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Exploring IIS Log File analyzer ReadLogs (1)

This document explains how to use log analyzer (readlogs.exe) to diagnose Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) problems. This article also discusses some general debugging concepts and explains what to look for when reviewing ReadLogs output.Log File analyzer agrees to use the external monitor together to help u

How to limit the Apache log file size (error. log, access. log)

How to delete error. log, access. log files and methods to limit the size of Apache log files. log and error. the log file has never been moved. Today, a MYSQL database connection error

The Apache log file is too large. Solution (access. log error. log)

Have you found that the log files generated by Apache are day-to-day, not very big? If you installed apache on drive C, it would be terrible. In a few days, the hard disk will be full, which is terrible, is there a way to optimize the log to make it less big? The answer is yes.1. Stop the

How to clear error. log and access. log and limit Apache Log File Size

An example of setting in Windows is as follows:Step 1: Delete the error. log and access. log files in The apache2/logs/directory.Step 2: Open the httpd. conf configuration file of Apache and find the following two configurations:Errorlog logs/error. LogCustomlog logs/access. Log

Restrict Apache log access. log File Size

Restrict Apache log access. log File Size Rotatelogs is a simple program used with the Apache pipeline log function. You can configure the rotatelogs function of the Apache program in t

Homemade PHP Log class that mimics Apache access log file format

'); Request route$ref = (isset ($_server[' http_referer '))? $_server[' Http_referer ']: '-');Request protocol Type$rprotocol = $_server[' Server_protocol ');Requesting the browser's user browser information$ragent = Empty ($_server[' http_user_agent ')? ' Unknown ': $_server[' http_user_agent ';$durl = $_server[' Request_uri ');$LOGSTR = Self::getrealip (). ''. $uhost. ' '. $rtime. ' "'. $rmethod. ' '. $ref. '. $rprotocol. ' " '. $ragent. ' '. $durl. ' \ r \ n ";if (!file_exists ($this->root_p

Apache access.log error.log log file too large optimization method

Tags: logHave not found Apache log file generated more than a day, not generally big, if you Apache installed in the C drive, that can be miserable, not a few days hard disk is full, too scary, there is no way to optimize the log, so it is not so big? The answer is yes.First

Apache logs do not record the image file setting method and source log configuration.

Apache logs do not record Image File Settings Setenv imag 1Customlog logs/access_log combined Env =! Imag Apache logs: If you record all access requests, the file will be large. If you use log analysis software, the analysis results may not be accurate. In addition, if you d

Limit Apache log file Access.log size method

Rotatelogs Gadgets with Apache The syntax is as follows: Rotatelogs [-l] logfile [rotationtime [offset]] | [Filesizem] Parameter explanation: -L: Use local time instead of GMT time as a time benchmark. Note: using-l in an environment that changes the GMT offset (such as daylight saving time) can lead to unpredictable results.LogFile: It plus the reference name is the log

How to solve the problem of Apache log file too big

Original address: http://un173.blog.51cto.com/8263566/1598346Manage Apache server For some years, though Nginx has been robbed of many thunder in recent years, I still love Apache.Like its powerful concurrent processing power, and the free choice between forker and the worker mode of pleasure, haha.Familiar with the Linux Apache operation of the friends, how many will encounter the

The apache log file is too large to generate by date/specified

Specifies that the Apache log generates one file per day Linux System Configuration Method Found in Apache's configuration file httpd.conf The code is as follows Copy Code ErrorLog Logs/error_logCustomlog Logs/access_log CommonChange it toErrorLog "| /usr/local/

How to solve the problem that the Apache log file is too large

How to solve the problem that the Apache log file is too large How to solve the problem that the Apache log file is too large Method 1,In httpd. conf, findChange CustomLog logs/access. log

Resolve Apache log file too large

When configuring a Web server, we generally record the requested information and the information about the error. ErrorLog "/home/zhangy/apache/www.test.com-error.log"Customlog "/home/zhangy/apache/www.test.com-access.log" common With the above configuration, if you do not delete it regularly, I think these log files can reach several g sizes over time. It is not

Apache logs generate files by date to limit the log file size

-l logs/access-% Y-% m-% d. log 86400 Prime; common This is simple. Just put it in. The error log is shown below.This section describes windows users. linux uses cronolog to separate apache logs.The cronolog tool can be run in linux or on a windows host. The installation method of linux is very simple. You can do it by using make install.

Apache log file detailing and Practical Analysis command _linux

A. Log analysisIf the Apache installation uses the default configuration, two files will be generated in the/logs directory, respectively, Access_log and Error_log1). Access_logAccess_log for the access log, log all requests to the Apache server for access, its location and

Linux system Apache log file configuration detailed

Apache log file settings under Linux system (generate a separate log file per day)Introduction:Apache default installation, log record only one file, after a long time, this

CENTOS7, troubleshooting Apache error log file too big problem

1, log file is too big the first step: Stop all processes of Apache service, delete the Error.log, access.log files under the/var/log/httpd directory Step two: Open the/etc/httpd/conf httpd.conf configuration file and locate the following configuration Errorlog Logs/error.lo

Php regular expression parsing apache log file

: This article mainly introduces php regular expression parsing apache log file. For more information about PHP tutorials, see. Logs can be rolled hourly and analyzed using php regular expressions. $ LogLine = '2017. 0.0.1--[22/May/2015: 17: 09: 13 + 0800] "GET/sale/images/y-select.png HTTP/1.1" 200 1095 '; $ pattern = '/^ (? P [0-9.] + )--\[(? P [^ \] +)

PHP regular parsing Apache log file

You can scroll the logs by the hour, using the PHP regular analysis log method to solve $logLine = '[22/may/2015:17:09:13 +0800] ' get/sale/images/y-select.png http/1.1 ' 1095 '; $pattern = '/^ (? P [0-9.] +) - - \[(? P [^\]]+] \]+ "GET (? P [^]+) http\/1.[ 1|0|2] "(? P [0-9.] +) (? P [0-9.] +)/I ';p reg_match ($pattern, $

Limit Apache log access.log file size

You can configure Apache's own program Rotatelogs functionality in Apache's httpd.conf configuration file . Rotatelogs is a simple program that works with the Apache pipeline log feature,Reference: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/mod/mod_log_config.html1 Create a new log every dayCustomlog "|/usr/sbin/rotatelogs/e

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