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Hide PHP version and Apache version method summary _php Tutorial

Apachectl restart Test it as follows: The code is as follows Copy Code [Root@localhost tmp]# curl-i 403 Forbiddendate:wed, Jul 13:23:22 GMTServer:apacheAccept-ranges:bytescontent-length:5043Connection:closecontent-type:text/html; Charset=utf-8 The version number and operating system information are already hidden. 3, the above method is installed by default

Summary of hidden PHP version and Apache version method

operating system information are already hidden. 3, the above method is installed by default Apache, if it is compiled and installed, you can also modify the source code to compile the method: Enter the Apache source directory of the Include directory, and then edit ap_release.h this file, you will see the following variables: The code is as follows Copy Code #define Ap_serve

Enterprise-Class Hadoop 2.x introductory series Apache Hadoop 2.x Introduction and version _ Cloud Sail Big Data College

/i0jbqkfcma==/dissolve/70/gravity/ Center "style=" border:none; "/>(3) from Lucene to Nutch, from Nutch to Hadoop650) this.width=650; "Src=" http://img.blog.csdn.net/20141229121257218?watermark/2/text/ ahr0cdovl2jsb2cuy3nkbi5uzxqvy2xvdwr5agfkb29w/font/5a6l5l2t/fontsize/400/fill/i0jbqkfcma==/dissolve/70/gravity/ Center "style=" border:none; "/>1.3 Hadoop version Evolution650) this.width=650; "Src=" http://im

The latest version of cocos2d 2. 0. X. 0.2 uses the new resource loading policy! -HD and ,-

resourcesdirectory to find “himi.png ". Therefore, we usually open the HD retina in the applicationdidfinishlaunching function of appdelegate. cpp and add the following code: Targetplatform target = gettargetplatform (); // obtain the current device typeIf (target = ktargetipad) {// if it is an iPadIf (pdirector-> enableretinadisplay (true) {// If HD retina is enabledCcfileutils: sharedfileutils ()-> setresourcedirectory ("../ipadhd ");} Else {Ccfileutils: sharedfileutils ()-> setresourced

Parisgabriel:python Full Stack engineer (0 basics to Mastery) Tutorial 23rd (weekly Summary: 2)

converting it to an encodingBytes's Operation:+ += * *=In/not inIndexes and slicesLen (x)Max (x)MIN (x)SUM (x)Any (x)All (x)The difference between bytes and STR:Bytes Storage bytes (typically values in range (0, 256))STR stores Unicode characters (usually values in 0~65535)Conversion of bytes and StrEncoding (encode)str------------> bytesb = S.encode (encoding= ' utf-8 ')Decoding (decode)Bytes----------> s

YAF 0 Basic Learning Summary 2-YAF Framework installation

the completion of the decompression, and into the YAF installation package directory, followed by the following command (where $php_ Bin is the bin directory of the PHP that is already installed on Linux)$PHP _bin/phpize ./configure--with-php-config= $PHP _bin/php-config make do installThe second step is to modify the PHP configuration file, add the yaf.so extension, and then restart PHP.So simple, the YAF extension has been installed, in fact, there is a simpler way, because YAF is a

Bird Brother Linux Private cuisine Knowledge points summary 0 to 2 chapters

still quite appealing to me )B. mission-critical applications ( Financial database, large Enterprise network management environment )C. academic institutions high-performance computing tasksBrother Bird gave some advice on learning:Develop a record-making habit of documenting error messages and triggering situations and solutions, while finally classifying and collating them regularly.See any good articles on the internet, leave a copyfor yourself, set the title, classify the archiveas a user,

MongoDB Summary 2-java version of Helloworld-crud example

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