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Ansible module-lineinfile example, ansible-lineinfile

Ansible module-lineinfile example, ansible-lineinfileLineinfile module details The lineinfile module is similar to the sed tool in linux, but the articles on the Internet generally only have simple instances, and there are no examples of complicated points. The following is

Ansible Module Learning

=/tmp" copy the entire directory The remote server will generate the app's directory192.168.1.61 | FAILED >> {"Failed": true,"Md5sum": "5d0cb5573fa5ead11bfcc701a2bb0551","MSG": "Aborting, Target uses selinux but Python bindings (libselinux-python) aren ' t installed!"} | FAILED >> {"Failed": true,"Md5sum": "5d0cb5573fa5ead11bfcc701a2bb0551","MSG": "Aborting, Target uses selinux but Python bindin

Automated Operation Koriyuki ansible application Base module (Super detail)

Ansible is a framework structure that works based on modules. The bulk deployment capability is implemented by the modules that are run by ansible. In short, Ansible is based on "modules" to accomplish various "tasks". The basic syntax for Ansible Common Core module modules

The difference between Shell module and command module in Ansible

One of the most important functions in ansible is the ability to execute AD-HOC commands, and some people may not understand the meaning of the word ad-hoc, which means instant meaning, or arbitrary meaning.In contrast to the Ansible playbook function, playbook is suitable for batch deployment environments and is generally not frequently changed. The Ad-hoc command applies to operational scenarios such as b

Ansible module command, Shell, Raw, script

Environment:Ansible End:ip:[Email protected] ansible]# Pwd/etc/ansible[[email protected] ansible]# cat Hosts[testservers][[email protected] ansible]#1. Comma

Common ansible module usage

Common ansible module usage Ansible provides many modules by default. In Linux, we can run the ansible-doc-l command to check which modules are supported by ansible, you can use the ansible-doc-s

Ansible Module Introduction

Command module:The 1:command module executes the command on the remote node:The command module is followed by the commands to be executed, and the arguments to the command are separated by spaces. The specified command executes on the selected node. The command is not executed through the shell, so environment variables such as $home and some operators (1 chdir switch to the specified directory before runni

Ansible (12) file module, ansible12file Module

Ansible (12) file module, ansible12file ModuleFile Module Before the ansible command line, there was a copy module. In the era of playbook, there was also a module dedicated to copying files. Of course, this era is not just as sim

Ansible Setup module to obtain server hardware, software information examples

Development CMDB, in addition to record the server's account password, but also need to record the server hardware and software information, if the use of manual records, if the server is large, the workload is relatively large, so I need to be able to automatically obtain this information method, I used the ansible to get, Ansible with the Setup module, you can

Ansible is an example of the method used by the python module library.

Ansible is a pythonpackage and is a complete unpackandplay software. The only requirement on the client is that ssh has python and python is installed with the python-simplejson package, which is easy to deploy to the terminal. This article will introduce ansible as a method example for python module library. you can refer to it for reference.

Ansible methods used as a Python module library

Ansible is a python package, is a complete unpack and play software, the only requirement for clients is that SSH has python, and python-simplejson packages, deployment simple to heinous. The following article will give you the main introduction of Ansible as a Python module library use of the method example, the need for friends can reference. Objective

Ansible for network device management Part 2 for JINJA2 YAML and module understanding

Although I do not want to use the word "should", but it is still written, and indeed I myself now so understand.So this understanding is that a key point of ansible is the total one playbook is to rely on a lot of elements, like in the beginning of that picture, such asIt's all about it. Whether it is a yml file or a Jinja2 file, the inside of these files must be closely related to ansible, and the reason w

Ansible series (9) Copy module, ansiblecopy

Ansible series (9) Copy module, ansiblecopyCopy Module The role of the copy module in ansible is to copy the files on the ansible Execution Machine to a remote node.The opposite operation of the fetch module.Common

Ansible Series (9) Copy module

Copy ModuleThe role of the copy module in Ansible is to copy the files on the ansible execution machine to the remote node.The reverse operation of the fetch module.Common module parameters Name of parameter whether you must Default Value Options Description Src

Ansible series (9) Copy Module

Ansible series (9) Copy ModuleCopy Module The role of the copy module in ansible is to copy the files on the ansible Execution Machine to a remote node.The opposite operation of the fetch module.Common module Parameters P

ansible Command and Raw module

Command ModuleThe command module is the ansible default module, the command module is used when the-m parameter is not specified;Comand modules are simple, common commands can be used, but the execution of their commands is not performed through the shell, so, such as "Example: displaying the current user[[email protec

Ansible's shell and script module

Using the shell module, the remote command is executed through/bin/sh, so we can use the various command methods in the terminal input;But we define our own environment variables in. Bashrc/.bash_profile The shell module is not recognized because it is not loaded, and if you need to use a custom environment variable, you need to execute the statement that loads the custom script at the very beginning;The us

Ansible (11) template Module

Ansible (11) template ModuleTemplate Module The template module is involved in the first playbook in the previous section. What is this?Let's go over what we said on the official website (translated in the general section ): The template uses the Jinjia2 format as the file template to replace the variables in the document. Every time it is used, it is marked a

Ansible's Get_url module

Example: Download the file to the/tmp directory of the specified node[[emailprotected] tmp]# ansible client01 -m get_url -a ‘url= dest=/tmp‘client01 | SUCCESS => { "changed": true, "checksum_dest": null, "checksum_src": "7ee99f16e91e655eb555d5f684155fc2a1f23b4f", "dest": "/tmp/nginx-1.6.3.tar.gz", "gid": 0, "group": "root", "md5sum": "ea

Shell module of Ansible

Example: Modify time for a node by command[[email protected] tmp]# ansible slave-m command-a ' date-s "2016/5/13 13:12" 'client02 | SUCCESS | Rc=0 >>Fri 13:12:00 CST | SUCCESS | Rc=0 >>Fri 13:12:00 CST 2016[[email protected] tmp]# ansible slave-m shell-a ' date-s "2016/5/13 13:12" 'client02 | SUCCESS | Rc=0 >>Fri 13:12:00 CST | SUCCESS | Rc=0 >>Fri 13:12:00 CST 2016Note

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