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[Angularfire] Angular File uploads to Firebase Storage with Angular control value accessor

The upload class is used in the service layer. Notice it has a constructorfilefor attribute, and which has a type ofFile. This would allows us to initialize new uploads with a JavaScript File object. You'll see what's important in the next step. export class Upload { $key: string; file:File; name:string; url:string; progress:number; createdAt: Date = new Date(); constructor(file:File) { this.file = file; } } Then build the upload service, which can inject to compo

How to Use Angular CLI to generate an Angular 5 Project tutorial, angularcli

How to Use Angular CLI to generate an Angular 5 Project tutorial, angularcli If you are using angular but do not make good use of angular cli, you can refer to this article. Angular CLI official site:

[Angular Tutorial] 0-bootstraping

In this section of the tutorial, you will gradually become familiar with the most important source code files for the Angularjs phonecat app. You will also learn how to bind the development server with Angular-seed and run the app in the browser.Before you continue, make sure that you have set up your development environment and installed all the necessary dependencies, as described here.Under the

Angular series------ANGULARJS Introductory Tutorial: Introduction and Preparation (reprint)

tutorial project, or to download the mirrored archive compression package for this tutorial project source files directly from the Web. You need to install node. js and Testacular to run the project, download and install the latest version of the node. JS official website, then add the node executable path to the system environment variable and PATH run the command at the command line to see if the ins

[Angular Tutorial] Turorial

(Note: I have seen in the "Dare not Stop" book, the author believes that the best way to learn a technology is to translate a field of books, I decided to do a trial, then spend about 1 months or so, the angular tutorial in the Phonecat sample all translated once, This of course more is to hope that they can get a raise, try to do the best, of course, quality is difficult to guarantee, all the proper nouns

[Angular Tutorial] 3-filtering repeaters

input, the iterator efficiently updates the DOM to reflect the state of the current data model.Use of the filter filter: The filter function uses the value of query to create a list of worthy phones that contain only those matching the query.• The ngrepeat automatically updates the view by changing the number of calls returned by the filter filter, which is completely transparent to the developer.SummarizeWe've added a full-text search, so let's go to the next step to learn how to add sorting t

[Angular Tutorial] 1-static Template

To illustrate how angular expands the standard HTML, you will create a purely static HTML page and see how we can translate these HTML code into templates that angular dynamically display.In this step you will add the basic information of two phones in an HTML page.• This page now contains a list of basic information for two phones.The most important differences are listed below and you can click here to vi

[Angular Tutorial] 8-templating Links & Images

{{phone id} bindings are used in element attributes. {{ tag, Also block to an illegal URL ( http: //localhost:8000/{{phone.imageurl}} ) Send the request. If we just use an ordinary SRC tag, this step will be executed. By using NGSRC instruction , we blocked the browser from sending HTTP requests to illegal destinations. SummarizeNow that you've added images and links to your phone, let's move on to the next step to learn angular la

Oracle OAM implements Angular JS front-end application SSO Single Sign-On tutorial, oamsso

Oracle OAM implements Angular JS front-end application SSO Single Sign-On tutorial, oamsso Background: With the development of the front-end framework, many front-end applications use Angular JS to implement front-end portals. How to Use OAM to implement a single point of failure for front-end portals is a problem. As we all know, it is much simpler to implement

[Angular Tutorial] 12-event handlers

alters the value of the mainimageurl .Component templatesapp/phone-detail/phone-detail.template.html:... We will ngsrc directive is bound to $ctrl . mainimageurl property. We also used a sketch to register a Ngclick processor. 。 When the user clicks on one of the sketches, the processor will use $ctrl setimage () method callback to $ctrl . mainimageurl property is changed to the URL of the selected sketch. Experiment• Similar to the ngclick directive, this directive binds the

Angular series----Angularjs Getting Started Tutorial 00: Boot program (reprint)

We are now ready to write the ANGULARJS application--phonecat. This step (step 0), you will be familiar with the important source code files, learn to launch the development environment containing the ANGULARJS seed project, and run the app on the browser side. Enter the Angular-phonecat directory and run the following command:git checkout -f step-0This command resets the working directory of the Phonecat project, and it is recommended that y

[Angular Tutorial] 10-more templating

properties of each phone. We'll show the data in the phone details view.Component ControllerWe will use the $http service to extend the controller of the phonedetail component to get the correct JSON file, which is the same as the controller of the phonelist Module (' Phonedetail '). Component (' Phonedetail ', { templateurl: ' phone-detail/phone-detail.template.html ', controller: [' $http ', ' $routeParams ', function

Angular JS Filter notes (go from rookie tutorial)

1. Uppercase,lowercase Case Conversion{{' lower cap string '|}} //Result: LOWER CAP STRING{{"TANK is good"|}} //Result: Tank is good 2. Date format{{1490161945000| date:"Yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss"}}//2017-03-22 13:52:25 3, number formatting (keep decimals){{149016.1945000| number:2}} 4. Currency Currency format{{]|}} //Result: $250.00{{] | currency:"Rmb¥"}}//Result: rmb¥250.00 5. Filter LookupInput filters can be added to the directive with a pipe character (|) and a filter followed by a

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