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Solution to high cpu usage in apache after php encryption

After php encryption is put into the server apache occupies a high cpu. after php encryption is put into the server apache occupies a high cpu, it is easy to reach 100% local encryption program test no problem, mainly Internet, once encrypted, the

Apache-using php in embedded devices, php-fpm occupies a high CPU

At present, there is a project on hand, which is to run a website on an embedded device with a linux system. The CPU of the device is in the RAM structure, with a single core and 1 GB. We set up Apache + Mysql + php in the system, and then write a

Apache-using PHP,PHP-FPM in embedded devices consumes very high CPU

Now there is a project on hand that runs a website in an embedded device with a Linux system. The CPU of the device is RAM structure, single core, 1GB. We set up a apache+mysql+php in the system and then write a website that runs inside. It feels a

Web Server-Apache & nginx & Tomact

Web Server-Apache & nginx & TomactHTTP server is essentially a couple of things: Listening port Receive (accept) socket connection Parsing HTTP Requests Distributing requests using a common or private protocol Run results

Lamp system performance optimization, Part 1: optimizing Apache and PHP

What makes Apache faster and How to Make PHP the most effective? Document options

Optimize Apache and PHP

Apache is a highly configurable software. It has many features, but each one is expensive. To some extent, optimizing Apache involves allocating resources in an appropriate way and simplifying the configuration to include only necessary content.

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of Nginx and Apache

The simple thing is that Apache httpd and Nginx are Web servers, but the two adapt to different scenarios, that is, the two focus on solving different problems. Apache httpd: Stable, strong dynamic request processing, but at the same time high

Php learning-Apache server details_php tutorial

Php learning-Apache server details. Php learning-Apache server explanation Php learning server -- Apache server explanation Iis server: mainly serves Microsoft, and Apache server explanation based on Internet basic service Php learning running

PHP 3-php uses HHVM to achieve high performance

The boss always wants me to recruit some Java programmer to do ...? He (old person) outside and other camp engineers talk more and will always come to ask me, you always play PHP (framework), But after our website fire, load up ... PHP does not

In-depth understanding of PHP operating mode

This article is a detailed analysis of the PHP operating mode introduced, the need for a friend referencePHP operating mode has 4 minutes:1) CGI Universal Gateway Interface (Common Gateway Interface))2) fast-cgi resident (long-live) type CGI3) CLI

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