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Mitm attacks against SSL

Author: szzm8767 (1 Article) date: October 11, 2011 at pm 1 man-in-the-middle attack OverviewMan-in-the-middle attack (mitm) is a long-standing network intrusion method, and still has a wide range of development space today, such as SMB session hijacking, DNS spoofing, and other attacks are typical mitm attacks. In short, the so-called mitm attack intercepts norm

OpenSSL SSL/tls mitm Vulnerability (CVE-2014-0224)

OpenSSL SSL/tls mitm Vulnerability (CVE-2014-0224) Release date:Updated on: 2014-06-06 Affected Systems:OpenSSL Project OpenSSL OpenSSL Project OpenSSL OpenSSL Project OpenSSL Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 67899CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2014-0224OpenSSL is an open-source SSL implementation that implements high-strength encryption for network communication. It is widely used in various n

Record simple ARP spoofing and mitm attack processes using ettercap

The methods are all from the network. I only record my own operations. Please ignore them ~ Attacked host platform: Kali-Linux attacked HOST: Android phone (within the same LAN) 1. use ettercap for ARP spoofing: Open ettercap: ettercap-C (curses UI) ettercap-g (GTK + GUI) curses UI working interface: GTK + UI working interface: here, GTK + UI is used as an example. After opening ettercap, select sniff ---- uniied-sniffing and then select NIC: Then hosts --- scan for hosts --- host

Parse Transport Layer Security Protocol MITM attack

First, this vulnerability carries some interesting attack methods. Of course, it has a serious impact on those unfortunately recruited. However, to enable attackers to exploit this vulnerability, hackers need to use other vulnerabilities for MITM access. Of course, if you have local subnet access or hackers use DNS spoofing, you can easily perform MITM access. However, these requirements have increased the

SSL/TLS LogJam mitm Security Restriction Bypass Vulnerability (CVE-2015-4000)

SSL/TLS LogJam mitm Security Restriction Bypass Vulnerability (CVE-2015-4000)SSL/TLS LogJam mitm Security Restriction Bypass Vulnerability (CVE-2015-4000) Release date:Updated on:Affected Systems: OpenSSL Project OpenSSL OpenSSL Project OpenSSL Description: Bugtraq id: 74733CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2015-4000TLS is a secure transport layer protocol used to provide confidentiality and data integrity between two co

[HTTPS] Mans in the Middle (MITM)

If you go a public caffee shop, they has free wifi. How could do sure your infomration cannot being read by a second person?Well, in HTTP1.1, you cannot. With HTTPS, it'll encpty your data and only the server is talking to can decode your data.And how is thought you is talking to the real server but actually you is not. MITM would redirect you to their server and decode the message and read, then send to the real server. One thing in HTTPS to prevent

Anti-Forgery Request Recipes For ASP. net mvc And AJAX Anti-counterfeit verification, Anti-counterfeit Request

How to add anti-counterfeit verification in each action How to specify a non-customized salt encryption token during running How to enable server-side security verification in ajax scenarios This post discusses solutions for anti-forgery request scenarios in ASP. net mvc and AJAX: How to enable validation on controller, instead of on each action; How to specify non-constant token salt in runtime;

Learn to use anti-virus software correctly. Do not go into the anti-virus misunderstanding.

Almost everyone who uses computers has ever experienced computer viruses and antivirus software. However, many people still have misunderstandings about viruses and anti-virus software. Anti-virus software is not omnipotent, but it is never a waste. The purpose of this article is to allow more people to have a correct understanding of anti-virus software and use

SSL mitm attack (zt)

Introduction    The current version of SSLv3 is version 3.1, also known as TLS. It provides a mechanism for secure data transmission over the network. It is said to meet all security needs, such as your bank account management.    But here I will

How do you choose anti-virus software (2)-Guide to anti-virus software selection

This article is not an article about horizontal evaluation of n types of anti-virus software, but an article about building a platform based on my own user experience. For now, good anti-virus software has its own characteristics, but they are all the same. Therefore, there is no universal anti-virus software. The key is to choose a suitable

Resolution mitm attack-session hijacking

In this article, we will discuss the theory and demonstration of session hijacking and discuss related detection and defense techniques. Introduction In the previous two articles, we discussed ARP cache poisoning and DNS Spoofing respectively. From

Anti-rat test method and anti-rat performance of cable materials

Rats are widely used in various regions of the world as a type of rodents with strong fertility and vitality. Because of their well-developed and constantly growing population, as a result, rats have the habit of keeping their teeth sharp by biting objects. The unique smell of plastic makes plastic a common biting object. Whether it's in the wild or in the human activity area, the mouse has a strong damage to the wire/cable jacket or insulation layer. It is often reported that cable failure occu

What kind of anti-chain is effective anti-chain

All the time, I think entering link: your domain name in the Baidu search box will greatly affect the ranking of websites. However, after some time of hard work, I think this idea is not enough. All the time, I think entering link: your domain name in the Baidu search box will greatly affect the ranking of websites. However, after some time of hard work, I think this idea is not accurate enough. To sum up, anti-chain should be divided into three type

Six Free anti-virus and anti-malware scanning tools for Windows

Six Free anti-virus and anti-malware scanning tools for Windows Introduction Is your system infected with viruses? Is anti-virus software outdated? Is it necessary to get a secure software with high performance but free performance for friends and family members who feel that they do not have to spend money to buy protection? No one wants malware to appear on the

Kingdee Kis Accounting King How anti-checkout and anti-posting

In the use of Kingdee kis accounting processing, the end of each period will require a final checkout, but if found that the voucher entered in error and need to change the voucher, then must be anti-checkout, and then you can change. Modify the accounting documents that have been posted must go through three steps, that is, anti-checkout, anti-posting,

Differences between optical zoom and digital zoom, optical anti-shake and electronic Anti-shake

After fierce competition in terms of high pixel and small size, digital cameras have become a new keyword for digital cameras this year. Digital cameras of all major brands are capable of anti-shake.Article. All vendors in the market are divided into two factions: optical anti-shake and electronic Anti-shake. Representatives of optical

Past and present of Anti-alias-Summary of common Anti-sample Algorithms

Document directory CPU MLAA GPU MLAA Jimenez's MLAA Original article: Anti-alias (AA) is widely used in graphics to improve rendering quality. After decades of development, AA has gradually popularized the field of real-time rendering from offline rendering. This series of articles will summarize the previous world and current life of the AA method used in real-time rendering. Th

[Post] What is Anti-Pattern and What is Anti-Pattern

An Anti-Pattern is a pattern that tell you how to go from a bad solution.Contrast to an ameliorative pattern, which is a pattern that tells how to go from a bad solution to a good solution.Anti-pattern: tells you about the bad solutions you should not use in development, design, and management.Opposite to the improved mode, the reverse mode tells us to avoid using the excellent mode for these bad modes. Content flowing Copy from http://en.wikipedia.or

I'll teach you to play around. Myiis-vif anti-theft chain Base anti-theft chain

What do you mean by the chain? It's when you post some footage, videos, audio, compression packs, and so on on the server that you want visitors to download from your page address. Instead of referencing your address to another site for download. This will not respect the publisher's results. Anti-Theft chain can also indirectly reduce the flow of your site, to avoid unnecessary losses. Now CDN is not according to the flow of money, the webmaster to s

PHP anti-leech basic idea anti-leech setting method

Website leeching will consume a lot of the bandwidth of the leeching website, and the real click rate may be very small, seriously damaging the interests of the leeching website. This article describes how to implement anti-leech protection using PHP and its basic ideas. Website leeching will consume a lot of the bandwidth of the leeching website, and the real click rate may be very small, seriously damaging the interests of the leeching website. This

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