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9 Methods to Improve AngularJS performance and 9 angularjs Performance

', function () {}) command, which is almost the same as the third parameter, only check the first layer of Object Attributes at a low cost. 8. Use console. time for debugging If your application is trying to debug the problem and affects Angular performance, you need to use console. time, which is a good API. 9. Unbind ng-model You can unbind the input ng-model. For example, you must use ng-model-options = "{debounce: 250}" for anti-binding search input like Google }". This allows it to detect t

Selenium private kitchen Series 8-fun selenium server [oo]

This article mainly introduces the working principle of selenium server.Interaction ModeStart. In the first selenium RC test case, we started selenium server with the command "Java-jar selenium-server.jar". In fact, when we started selenium server, you can also add parameter

[Go] selenium Private food series 1 -- Introduction to Selenium

1. What is selenium? Selenium is a powerful open-source Web function testing tool series of throughtworks. This series now mainly includes the following four: 1. Selenium core: supports DHTML test cases (similar to data-driven tests). It is the engine of selenium IDE and selenium

[Selenium+java] Selenium Grid Tutorial:command Line and JSON Example

Original url: is Selenium Grid?Selenium Grid is a part of the Selenium Suite this specializes in running multiple tests across different browsers, Operat ing systems, and machines in parallel.The Selenium grid has

Angularjs $httppost data to PHP receive questions ANGULARJS 2.0 Angularjs video tutorial angularjs directive

Recently learned Angularjs, found using its own $ back to PHP to send data, PHP received the problem. Like what: $http. Post ("php/getroleright.php", {rr: $scope. Currselect}). Success (function (response) {·});PHP usage $_post[' RR ']Cannot receive the passed-over parameters. Open Firebug found actually success, tossing the long time only found that it is only the format of transmission and ordinary transmission format such as the $.post

Selenium Automated test environment Construction ECLIPSE+SELENIUM+JUNIT+TESTNG

1. Installing the JDKJDK1.7Download path: ' Next ', OK. Configure environment variables when installation is complete:Java_home = E:\Java\Java\jdk1.7.0_15PATH =%java_home%\binCLASSPATH =.; %java_home%\lib\dt.jar;%java_home%\lib\tools.jarCMD command-line input:java-version, returns the following result, indicating that the installation was successful2. Download Eclipse: the

Selenium detailed introduction to the Java Selenium Tutorial _java

Selenium is the most extensive web UI Automation testing framework currently in use. This series of articles will go into the brief to explain the usage of selenium. Reading Table of Contents The name of the selenium Selenium means selenium (a bit QTP the killer's meaning

Introduction to selenium-selenium RC

Selenium RC is to use programming languages to write scripts and use the selenium RC Server as a proxy server to access applications for testing. because selenium RC no longer needs to attach Firefox, it can be tested in more browsers, this is also an important issue for us to perform Web Testing (solving the important issue of testing due to browser compatibilit

What is AngularJS? AngularJS introduction _ AngularJS

This article mainly introduces what is AngularJS? AngularJS is an introduction to AngularJS, which is a framework designed for Dynamic WEB applications. It allows you to use HTML as the template language. by extending the HTML syntax, you can build your application components more clearly and concisely. For more information, see What is

Java Selenium Selenium IDE introduction and Usage _java

The Selenium IDE is a plugin in the Firefox browser that records your actions on Firefox and replays its operations. It's easy to use, but I don't think it's very useful. Reading Table of Contents Selenium IDE Introduction The role of the Selenium IDE Selenium IDE Online Installation method one

Introduction to Selenium Learning-selenium RC

Selenium RC is the use of programming language script, through the Selenium RC server as a proxy server to access the application to achieve the purpose of the test. Since Selenium RC no longer needs to be dependent on Firefox, it can be tested on a number of other browsers, And that's one of the more important things we do with web testing (solving problems that

Python + Selenium notes (11): Configure selenium Grid and pythonselenium

Python + Selenium notes (11): Configure selenium Grid and pythonselenium (1)Preface Selenium GridTests can be distributed on several physical or virtual machines to perform tests in a distributed or parallel manner. This link is an official description. Https:// (2)

Selenium Ultimate Automated test environment Construction (i) selenium+eclipse+junit+testng

SeleniumThe Ultimate Automated test Environment setup (i.)selenium+eclipse+junit+testngFirst Step InstallationJDKJDk1.7.: ' next ',OK. Configure environment variables when installation is complete:Java_home = E:\Java\Java\jdk1.7.0_15PATH =%java_home%\binCLASSPATH =.; %java_home%\lib\dt.jar;%java_home%\lib\tools.jarAfter configuring the environment variables, theCM

[Selenium+java] How to use Selenium with Python:complete Tutorial

Original URL: to use Selenium with Python:complete TutorialSelenium supports Python and thus can be utilized with Selenium for testing. Python is easy compared-to-other programming languages, has far less verbose. The Python APIs empower you-to-connect with the browser through

Selenium first Selenium installation and considerations for IDE Plugins

This article summarizes the first screenshot in the first four screenshots of selenium and gives some notes on how to use it: This article focuses on installing the selenium IDE: Reference Step: First install the Firefox browser (I started from firefox2.0). You can install a Firefox version for the Selenium IDE plugin. Seleni

[Selenium+java] How to use AutoIT with Selenium

Original URL: to use AutoIT with SeleniumSelenium is a open source tool that's designed to automate web-based applications on different browsers and to handle WI Ndow GUI and non HTML popups in application. AutoIT is required as these window based activity was not handled by Selenium.AutoIt V3 is also freeware. It uses a combination of mouse movement, keystrokes and window control manipulation to automate a task which was not possib Le by

AngularJS: the first basic AngularJS knowledge and the first angularjs

AngularJS: the first basic AngularJS knowledge and the first angularjs AngularJS learns about commands, filters, and other related content. Command AngularJS commands are extended HTML attributes with the prefix ng- 1. ng-app: Defines the root element of

[Selenium+java] How to use IntelliJ idea & Selenium Webdriver

Original URL: to use IntelliJ idea Selenium WebdriverIntellij is a IDE that helps your to write better and faster code. Intellij can used in the option to Java Bean and Eclipse.In this tutorial, you'll learn- What is IntelliJ Pre-requisites to IntelliJ with selenium webdriver How to Down

AngularJS self-learning path -- first understanding AngularJS and data binding, first understanding angularjs

AngularJS self-learning path -- first understanding AngularJS and data binding, first understanding angularjsWhat is AngularJS? AngularJS official documentation introduces it in this way. Client technologies fully written in JavaScript. It works with other long-history Web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) to ma

AngularJS getting started tutorial (2): AngularJS template _ AngularJS

This article mainly introduces AngularJS getting started tutorial (2): AngularJS template. This is the third article in the series. This series will use a project to explain how to use AngularJS, for more information about the dynamic features of these webpages, see AngularJS! Here we have added a test for the Controll

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