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Example of ansible compiling httpd playbook, ansibleplaybook

Example of ansible compiling httpd playbook, ansibleplaybook The following is the content of the playbook. The process is as follows: 1. First, a total of 3 .tar.gz files are downloaded in the local directory of apr, apr-util, and httpd. 2. decompress the three files. 3. Install the pcre and pcre-devel dependency packa

Ansible Compiling httpd Playbook Example

-util--with-apr=/usr/local/Apr Make Make Install-name:complie httpd Shell:|CD/root/httpd-2.4. - ./configure--prefix=/usr/local/apache--sysconfdir=/etc/Apache--enable-mpms-shared= All--with-z--with-Pcre--with-apr=/usr/local/Apr--with-apr-util=/usr/local/apr-util--with-mpm=Event Make Make InstallAfter compiling, there are a series of actions, such as setting the PATH environment variable, setting the man path, modifying the configuration file, starting httpd, and so on. The

The playbook of 3.3 ansible

detects changes that may occur, but does not actually perform the operation–list-hosts List the hosts running the task–limit host list is only performed for hosts in the host list-V Show procedure-VV-VVV more details ExampleAnsible-playbook file.yml--check Detection onlyAnsible-playbook file.ymlAnsible-playbook file.yml--limit Websrvs

Automated O & M-ansible (Part 3: playbook Introduction)

variablesGroup variables are variables that can be directly used in palybook by setting hi to a specified host, such: [aaa-vars] 3) group nestingGroups in inventory can also be nested in other groups, or you can specify variables to the hosts in the group, but these variables can only be used in ansible-playbook tools, direct use of the

Ansible playbook component, ansibleplaybook

execute, and handlers defines which calls Processor Is a simple example: How can I run my defined scripts? Use the ansible-playbook command, for example, ansible-playbook/root/first.

Ansible Playbook Detailed

The previous article introduced the installation configuration and example of Ansible: following article mainly introduces Ansible's playbook, playbook is equivalent to the module or function written into the configuration file, and then we execute the configuration f

Ansible-playbook how to judge and interrupt execution

Meet a demand today when using Ansible-playbook after executing a script, according to the content returned by the script to determine whether to continue execution or break execution, query official website found using Register Register can be used to achieve the recording script output, using when+ Fail module to determine whether to proceed or break down, here is a simple

Linux Nine Yin canon of nine yin Bones claw fragment 5 (ansible usage two playbook and YAML syntax)

.YAML file extension is usually yml or YamlIntroduction to YAML Syntax:ListList: Lists, all of whose elements begin with "-"Example:# A List of tasty fruits–apple–orange–strawberry–mangoDictionaryDictionary: A dictionary, usually consisting of multiple keys and valueExample:—# an Employee recordName:example DeveloperJob:developerSkill:eliteYou can also place key:value in {} to represent, separating multiple key:valueExample:—# an Employee record{name:

Ansible-playbook Basic Use (iii)

Example:1, Ping module all CCE Group host survival rate[[email protected] ~]# ansible cce-m Ping2. Execute commands with command[Email protected] ~]# ansible cce-m command-a ' cat/etc/redhat-release '3. Execute commands using shell module[Email protected] ~]#

Ansible Playbook API Development Call test

,'skipped':0,'OK':2,'changed':1,'Failures':0}}Third, Java calls Python program for playbook executionUse Java to invoke Python for Java execution playbookTest.java1;2 3;4 5;6 7;8 9 Public classtest{Ten One Public Static voidMain (String args[])throwsioexception{ A -String command= "python/o

Variable definitions and references in Ansible playbook

single host-defined variable value of 2 to define variables by Host_vars and Group_vars directories The/etc/ansible/directory is the ansible default profile directory on a Linux system (the default configuration directory for Mac Systems is/usr/local/etc/ansible/), where Host_vars and Group_ are created in this directory VARs Two directories are used to store fi

Ansible automated O & M playbook explanation and experience (1)

Playbook-Introduction: Playbooks is a mode different from the ansible command line execution mode, and its functions are more powerful and flexible. In simple terms, playbook is a very simple configuration management and multi-host deployment system. Unlike any existing mode, it can be used as a suitable basis for depl

Ansible-playbook Script Foundation (i)

Ansible's script is written in the Yaml language, with the following basic syntax: Basic syntax:1. Case2, the same level to be aligned, indentation representation level3, indentation is not allowed to use the TAB key4, the indentation of the number of spaces does not stipulate that the same element can be distinguished Supported Data Structures:1. Object: A set of key-value pairs, also known as a map/hash/dictionaryExample: Name:example key: Value2, array: A set of

Ansible study record five: Playbook study

Service startup script│└──tasks------> Task Item List│├──JDK.YML---> JDK task List│├──MAIN.YML---> Mission portal│└──TOMCAT.YML---->TOMCAT Task List├──SITE.YML ansible Playbook Executive Portal├── Batch installation shell.└── Tomcat Installation test scriptAnsible Roles Complete Example:[Email protected]

Ansible Value Playbook

foo /bin/foo- name : Placeholder Bar /bin/barPlaybook file used: PLAYBOOK.YMLtasks: # using include to reference the functionality of MultiplexingRoleRole: Ansible custom good standard specification, with different levels of directory hierarchy and files on the role, variables, tasks, handlers, etc. to split, for the subsequent function expansion, maintainability lay the foundation.Cases:Take the above nginx.yml as an

Python-ansible api2.0 Multi-Process execution of different playbook

Automated operations Tools: ansible Application scenario for multi-process call Ansible API: Application System Check An application system may have a cluster of 20-50 servers, and a preliminary system-level check can be checked with a unified playbook, such as (Df-h command). But deep into the applicati

Ansible-playbook manual compilation and installation of nginx

Although nginx can also be installed through yum, how can I use the source code package to install and enable some nginx functional modules, and send them to the managed cluster through ansible? The following provides a specific example for the bit viewer for reference. First, we need to manually compile an nginx server as a template, and then use roles role management to decouple it and deliver it to the m

Ansible Study Notes 7-playbooks implementation of a playbook

Perform a playbookThe above sections already have a preliminary understanding of Playbook's syntax, so how do you run a playbook?This is very simple, here's an example of running playbook in parallel, the level of parallelism is 10Ansible-playbook Playbook.yml-f 10Ansible-pull (pull configuration rather than push confi

How to extend playbook with the lookup_plugins plug-in ansible O & M tool

Frontier: ansible are all good, so let's talk about lookup plugins this plugin. Lookup_plugins is mainly used to implement extensions of various strings and variables within the extended playbook. For me personally, the use is not too big, but looked at the official Lookup_plugins extension list, there are some ideas. When you first use lookup, you encounter a problem where the data in {lookup}} is

Cluster O & M automation tool ansible uses playbook to install mysql_MySQL

Cluster O M automation tool ansible uses playbook to install mysql Cluster Last time I introduced how to use ansible playbook to install the zabbix client (, this time I introduced how to use playbook to install mysql. The following

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