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Apache cloudstack features

As a mature and turnkey infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS) platform, Apache cloudstack has a comprehensive set of features. This is an extensive, but not exhaustive, set of features. Have a feature request? We 'd invite you to bring it up on the mailing list, and consider filing a feature request in our bug tracker. Feature Description Rich Management User Interface

CloudStack 4.1.0 installation details-1. manage nodes

CloudStack 4.1.0 installation explanation-1. The management node CloudStack is a powerful and UI-friendly open-source cloud (IaaS) computing solution. Since Ctrix donated CloudStack to apache, its community activity has gradually caught up with another open source cloud OpenStack platform.CloudStack has the most user-f

Centos6.5 installation cloudstack 4.3-management node and compute node installation

protection.selinuxtype=targeted 2.5 NTP You need to specify an NTP server for all servers in the Cloudstack environment to ensure clock synchronization. However, NTP is not installed by default installation. To install NTP, follow these steps: # yum-y Install NTPIn fact, the default configuration already meets our requirements, so all we have to do is enable NTP and configure it to run automatically after startup: # Chkconfig NTPD on# service NTP

Introduction to cloudstack 4.4

selects to upload resources, the management server will pass the URL to ssvm, so that ssvm can download resources from the specified URL through wget. ② Download resources: When you select to download a specified resource, the Management Server first searches for the corresponding path of the resource from the database and passes the path to ssvm. ssvm uses the built-in Apache server to provide the resource upload service. In this way, users can do

Teach you how to implement OpenStack and Cloudstack projects successfully

In recent years, the success of the OpenStack and Cloudstack projects has been obvious to all, such as Cisco, the Red Hat based on OpenStack, and Citrix's contribution cloudstack to the Apache Software Foundation. Cloudplatform. Puppet Labs and Zenoss are both involved in these open source cloud projects and are willing to share their views and provide reference

Cloudstack 4.5 Basic Network Architecture Deployment--cloudstack Management Server (01)

is divided into two parts:1. Network environment2. Managing Server Installation1.1 Select ServerCentos-6.6-x86_64-minimal.iso1.2 Setting Ifcfg-eth0vi/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0device=eth0hwaddr=52:54:00:b9:a6:c0nm_controlled=noonboot= yesbootproto=noneipaddr= Setting hostnameVi/etc/sysconfig/network ... Namehost=cloudstack01vi/etc/hosts ... cloudstack011.4 Turn off SELinuxSetenforce 0 v

Cloudstack (i)

1.CloudStack Introduction (1)CloudStack is an open source cloud computing platform. (2) as an IaaS platform,CloudStack is no longer a simple stand-alone software, It's about managing ultra-large hardware devices. It is compatible with a variety of virtualization software (Hypervisor), supporting a variety of storage types, through the software and virtual machine

Virtualization platform cloudstack (1) -- Introduction

copy of the VM data, which can be used to recover data or create a new template. Cloudstack Software Architecture Is the software architecture of cloudstack: Architecture deployed with cloudstack and KVM Is the architecture deployed together cloudstack and KVM: The agent program must be deployed on each KVM host.Arch

CloudStack 4.3 source Deployment +eclipse Remote Debugging

CloudStack 4.3 Source deployment system EnvironmentCreate a virtual machine under VMware Workstation with Centos6.5 64bitInstalling the Software1. Yum install git mysql mysql-server mkisofs gcc python mysql-python openssh-clients wget2. Download maven and unzip to/root/maven directory3. Download Ant and Unzip to/root/ant directory4. Download Sun JDK 7 and unzip to/ROOT/JDK directory5. Download Tomcat7 and unzip to/root/tomcat directory6. Configure the

Change the Windows virtual machine default disk type for the KVM platform in Cloudstack to Virtio

Windows PV.One more virtual machine, statistics inconvenient, all Windows virtual machines are Windows PV mode ... Secondly, in the spirit of breaking the casserole, from the code level, directly find the root cause, and modify it. So you don't have to set up annoying Windows PV.Of course, the premise is that all of the drivers (disk drives + network cards) of Virtio have been added to my template.Parsing code:On the official GitHub Https://github.com/apach

Configure cloudstack yum source in centos7

Configure cloudstack yum source in centos7 The open-source cloudstack documentation provides instructions for configuring cloudstack yum on centos6. However, its centos7 cloudstack yum library does not have an rpm package for cloudstack and cannot be used. According to the h

Source code compilation Installation Cloudstack 4.2

CentOS 6.4-based installation CloudstackEnvironment configuration# yum-y update# yum-y UpgradeInstallation of Ntp,jdk 1.7, Tomcat 6, Mysql,git and other services# yum-y Install ntp# yum-y install java-1.7.0-openjdk-devel# wget https://archive.apache.org/dist/tomcat/tomcat-6/v6.0 .35/bin/apache-tomcat-6.0.35.tar.gz# tar xzvf apache-tomcat-6.0.35.tar.gz-c/usr/local# yum-y install MySQL mysql-server# yum-y Ins

How to clear and recreate the CloudStack Environment

I have had a lot of experience with the CloudStack kids shoes. More or less when I was just getting started with CloudStack, I had to create N times for a Build Environment and delete it to finally run a cloud environment, however, in this process, if you encounter problems and cannot find other solutions, many new users can think of re-creating the environment. In this process, there are several important

CloudStack is deployed on UbuntuServer12.4.3

In fact, there is nothing to say about it. Let's go to the software, install it, and take a next step. OK. After the installation is complete, install the desktop for UbuntuServer12.4.3. Use the following command to update the source list and install the graphic desktop. Sudoapt-getupdatesudoapt-getupgradesudoapt-getinstallubuntu-desktop long wait hellip; of course In fact, there is nothing to say about it. Let's go to the software, install it, and take a next step. OK.After the installation is

Cloudstack 4 Manager installation memo

Cloudstack 4 Manager installation memo Basic Requirements 1. Hardware supports Virtualization 2. centos 6.3 64-bit System Preparations 1. Make sure selinux is disabled. 2. Ensure that hostname-f has the correct output. When I run the command "hostname: unknown host", it is found that it is caused by/etc/resolv. conf setting search and killing it. Check the/etc/hosts file. 3. Ensure that the server can access the Internet, because yum installation req

Centos6.5 installation cloudstack 4 configuration graphics and text tutorial

1. Login Web Interface After successful launch, you can now access the management node with Google and Firefox: http://management node ip:8080/client I've given a domain name http://cloudstack.54im.com. Note: IE access may have compatibility issues. Cloudstack provides Web services based on Tomcat and uses 8080 ports by default. If you want to switch to another port, you can modify the/etc

Cloudstack Level Two storage deployment (iv)

start [Email protected] sysconfig]# chkconfig rpcbind on[[email protected] sysconfig]# chkconfig NFS onThe bottom is to import the KVM template into level two storage3. Level Two storage3.1 using level two storage 1) Create mount point [Email protected] cloudstack]# mkdir/secondary2) Mount level two storage [Email protected] ~]# mount-t NFS Importing KVM templates 1) upload the kvm template and rename itThis te

CloudStack 4.5 Installation Notes

The next Cloudstack 4.5 was installed last week for the management of XenServer. Cloudstack, like OpenStack, is an open source cloud computing resource management platform with an overall structure such as:Region translation is the area, is the largest organizational unit in the Cloudstack, generally composed of a number of physically separated data centers, each

Add a zone in CloudStack 4.4 Learning Summary)

Tags: cloudstack cloud computing platform kvm virtual machine openstackAdd a zone in CloudStack 4.4 Learning Summary)1. Add a zone ):The region is the largest organization unit in CloudStack deployment. Although multiple regions are allowed in a data center, a region usually corresponds to a data center. The benefit of grouping an infrastructure into a region is

Cloudstack managing problems with VMware

The previous paragraph installs Cloudstack and uses it to manage XenServer, which is used to manage VMware. Although the problem has been solved before the big and small, but in the VMware this piece still encountered some trouble.After creating the resource domain, adding the cluster and host, and storing it, it looks like everything is fine, but the system VM doesn't come up. Look at the log found such as "insuffientcapacity", but do not know which

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