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Lamp+logzilla2.9.9+syslog-ng implementation of centralized log management (second Edition) _ Log

Liu Tians, 2010/07/24 14:28, Linux, Comments (67), reading (40557), Via site Original Big | In | A preface Why to introduce the second edition. Since the first edition is based on Logzilla3.0, the author has licensed restrictions after Logzilla3.0,

Syslog-ng installation Configuration

1. Install EventLog Tar zxvf eventlog.tar.gz Configure -- prefix =/usr/local/EventLog Make Make install 2. Install libol Tar zxvf libol.tar.gz Configure -- prefix =/usr/local/libol 3. Install syslog-ng   4. TarZxvf

Apache Log configuration Remote Syslog acquisition

Reference: http://www.biglog.cn 1, installing Apache (httpd) [Root@node2 ~]# yum install-y httpd [root@node2 ~]# systemctl start httpd View HTTPD Logs [Root@node2 ~]# cd/var/log/httpd [root@node2 httpd]# ll Total 8 -rw-r--r--1 root root 1334 Apr 16:

Log-syslog System Log

This article lists several log files in the Linux system. and combining the log records in the message, a simple analysis is made. Syslog is the default log daemon for Linux systems. The default Syslog profile is the/etc/sysctl.conf file. Typically,

Basic tutorials for Linux system log analysis

First, we'll describe the basics of what Linux logs are, where to find them, and how they are created Linux System Log Many valuable log files are created automatically for you by Linux. You can find them in the/var/log directory. Here's what this

Apache log: access log (2)

Article title: Apache log: access log (2 ). Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. 3. process

Build remote system log collection and analysis environment based on CentOS 6.5+mariadb+loganalyzer+syslog

first, to understand the meaning of the Rsyslog configuration fileConfiguration file Path/etc/rsyslog.confIn Rsyslog facility facilities can be used to classify logs from functions or programs in the following ways Auth and

Log4j output to system logs and emails

Purpose:1. Write a fatal-level error to the 2000nt log2. Send email notification to administrators for warn, error, and fatal errors3. Other errors are output directly in the background. Tutorial steps:Output to 2000nt log1. SetLog4jCopy the

Httpd log and log rotation tool, httpd log Rotation

Httpd log and log rotation tool, httpd log Rotation Directory:1.1 Error Log ErrorLog1.2 access log CustomLog1.3 log rotation: rotatelogs Tool1.4 log rotation: cronolog Tool1.5 comparison between rotatelogs and cronolog The types of logs to be

Apache MySQL PHP configuration file Chinese translation detailed

Apache configuration file httpd.conf Chinese detailed## The configuration file based on the NCSA server is written by Rob McCool, Longzi translation## Apache Server master configuration file. Includes directory settings for server directives.# More

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