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ASP. NET Core 2.1 Web API + Identity Server 4 + Angular 6 + Angular Material Combat Small Project Video

the creation of the ASP. Resource Model, AutoMapper, fluentvalidation Implementing a back-end get A brief introduction to rest and a simple implementation of get Page flipping, filtering, sorting, etc. Get plasticity, HATEOAS, custom media Type POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, entity validation The second part, build the Identity Server 4 project, add the MVC client (for testing) Introduction to OAuth 2.0 OpenId Connect (optional) Access to protected API resour

ANDROID l--material Design Details (themes and layouts)

undertake two layouts or different functions of the conversionZ Axis:The new z-axis concept has been added to the previous x, Y axis in Android l, with the z-axis to make more stereoscopic controls.To adjust the height of the z-axis according to the button stateby setting a different z-axis for each view in the layout, you can make the layout more stereoscopic and highlight the focus. Compatibility:To accommodate the changes in material design, the l

Go Angular 4|5 Material Dialog with Example

:sending Data to the Dialog ComponentTo is able to send or more accurately share data with the dialog component, you can use the data option to pass D Ata: openDialog() { const dialogConfig = new MatDialogConfig(); = "some data"; let dialogRef =, dialogConfig); }You can also pass objects instead of the simple string = { name: "some name"};For accessing shared data in your dialog component, you need to use the MAT

ANDROID l--material Design Details (UI controls)

Reprint Please indicate this article from Big Corn's blog ( ), thank you for your support! Android L:Google has confirmed that Android L is Android Lollipop (5.0). The previous few days found that the Android5.0 version of the SDK was ready to download, and that the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, the first to be powered by the Android L system, were also coming soon.So it's time to start learning Android L!About Android L How to configure the simulator and create a project,

Android l-Material Design (UI control) and androidui

Android l-Material Design (UI control) and androidui Reprinted please indicate this article from the blog of the big glutinous rice ( Thank you for your support! Android L: Google has confirmed that Android L is Android Lollipop (5.0 ). A few days ago, we found that the official version of Android sdk can be downloaded, and the first Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 equipped with t

"Material Design Visual Design Language" UI Component Designer (iv): Table

example, editing an existing text content, or adding a comment). Include editable fields in the table, prompted by using placeholder text. You can use a simple edit dialog box with just one text box, or you can display a complete dialog component. The placeholder text looks like this: Placeholder text: 13sp roboto regular,26% Black, no split line in text box 2.4.1 Small Edit dialog boxHow to design a small edit dialog box: Aligns the edges of the dialog box with the

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