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Share access to Windows Server 2000 Server in Windows 7

Windows 7 tries to access the shared folder on a Windows 2000 Server after installation. However, no matter how the user name and password are lost, the firewall of Windows 7 is disabled, and NETBIOS and so on are still not resolved, and later found that after

SQL Server 2000 distributed transaction Error resolution in Windows Server 2003

server|window| Error | distributed | Resolving symptoms if you run a linked server query in SQL Server 2000 installed on Windows. NET server, the following error may be returned (even if MSDTC is running on the

Windows NT/2000 Server Optimization

ease of management, so that the company no longer has to invest a lot of money in server management, this is better than the UNIX system, do not have to ask a very professional administrator, do not have to pay a save high salary, haha, of course, Unix administrators will not be unemployed, because of the unparalleled speed of their open source code and Windows systems, so that almost all large servers now

Windows 2000 Server Security Settings tutorial

ObjectiveIn fact, in the server security settings, although I have some experience, but there is no research, so I write this article when the heart is very not practical, always afraid to say wrong will be mistaken for others. This article is more focused on the prevention of ASP vulnerabilities, so the server black and other aspects of the explanation may be slightly too little.Basic

Replacing Windows NT/2000 Server with Linux

By Sebastian Sas ías About Author:As a supporting tool for developing technical solutions, he has been using Linux for several years.His work includes using Linux controllers, signal processing, communication, and network security.He is proficient in Electronic Automation and computer technology.He has been committed to free software development under the GNU/GPL protocol. Abstract: This article provides a previous LinuxFocus article on how SAMBA is used to share resources on Unix-

Windows 2000 Advanced Server Cluster installation instance

Take Dell poweredage 6450 as an example:Two 6450 servers and one Dell powervanlt 201s disk array cabinet.Two servers: one 9 gb scsi hard disk, one Dell Perc 2/DC card, the hard disk connected to the SCSI card, one integrated Intel 8255x-based PCI Ethernet network card, an Intel PRO 100 + network card.Disk Array configuration: 6 16 gb scsi hard disksTwo Dell heartbeat Network cablesOne Hub1. Configure the server1. connect two servers A and B. Two intel 8255x-based PCI Ethernet hard jumper links,

Install SQL server 2000 Enterprise Edition (graphic version) on Windows XP and SQL

Install SQL server 2000 Enterprise Edition (graphic version) on Windows XP and SQL However, the methods on the Internet only contain text instructions, but are not attached with the corresponding instructions. Therefore, it is more intuitive for me to perform the test. The installation and testing process of Haibo is as follows: 1. Go to the installation disk or

Installation diagram of Windows 2000 server disc startup

Installation diagram of Windows 2000 server disc startup I. preparations:1. Prepare the installation disc for Windows 2000 server Simplified Chinese version, and check whether the optical drive supports auto-start.2. if possible,

Detailed diagram of the installation process of the Windows 2000 server Disc

I. preparations: 1. Prepare the installation disc for Windows 2000 server Simplified Chinese version, and check whether the optical drive supports auto-start.2. if possible, use the disk scan program to scan all hard disks to check hard disk errors and fix them before running the installer. Otherwise, it will be troublesome to check hard disk errors during the i

How to apply a local policy in workgroup settings to all users except administrators on Windows Server 2000

Document directory Content of this task Apply Local Policies to all users other than Administrators Restore the original local policy The information in this article applies: Applicable Content of this task Summary Apply Local Policies to all users other than Administrators Restore the original local policy Summary This article describes how to apply a local policy to all users other than the Administrator on a computer based on Windo

Port 2000 cannot be opened for Windows 1433 + SQL Server

(this is also the reason why there is a high possibility of errors in the Enterprise Manager ). The procedure is as follows:Settings in Enterprise Manager:1. In Enterprise Manager, select "Tools" from the menu, and then select "options"2. In the displayed "SQL Server Enterprise Manager properties" window, click the "advanced" tab.3. Enter a large number in the "Login timeout (seconds)" box on the right under "connection settings", for example, 20. Qu

How to determine whether Windows 2000 Server meets the minimum requirements to install the. net2.0 framework

The following are the five items that need to be verified during. NET 2.0 Framework installation (Windows 2000 Server: I. Verify that Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or later is installed; Ii. Verify that Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0 is installed:Install this component on the core operating systems

Windows 2000 Server Security Configuration tips

Windows 2000 contains many security functions and options. If you configure them properly, windows will be a safe operating system.========================================================== ========================================================== =====Elementary Security****************** 1. Physical Security The server

Modify the Windows account password to cause SQL Server 2000 to fail to start

Modifying the Windows account password causes SQL Server 2000 to fail to start. --The symptom is a SQL Server 2000 database that is logged on to Windows XP as an administrator or equivalent user. After you modify this

How to lock windows 2000 Terminal Server sessions

Document directory The information in this article applies: Summary On a Windows 2000-based computer, you can use the Group Policy to lock the Terminal Server session. After the following settings are performed, access to the Administrator account is restricted. We strongly recommend that you create a new organizational unit instead of modifying the policy of

Optimize Windows 2000 Active Directory Server

The user and configuration information of the Exchange 2000 Server depend on Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory. Exchange 2000 primarily uses Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to communicate with domain control sites and generic Directory servers. Exchange

[Experience] Windows 2000 + IIS + SQL Server 200 Security Settings

Windows 2000 Server Security Settings Security settings should be applied to all applicationsProgramAfter the installation is complete and running properly, it must be performed before the access network (LAN and Internet. Operating system security settings include permission settings for the disk directory and system files, system running service settings, a

How To Enable Automatic Logon on Windows 2000 Server

In actual work, especially on servers, it is usually 7 × 24 hours. For this reason, many system programs have the function of restarting the server after the server crashes, that is, the Watchdog function ). For example, if an unattended DVR (Digital Video Recorder Digital Hard Drive Video Recorder) is abnormal, the Reset is automatically restarted ). However, if the system uses the

Installing the SQL Server 2000 database on Windows 10

Win10 itself is a better-compatible operating system, and there are a lot of people who are consulting how to install the SQL Server 2000 database on Windows 10 without success. The main is stuck in the installation process of the mdac2.6 installation, has been stopped here do not move.According to our own practice, the successful installation of the SQL

Configure remote connection to a user in Windows Server 2000

Windows Server 2000 has never been used. Fortunately, Windows Server 2003 is still used. I found out how to add a new user on the Internet. After adding a user to the server, I directly used the user to log on to the

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