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Architecture Design: The basic concept of inter-system communication (--RPC)

1. OverviewAfter the detailed information format, the network IO model is explained, and through the Java RMI explained by the preheating. Starting from this article we will go into another key knowledge system of this series of blogs: RPC. In the

What is rpc? What are the popular rpc frameworks in php.

What is rpc? What are the popular rpc frameworks in php. Better layout: www. zybuluo. comphpernote76641 what is the rpc framework? answer the first question: what is the RPC framework? In one sentence, RPC is called RemoteProcedureCall. What is

RPC Application: Installation and application of the Apache thrift Ubuntu 14.04

The project uses an RPC technology, open source Apache thrift, exactly what RPC is, what the purpose is, below is the most understandable summary.An RPC usage scenario, principle and use method1. What is RPCRPC (remote Procedure call, long-distance

Differences between RPC and RMI and the connections and differences between Ajax-rpc, jax-ws, axis, and xfire

1. RPC does not support objects and uses the HTTP protocol.   2. Rmi supports object transmission. TCP/IP protocol   3. Rmi is only applicable to Java and RPC.   Comparison between RPC and RMI   The main difference between RMI and RPC lies in how

[Read hadoop source code] [6]-org. Apache. hadoop. IPC-IPC overall structure and RPC

1. Preface Hadoop RPC is mainly implemented through the dynamic proxy and reflection (reflect) of Java,Source codeUnder org. Apache. hadoop. IPC, there are the following main classes: Client: the client of the RPC service RPC:

Hadoop source code analysis (3) RPC server initialization structure

Statement: Personal originality. for reprinting, please indicate the source. I have referenced some online or book materials in this article. Please tell me if there is anything wrong. This article is the note I wrote when I read hadoop 0.20.2 for

Architecture Design: Inter-system Communication (one)--rpc instance Apache Thrift prev

1. Overview Through the introduction of the previous article, "Architecture Design: The basic concept of inter-system communication (--RPC)", I believe the reader has understood the basic RPC concept. In order to deepen this understanding, I will

Apache XML-RPC teaching article + Demo program

Apache|xml [Main Topic]Apache XML-RPC demo teaching (i.) ObjectiveTry to create and share learning experiences [Download Connections]Http://ws.apache.org/xmlrpc/download.html [Simple]Apache XML-RPC is an XML-RPC suite that is written in Java, and

Comparison of RPC and HTTP communication protocols

comparison of RPC and HTTP communication protocols Before we start discussing this topic, let's get to know the traditional development model. Seven-layer model of OSI network structure The specific descriptions of the layers are as follows: Layer

Hadoop custom RPC protocol

RPC is called a remote process call. As hadoop is a distributed system, underlying communication libraries must implement basic RPC functions. Hadoop RPC plays the role of the underlying communication module in hadoop. For example, communication and

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