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CentOS encountered an ARP not found workaround when installing the apache2.4 version

There was an error compiling Apache today:#./configure--prefix ... When checking the editing environment, it appears:Checking for APR ... noConfigure:error:APR not found. Please read the documentationWorkaround:1. Download the required packages:

Apache and Tomcat distinguish between

Apache and Tomcat are Web servers, both connected and differentiated, in the HTML, PHP, JSP, Perl and other development process, need to accurately grasp their own characteristics, choose the best server configuration.Apache is a Web server (static

Go Configuring Apache in Mac OS x

The version of Mac OS X I'm using is 10.8.2,mac comes with an Apache environment. Launch Apache Set up a virtual host Launch ApacheOpen terminal (terminal), enter sudo apachectl-v, (you may need to enter the machine secret). The

Determine the php Runtime Environment

When I read the ci code, I found that processing the URI is not needed according to the php runtime environment. How can we determine the php runtime environment? We generally run our php program under apache. Of course, some people use the IIS

Solutions not supported by php mysql_connect ()

The mysql_connect () function is a connection function between php and mysql databases. If your php does not support the mysql_connect () function, your database cannot be connected to mysql, next I will summarize the solutions that cannot be used

PHP to obtain the http request header information

The PHP Manual provides ready-made functions:Getallheaders(PHP 4, PHP 5)Getallheaders-Fetch all HTTP request headersDescriptionArray getallheaders (void)Fetches all HTTP headers from the current request.This function is an alias for

CentOS 5.x install ZendOptimizer 5.x

A server is being configured recently, mainly in the lamp environment. Lamp is used because the traffic volume is not large, and lnmp environment can be used for the traffic volume.Here, I have installed the lamp environment.Linux environment:

How the environment variables in the Lumen/Laravel. env file take effect

How the environment variables in the Lumen/Laravel. env file take effect The. env file can be used to customize any other valid environment variables. You can call env (), $ _ SERVER, or $ _ ENV to obtain the variables. So how does env () load these

How to restrict IP access on a linux Server (nginx or apache)

To restrict ip address access to a website, we can also restrict IP address access by using nginx or apache environments in addition to fire prevention or computer room fire prevention. Let's take a look. I have been suffering from spam comments for

Apache/Nginx pseudo-static match http: // problem and solution

The problem is that I set up an API interface for capturing the icon of a website. Normally, the object's passing parameters are obtained through $ _ GET ['URL, therefore, the address of the commonly obtained icon should be:Http://domain.com /? Url =

Using PHP screw for source code encryption

Using PHP screw for source code encryption My installation Environment System: Slackware 10 Software: Apache 1.3.31 PHP 4.3.7 The above environment is all Slackware 10 by default after the installation comes with. Specific Apache+php+mysql

CI Frame source Pages-uri.php

CI Framework source Reading---------uri.php Config =& load_class (' config ', ' core '), Log_message (' Debug ', "URI class Initialized");} --------------------------------/** * Get the URI String * * @accessprivate * @returnstring */function

Php: run the php environment function php_sapi_name.

Code:Echo php_sapi_name ();?>The output result in the apache environment is "apache2handler ";In cgi mode, the output result is "cgi-fcgi"If it is run in command line mode, the output result is: "cli"If it is running in nginx, it is an nginx

How to configure the Apache server under Mac OS x

sometimes, we need to share some files in the intranet workgroup or the background interface is not given in time, you want to simulate the real data, directly in the project to create plist can also do this need, but inevitably make the project

WordPress pseudo-static rules (Nginx/apache/iis)

The server has been running around for a long time.The environment is also exchanged for severalApache and nginx;Always environment problemsTested, the following code is perfectly compatible with the pseudo-static rules of Nginx.  The code is as

Summary of domain name 301 redirection methods in apache/nginx environment

Previously, Zhang xiaosan also summarized the tutorial of domain name 301 redirection, but it was messy. This time, I re-arranged it, in a simple and efficient nginx and apache environment, we strive to Redirect 301 domain names without WWW to

Make Apache support ASP. NET

Apache is a widely used network server program. It is not only widely used on UNIX/LINUX platforms, but also many websites on Windows platforms that have abandoned IIS and switched to Apache.. NET is a powerful development technology launched by

Learn PHP from SCRATCH---DAY01

Just started to learn php, so the learning process and knowledge points to do some sorting! Later also good review! You want to learn to learn together!Here are the introduction and installation methods, organized as Follows:  PHP basics:1. What is

PHP Web page Output information is not a complete solution

PHP page output information is not complete My PHP through the socket to receive the data sent by the server, I see the length and the number of bytes sent over the servers are equal, but the output is not complete, I output through the htmlentities,

Mac under Apache server configuration

One, Apache server1. The most widely used WEB server2. mac comes with, only need to modify a few configuration can, simple, fast3. some special server functions, Apache can be very good supportPurpose: To have a test environment of your ownIi.

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