apache server on windows xp

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Install Apache-based SVN server (including SSL configuration) in Windows )[

Modification history: V0.1 2006-08-06 Add SSL configuration to v0.2 2006-09-10 V0.21 fixed an error in 2.3 configuration (reported by blair1978) V0.23 add two necessary files in Attachment 1. Otherwise, the SSL certificate cannot be created. Fixed a

Install Apache-based SVN server (including SSL configuration) in Windows)

1. Introduction 2. Installation Process 2.1. install Apache 2.2. Install Subversion 2.3. Configuration 2.4. use SSL to protect your server Summary This article describes how to configure servers in tortoisesvn1.3.5. You have made some adjustments

Apache bug on Windows XP SP2

Apache 1.3.x 2.0.x 2.2.x has bugs in Windows XP SP2. The following is a Web article, but I have verified that this method is sometimes not easy to use. At least it is not easy for me to use, it is also SP2, and another machine can be used, which is

The authoritative guide for installing Apache2 and PHP4 in Apache windows

Apache 2 and PHP are popular scenarios for creating interactive Web sites and are inexpensive. Installing Apache 2 in Windows is a breeze, but for PHP 4 to work seamlessly with Apache 2, you need some skill. In the Windows installation section of

Windows XP + Apache 2.2.4 + PhP 5.2.0 + MySQL 5.0.27 + Zend optimizer 3.2.0 environment configuration method (according to this reference, Apache, PHP, MySQL are successfully installed.

Cy163 Note: Before you see this method, Apache + PHP installation has never been successful (MySQL was installed before ). The reason for the installation failure is that the downloadPhp-5.3.0-nts-Win32-VC9-x86.zip PHP for Windows Is an

Comprehensive integration of Apache + MySQL + PHP + JSP (Tomcat) + CGI + ASP in Windows

The operating system used for installation in this article is Windows XP Professional Edition. Follow these steps to complete the installation!NOTE: If IIS is pre-installed, stop or disable the IIS service first. 1. Preparations before

XP Build Apache+tomcat+jsp+php+mysql Environment Tutorial

I. Environmental description 1. Windows XP 2, apache_2.2.11-win32-x86-no_ssl.msihttp://httpd.apache.org/ 3, mod_jk-1.2.28-httpd-2.2.3.sohttp://tomcat.apache.org/download-connectors.cgi 4,

Php4.23 install instances on IIS and apache2 in Windows XP

Introduction: This is a detailed page of php4.23 installation instances on IIS and apache2 servers under Windows XP. It introduces the related knowledge, skills, and experience of PHP, and some PHP source code. Class = 'pingjiaf' frameborder = '0'

Install Apache + MySQL + PHP in Windows XP. apachemysql_PHP tutorial

Install Apache + MySQL + PHP and apachemysql in Windows XP. Install the Apache + MySQL + PHP environment in Windows XP. the essential work of apachemysql in the whole wamp environment is as follows: 1. the configuration system can call the dll file

Install Apache + MySQL + PHP manually in Windows XP. apachemysql_PHP tutorial

In Windows XP, install Apache + MySQL + PHP manually. apachemysql. Key points of manually installing the Apache + MySQL + PHP environment in Windows XP. the essential work of apachemysql in the whole wamp environment is as follows: 1, the

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