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Your first Progressive Web App

What is Progressive Web App?Progressive Web Apps are: Progressive Enhancement -enables every user to use whatever browser the user uses, as it is always the principle of progressive

[IO PWA] keynote:launching a Progressive Web App on

Mainly about Material design (effects/colors/flashy stuff) Components (web Components/polymer) Offline/notifications (Service worker/idb/firebase) Progressive Web App: HTTPS Add to Home screen Splash screen Service worker notifications, BG Sync Offline

PWA (Progressive Web App) Getting Started series: (ii) related preparation

) Or go through the menu bar Panel descriptionTo develop PWA, our main use is the application panel. including manifest debugging, Service worker debugging, cache debugging, etc., will be explained in detail in the following chapters. SummarizeThis article mainly on the post-learning, in the development of tools and development environment to do the groundwork, to facilitate the learning behind. Blog name: Wang Leping Blog CSDN Blog Address: http://blog.csdn.n

The Web App example of the api+angular development of watercress which is worth learning to collect

Recently paid attention to the next Watercress API, found that watercress open platform to strengthen the API document writing AH .... But there's a welcome discovery. Watercress V2 Interface provides a search interface. Recently in the use of phantom to get some reptiles, think, really beautiful! There is a watercress interface, I do not have to crawl data, no data storage, throw to GitHub page directly finished. Watercress, nice! recently also see angular

Building a Web App with ASP. NET Core, MVC, Entity Framework Core, Bootstrap, and Angular

things appeared.The title just give a great list of what we should learn when do. NET core development.I also understand the difference between angular and the react. Both of them is in great relation with JavaScript. There is an example to discript them, angular is a car, and the react was just an engine. It is just.So my conclusion was that:In normal-just to practice them:ASP. NET core, MVC, Entity Frame

HTML5 app development for Web cloud: Browser&html5&css3&phonegap&jquery mobile& websocket&node.js (2 days)

Development engineerL Android Project managerL Android ArchitectL HTML5 System Architecture and developersFour , student base1) with Java Foundation;2) have C and C + + foundation better;3) All the understanding of the design pattern will be of great benefit to improving the listening effect;Five , training methodsFor 3 days, this course covers Android's underlying, Android HAL, Android Runtime, Android Framework, Android Native Service, Android Bind

Redis Real-Life notes (2)-2nd. Building a web App using Redis

user browses the page, the program stores the user's login hash. The information inside is updated and the user's token and current timestamp are added to the ordered collection of the most recently logged-in user; If a user is browsing a product page, the program also adds the item to the ordered collection of items that the user has recently browsed and trims the ordered set when the number of items recorded exceeds 25. 3. Because the memory required to store session data is increasing over t

Android Web App official documentation translation Chapter 2: screen adaptation

affects the page size, figure 2 shows a web page where the web page contains an image of 320 pixels in width, however, the width of viewport is set to 400.Note: If the width of the viewport matches the page width and the screen size of the device does not match the size, the web page will still occupy the entire scree

"Mobile web Front end efficient development" note 2--using Gulp to build a ECMAScript 6 and Sass app

, with the following installation commands:NPM Install Gulp.spritesmith–save-devThen create the task in the Gulpfile.js file with the following code:var spritesmith = require (' Gulp.spritesmith '); Introduction of Sprite Plugin Gulp.task ("Sprite", function () { //define Task gulp.src ("theme/images/**.png") // Process the PNG file under the theme directory . Pipe (Spritesmith ({

Web page Open Desktop app (WinForm that EXE program)------2. Practice

1. First create a new WinForm program (assuming the project), generated under (otherwise I did not add any code)2. Create a new packaging project (the kind of other InstallShield you study)The process of packaging self-Baidu, here only in detail to change the part of the registration form(1) HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT on the right->new->key and then the name can pick up I'm called Test here(2) New two keys (i.e. fol

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