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Word question note and cross-reference

Assume that you have written a 300-page document with 100 illustrations, and the illustrations have been labeled as "Figure 1" and "Figure 2. At this time, I suddenly found that I want to modify the image. I still inserted a picture between the two

Chapter 5 of "dark time" Reading Notes-some of my study habits

5. Some of my study habits have always been with me. (1) learning and thinking 3. Take Reading Notes. One is to summarize the thoughts (including flashings) You have read, and the other is to extract the good examples from the book. (This habit

Linux Study Notes 2-linux basic commands and Study Notes 2-linux

Linux Study Notes 2-linux basic commands and Study Notes 2-linux   First blog: linux Study Notes 1-ubuntu installation and basic settings, has introduced how to install the linux operating system and some basic settings and modifications. This blog

Notes 20180508:java keywords and identifiers for Basic program design structures

After we have successfully written the HelloWorld, we also have a deep understanding of the main function, and mentioned that main is not a keyword, but what is the keyword? This is actually the chapter to study the content, this section of the

Vim usage notes

The followingArticleThe use of the vim editor is summarized and comprehensive.Vim Study Notes 1. Display row number informationInstant commands: Set nuPermanent commandEcho "Set Nu"> ~ /. Vimrc 2. Two documents for one window operation: SP

mysql-Brief description

ClassificationThe installation development sequence is divided into: Web-based database Hierarchical database relational database Object-oriented database Mainstream: relational databaserelational databaseTransaction

Reprint: NOR Flash erase and Principle analysis

1. NOR FLASH's Brief introductionNor FLASH is a very common kind of memory chip, the data power loss will not be lost. Nor flash supports execute on chip, which means that programs can be executed directly on the flash slice (meaning that programs

Good books read together (85): Algorithmic notes

I've seen two algorithmic books, algorithms and introduction to algorithms.The previous one was easy to read, the content was basically overlapping with the university data structure course, the sample code was written in Java, the learning curve

Notes about SuSELinux9.0 Professional Edition

For details about how to use SuSELinux9.0 Professional Edition-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application, see the following. Notes on SuSE Linux 9.0 Professional Edition RedHat and Mandrake are the most common Release versions of

Emacs Novice Notes (i)--read "Emacs Tutorial"

"Emacs Tutorial" is an introductory material familiar with Emacs. Altogether dozens of orders, do not need hard to remember, can practice Turn command :c-v: Move one screen forwardm-v: Move backward one screenc-l: Redraw the screen and

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