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Linux source Pack make the RPM package Apache

First, look at the use and configuration of Yum Recently, as a result of the server needs, the intranet needs to build intranet Yum source. To build intranet Yum source needs to be divided into the following steps, as follows: 1. What is Yum 2, repo

Build PHP + Apache + MySQL + vsftp in RedHat

Author: Dugu I have never been quite able to install a system and set up a server or other network management work. I have never looked down on network management. I just think that installing a system is too technical to build a server. But when I

Add apt software package management tool Shanyou for Redhat (original)

Preface What method do you use to manage your rpm, install it from an optical disk, download and install it from the network, or maintain it using Red Hat's up2date (Red Hat Network, but you can have a better choice -- Apt I. IntroductionRedHat

linux  Software Installation (rpm detailed)

Transferred from: http://www.51testing.com/?uid-227476-action-viewspace-itemid-99651In the process of using the Linux system, the installation of the package is not to be avoided, under Linux, there are many kinds of software installers ,

Add APT Package management tool for Redhat

Objective What you use to manage your RPM, from the CD-ROM installation, from the network download installation, or using Red Hat Up2date (Red Hat Network) in the maintenance, these are the solution, but you can have a better choice-APT First,

How to install Oracle 10g on Redhat 9,redhat ELAS 3/2.1,redat FC1

Oracle This article will show you how to install the following contents: -Oracle 10g (10.1.0) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 3 (RHELAS3) -Oracle 10g (10.1.0) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 2.1 (RHELAS2.1) -Oracle 10g (10.1

Install the RPM package or the source package

Install the RPM package or the source package Chapter 2 InstallRPMPackage or install the source package It is easy to install a software in windows. You only need to double-click the .exe file, and the installation prompt is "Next". However,

"My Linux, I am the boss!" "RPM Package Manager/yum Front end Tools/compilation installation from Getting started to mastering

the--rpm of Linux package managementNetwork operating system is the architecture on the underlying hardware, the current kernel has a Linux series, UNIX class, Windows series, and so on, and then up to the library call, the implementation of the

RPM package management in Linux

RPM package management in Linux Overview A package and Installation tool used to download packages from the Internet. It is included in some linux distributions. It generates a file with the. RPM extension. RPM is the abbreviation of RedHat Package

Linux Learning Note 3:linux Network configuration, RPM package, Shell and Samba server usage and installation

1, linux shell "Linux command, editor and Shell Programming" (1) shell kinds of many, commonly used three, in Linux can be ls-l/bin/*sh to show all installed shell Type 1) bourne/bin/sh 2 ) C/bin/csh 3) Kom/bin/ksh (2) See what kind of shell command

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