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7 Free ebook for learning Angularjs

E-books can give us a structured and organized way to learn new knowledge. Learning Angularjs is the same. The best thing about it now is that there are a lot of practical exercises in the ebook that help us understand various aspects.Let's explore AngularJS in the following 7 books-some are comprehensive, some are interesting, all books are highly readable, and

How to download the ebook ebook download process

  Steps/Methods First, search the search site for an ebook website Then open an ebook website First of all to find their own to download the book, generally each page has a search address, input in the address of the book name can be, if you like to see the list of books can also go to the list of the site to find, there is a category can be searched. Here we take the Dragon stab as an example, first c

Released the. NET dependency injection ebook beta version and ebook

Released the. NET dependency injection ebook beta version and ebook For the first time, I do not know whether traditional Chinese can be used. If not, please forgive me. I can use a tool to paste it into simplified Chinese. This is a new book message, which is forwarded from another blog. I want to know if there are friends interested in this topic. Book progressThis book has been releasedBeta, The progr

Kindle ebook-related tool software "turn"

This is the tool software associated with the Kindle ebook. They can help us solve the problems we may encounter when using e-books on a daily basis, such as the Kindle management tool, the Kindle conversion tool, the Kindle ebook maker, the Kindle push tool, etc., to manage ebooks, push e-books, convert ebook formats, modify e-book covers, Add e-book fonts, hack

Free Download of Linux ebook

Free Download of Linux ebook Linux ebook Free Download Hardening Linux ebook Free Download Linux cookbook ebook Free Download Linux on the mainframe ebook Free Download Linux unwired ebook Free Download Linux: phrasebook

Computer Open ebook Summary

Reproduced from, if there is infringement please contact me in time.An open book is a book for public Domain, Creative Common, and some open source software protocols (MIT, Apache, GPL, and so on). When I go to the forums or when I'm on GitHub, I see a good open ebook that will save the link to a page on my blog. But more links, find it is particularly inconvenient, so alone to do such a website.The books are now ma

How to download an ebook to a mobile phone? e-Book Download tutorial

Mobile devices are now used more and more, and most mobile devices are supporting novel reading, which also led to mobile phone novel users, MP3 novel users, the use of mobile phones or mobile devices to read the novel is no ordinary thing, but the author found that there are still many friends do not know how to download e-books, Below the editor to introduce with the novice friend. How to download an ebook to a mobile phone? The problem seems simpl

Booktrack Classroom (Audio ebook)

650) this.width=650; "src=" "border=" 0 " Class= "Shadow" alt= "Booktrack Classroom (Audio ebook)" style= "border:0px;vertical-align:middle;margin-bottom:0px;"/>Plugin Introduction:Booktrack is an audio-reading ebook that combines music and ambient sound to create an unprecedented reading experience for users. He has an important functio

Android custom control ebook flip Effect

Author: Wallace Wang Email: Disclaimer: This article is my original work and is only for learning and use. Reprinted address: Http:// : Book. Java file: Package com. Book; import Android. App. activity; Import Android. OS. Bundle; Import Android. util. log; Import Android. View. view; Import Android. widget. imageview; public class Book extends activity { /** Called when the activity is first created .*/

Kindle ebook Conversion azw3 mobi

When you download an ebook in AZW3 format and push it to the Kindle via email, the email will be sent back to the unsupported format, so the AZW format needs to be converted to Mobi format.See the conversion method on the Kindle companion onlineConvert the AZW3 format to the Mobi format and keep the original typesetting format one, prepare the softwareCalibre Download: Http:// Download: Http://

Three steps to make an encrypted ebook

The biggest drawback of e-books is the inability to effectively protect copyright, which anyone can freely view and copy, which is certainly unacceptable for users trying to sell e-books over the internet. Can e-books have some use restrictions like shareware? Recently, I found a very good encryption ebook maker--ebook Studio (download address It can use password protection, reading time and number of expir

Introduction to Java Mobile design ebook open download (from CSDN)

program | design | Download title Introduction to Java Mobile phone design ebook Open DownloadMoli (original) keyword phone Java Hand program design into the door to download Hello everyone, recently a reader came to me and said that he could not buy one of my books: Java Hand Program design into the gate/August 2001 known City Digital publishing After I actually went to Heaven 瓏 Book Bureau, the light business and a few books bureau inspection, ce

Multi-mode ebook, or multi-mode reader?

Ma JianEmail:[email protected]Published: 2013.02.02At present, the electronic version of the novel on the PC, many are made with HP software multi-mode ebook, of course, the final release format may be CHM or EXE. The main features of this ebook are: When reading, there are many sets of templates for the reader to choose from, including background color/pattern, font, size, etc., which is the origi

Android custom Control ebook Implementation of the book effect of the example detailed _android

The example of this article describes the Android custom control ebook the way to achieve the effect of flipping books. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Effect Chart: file: Package; Import; Import Android.os.Bundle; Import Android.util.Log; Import Android.view.View; Import Android.widget.ImageView; The public class book extends activity {/** Called when the ' activity is '

How to read Ebook?

How to read Ebook? -- Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. For details, refer to the following section. The chm book has been conquered. What should I do with the ebook? How to read Ebook? Find a way-use Wine in Linux, but I don't want to use wine. Is there any other way? Please advise: 0wl; l1

Boutique Software recommended ebook converter EPUB to PDF Converter

Epub to PDF Converter is an easy-to-use ebook converter that converts a document in epub format into a PDF file for all types of reading devices.Epubor epub2pdf Converter Software has built-in transformation configurations for many reading devices, including Amazon (Kindle), Apple (Ipad/iphone), Nook, Kobo, Sony eReader, etc. You can also customize the output device to set the page size, page width, page height, margins and other parameters of the PDF

(GO) CHM format ebook Open is a blank solution

When we download the CHM format e-book from the network to the local, open to find the CHM format ebook to the right of the directory is normal, but the CHM format of e-book content is a blank situation, many times we think it is poisoned, but with anti-virus software can not be killed, In fact, many times this is not a CHM format e-book toxic or corrupt. This is just a security strategy for the system.Workaround A1. Double-click the

Focussend Latest Ebook: A new idea of intelligent marketing using relational database

Absrtact: In e-commerce, finance, tourism and other services, there are many e-mail marketing staff to create relevant mail to the user, if you are engaged in this industry, you may think that bulk delivery is the only choice, but this is only a myth-Foccusend Task relational database in the mail marketing integration is an effective solution, the use of relational database to attract the user's thinking will be a new normal.Domestic top-level membership mail Service provider focussend the lates

Angularjs $httppost data to PHP receive questions ANGULARJS 2.0 Angularjs video tutorial angularjs directive

Recently learned Angularjs, found using its own $ back to PHP to send data, PHP received the problem. Like what: $http. Post ("php/getroleright.php", {rr: $scope. Currselect}). Success (function (response) {·});PHP usage $_post[' RR ']Cannot receive the passed-over parameters. Open Firebug found actually success, tossing the long time only found that it is only the format of transmission and ordinary transmission format such as the $.post

Pages how to make epub format ebook

cases we need pictures to fill the screen. Unfortunately, the size of the picture in the e-book generated by Pages is not adaptive to the screen but is fixed in size. To keep the picture out of bounds, the recommended format for the picture is horizontally centered and about 200pt x 300pt wide. Cover picture It's still the beginning of the document. Insert a new page, copy and paste the prepared cover picture, resize the picture to fill the entire page. Set alignment to vertical/horizontal ce

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