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Building Ajax applications using Google Web Toolkit, Apache Derby, and Eclipse, part 2nd: Reliable Back-end

This article is part 2nd of the building of the asynchronous JavaScript + XML (AJAX) application series using Google Web Toolkit (GWT), which describes how to build an Apache Derby database for your WEB application and use it to drive Move GWT. Part

A Preliminary Study on the derby (cloudscape) Database

1. This database can be downloaded from both IBM and Apache. cloudscape is a commercial version of the derby database, which is presented by IBM and called after Apache. The current Apache version is Derby10.1.0.0alpha (Apr28, 2005SVN165185 ).

Powerdesigner custom DBMS (take derby database as an example)

Powerdesigner is defined by ourselves when the default DBMS supported by PD. PD is insufficient. Take the apachederby database as an example. 1. The DBMS definition file PD's DBMS definition file is placed in the install_dirResourceFilesDBMS

Create a Derby calendar, part 3rd

Before you start This tutorial is written for developers who need to work with multiple users at the same time on a single Derby (or IBM cloudscape™) database. It is also helpful for developers who want to learn more about building Java GUI

Java 6 new features: javadb

Cao RuO Shen (ruoshen_c@sjtu.edu.cn), graduate student of computer science, Shanghai Jiao Tong University August 31, 2007 At the end of 2006, Sun released the final official version of Java Standard Edition 6 (Java SE 6), codenamed Mustang

Enhanced JDBC 4.0 in Java SE 6

Abstract: Java SE 6 includes some enhancements to Java Database Interconnection (JDBC) APIs. The versions of these enhancements will be set to JDBC version 4.0. The purpose of the new JDBC features is to provide a simpler design and a better

Java SE 6 new features: Java DB and JDBC 4.0

Http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/java/j-lo-jse65/index.htmlFor a long time, because a large number (and even almost all) of Java applications rely on databases, how to access the database efficiently, reliably, and concisely using the Java

Use JDBC4.0 to manipulate the methods of XML types (save XML data) _java

Among the many new features and improvements provided by Java SE 6, it is worth mentioning that the JDBC version that provides database access to Java programs is upgraded to 4.0, a JSR-221 version that provides more convenient coding mechanisms and

JDBC4.0 new Features

Among the many new features and improvements that Java SE 6 offers, it is worth mentioning that the JDBC version that provides the database access mechanism for Java programs has been upgraded to 4.0, a JSR-221-coded version that provides more

(Pit note) hadoop3.0 (v) Getting started with hive and data types

Brief mention: Hive is a storage structure tool that can query the files in Hadoop in a SQL-like way, or let developers familiar with Mapper/reduce do custom actions, which, for one, is simply a parsing engine, Parsing the HIVEQL statement into a

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