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Apache error log storage directory and customization on Linux

I want to solve the Linux system on the Apache WEB server error, apache error log files can not find, I would like to put in which directory?The Apache log file provides system administrators with useful information, such as troubleshooting the WEB

View the Apache server error log on a Linux system _linux

Error logs and access log files provide useful information for system administrators, such as troubleshooting Web servers, protecting the system from a variety of malicious activities, or simply conducting a variety of analyses to monitor HTTP

Install and switch apache to nginx and php5 In debian

1: Preface in the past, debian was used as the development server as apache and needs to switch to nginx for work. Sometimes both of them should be used. Make a simple note. Note that this article is only on debian7 (wheezy. Other operating systems

How to query the Apache server log using the MySQL statement _oracle

Linux has a significant feature that, under normal circumstances, you can analyze the log to see what is happening in your system or what is happening. Indeed, system logs are the first-hand resources that system administrators need most to solve

About Apache's 25 preliminary and intermediate interview questions

We are very grateful to all our readers for replying to our new Linux interview chapter. now we have started to learn about the interview questions and the chapters on the basic to intermediate Apache interview questions that we are paying attention

An analysis of 25 questions and Answers in Apache

We strongly recommend that you do not memorize things by rote, and that everything must first be tried and understood in the actual scene.  1. What is Apache Web server?Answer: Apache Web server HTTP is a very popular, powerful, and open source for

Build a super secure lamp server in Linux

Reprinted. Please keep the author information. Steamed Stuffed Bun @ Zhengzhou University Network Security Park Http://secu.zzu.edu.cn This article has already been contributed to the article of the black line of defense in the 11th issue of the 03

Create a Debian-style Tengine deb package

Before preparing the Debian-style Tengine deb package, I tried the tengine dynamic loading module function. I think there may be a lot of opportunities for deployment, nginx was not used before because every time a new function needs to be added, it

How to query Apache logs using SQL statements in Linux

How to query Apache logs using SQL statements in Linux Linux has a notable feature. Under normal circumstances, you can analyze system logs to understand what is happening in your system or what is happening. Indeed, system logs are the first-hand

Debian + vsftpd + MySQL for virtual user zz

Debian + vsftpd + MySQLImplementationVirtual userThe implementation method of zz is what we will introduce in this article. Next we will start to introduce this process one by one. I. Requirements 1. Virtual User Login Because the postfix + MySQL

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