enjoyable hand-painted process, and the combination of the Angel face and the Devil's figure was unforgettable. This may be the effect of the poster, which is to capture the eye. The creation, drawing on the work style of the poster Ted Withers, combines the complete drawing with the sketch to form a unique contrast effect, very vivid. Finally complete the diagram: 1. Run Photoshop 7 software

Tencent lecture hall-lean Design

concepts, it is not easy to describe concrete things. This is exactly the case. In the communication process, designers should return to the image if they want to express their intentions in a specific way. The best way to describe an image is to draw a sketch. The role of a sketch is different from that of a formal design draft. The purpose of using a sketch

Super-detailed illustration tutorial

Hello everyone, I am very happy to share with you the creation process of the two little Bai Zhenchuan works. This time I want to create two fantastic works-heaven believers and the messenger of hell. A believer in heaven is an upright person after his death, and his soul will enter the heaven where God lives to become an angel. This is a symbol of peace and purity. After the death of the wicked, the messenger of hell will be judged by God, it becomes

Use pyenv and pyenv-virtualenv in mac to manage multiple versions of python.

Use pyenv and pyenv-virtualenv in mac to manage multiple versions of python.0. System Version Angel :~ $ More/System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion. plist 1. Install homebrew Open the terminal and enter the following command to install homebrew. Angel :~ $ Ruby-e "$ (curl-fsSL )" Test whether the installation is successfu

Go deep into your life

poet was born in the pain, and the hero rose in the pain. In this secular society, it is not after suffering that a person finds his own value to see the true face of his life. The soul of a person is elevated by pain, and the body is tortured by pain. Therefore, the wise man only treats the suffering and does not have the suffering. They regard pain as an indispensable season in life. When it comes, they spread the seeds of success and report a happy smile when it leaves. In the world, the dep

PS Draw long hair flying fantasy beauty Illustration Coloring Tutorial

Hello everyone, I am very glad to be here to share with you the creative process of two small white works. This time I want to create two pieces with fantastic colors--"believers in Heaven" and "The Angel of Hell". The believer in Heaven is the death of a righteous man, whose soul is to enter into the heaven where God resides and become an angel, a symbol of peace and purity; the

[Post] a hacker's investor guide

to build another Silicon Valley. I think it is important for rich people and people with top technologies, that is, investors and entrepreneurs. These people are the core of technology production, and others will follow. To be specific, I think investors are bottlenecks. Not only do they invest a lot in startup companies, but the simpler reason is that they are reluctant to move. They are very rich. They will not be able to run because abkuki (the famous therapeutic site) has a small group of h

Chinese angel investment without a retreat

Angel investment in China is still in the embryonic period, during which China's angel investment is not clear, not only investors are not rare, the maturity of the investment concept, investment operation mode is not very clear, this is China's national conditions. But the investment in China to form a sound investment system, angel investment is definitely not

Appreciation of Leonardo da Vinci's paintings Why does everyone love Leonardo da Vinci?

Why does everyone love Da Vinci? Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452 on April 15. Not only is he a talented artist, he has also contributed to anatomy, engineering, biology, Mathematics and architecture. His inventions and discoveries were found far beyond his own time. As Leonardo da Vinci said, "The most sublime pleasure is to enjoy the pleasure of exploring the world." "The BBC Culture has opened a column for viewers to talk about what they love about Leonardo da Vinci, and explain why." The f

On the writing of injection vulnerabilities in MySQL statements

SQL injection with MySQLThe author of this article: AngelArticle Nature: OriginalRelease Date: 2004-09-16This article has been published in the "Hacker defense" July issue, reproduced please specify. As a result of writing for a long time, withTechnologyProgress, I also found that the article has a lot of mistakes and wordy places. Please see the Master do not laugh. This article is written one months before "Advanced SQL injection with MySQL". Statement This article is only used for teaching pu

The best fairy tale master in the world in April 2, also my favorite writer Hans Christian Andersen's birthday

Andersen :( 1805, 4, 2-1875,8, 4) So far, the best fairy tale master in the world is also my favorite writer. His fairy tale has truly reached the realm of "reading at the same time for the six-and sixty-year-olds. Andersen, full name Hans Christian Andersen. This is because of the small town of ordense in central Denmark. He has created many types of literature, but he is famous for his fairy tales in the world. He has written 168 fairy tales in his life. For the first time, he developed the "f

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this parameter, you can access the attributes and methods of the "this" object, but cannot assign values to this parameter. In the general object language, this in the method body code can be omitted. By default, Members are "self" first. But JavaScript is different. Because there is no "self", this cannot be omitted when accessing the "this" object!JavaScript provides multiple forms and means to pass this parameter, such as BillGates. whoAmI () and SteveJobs. whoAmI () is the most formal form

Learn sketch--from the beginning of the zero-step article

This article turns from from zero to the beginning of Learning sketch--Advanced ChapterSketch is a vector drawing application, and vector drawing is undoubtedly the best way to make Web pages, icons, and interface designs today.With the initial knowledge of sketch's interface layout and basic tools, we can begin to get into the higher-order sketch tool-based learning. T

Internship Angel First Experience (1)

Some time ago to participate in the financing process of several friends, and angel investors have contact, feel very interesting. Recently, we have the opportunity to represent several traditional industry friends who want to net contact with entrepreneurial projects, from the position of investors to participate in the project, have a few experience, write down. one. The private idle capital is the angel

C #-An unhandled exception of Type 'System. stackoverflowexception 'occurred in msco

Document directory Answers All replies An unhandled exception of Type 'System. stackoverflowexception 'occurred in mscorlib. dll in C # Monday, February 11,200 amramyanaidu0Sign in to voteHiI have classes property and sketch in htis property will be linked to skecth classAnd foure different classes which R linked to the skecth classAnd two generic list one is for skecth and other is for data of type objectWhen I run the program I iam grtting t

Understanding the JavaScript finishing page 1/2 _ javascript skills

the "self" of other programming languages. This is a put-down "self", which is a unique world view of JavaScript.Object sketch I have already talked about many topics, but I forgot to discuss a basic question: how to create objects?In the previous example, we have involved object creation. We use a form called JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), which translates into Chinese as "JavaScript Object Notation ".JSON provides a very simple method for creat

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