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Apache learning notes

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Apache Learning Notes _ Server

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Linux Apache installation notes

Keywords: Apache install PHP resin mod_gzip mod_expire Webalizer cronolog Summary: From the perspective of simplified installation ==> Performance Tuning ==> convenient maintenance, we will discuss web service planning ==> httpd

Apache service monitoring script ----- automatically restart apache

Apache service monitoring script ----- automatically restart apache [root @ localhostshell] viapache_monitorsh! Binbashwhile [1] dowgethttp: 127001 ahtml & gt; devnull2 & gt; & amp; 1if apache service monitoring script ----- automatically restart

APACHE installation notes

Abstract: WEB application capacity planning: WEB service planning and some simple estimation formulas are carried out based on hardware configuration and WEB application characteristics. APACHE installation process: General and simplified

APACHE installation notes

From the perspective of simplified installation ==> Performance Tuning ==> convenient maintenance, we will discuss the WEB service planning ==> HTTPD installation/application module configuration ==> upgrade/maintenance processes. The upgrade of

Apache service monitoring script ----- Automatically Restart apache

Apache service monitoring script ----- Automatically Restart apache [root @ localhost shell] # vi apache_monitor.sh #! /Bin/bashwhile [1] do wget http: //>/dev/null 2> & 1 if [$? -Ne 0] then service apache restart>/dev/null 2> & 1

Apache Installation Notes _ server

This paper discusses the planning of Web Services ==>HTTPD installation/Application module configuration ==> upgrade/maintenance, from the point of view of simplifying installation ==> performance Tuning ==> convenient maintenance. The upgrade of

Apache Installation Notes

apache| Note Author: car East Summary: Web application Capacity Planning: The planning of Web services and some simple estimating formulae based on the characteristics of hardware configuration and Web application; Apache installation process:

A detailed explanation of Apache's various optimizations and security configurations

Introduction: Apache is running the hardware environment is the most impact on performance factors, even if the hardware can not be upgraded, it is best to give Apache a separate host to avoid Interference to other applications. Of the hardware

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