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Solr installation steps,

Solr installation steps,I. Solr Overview 1. What is Solr? Solr is a top-level open-source project under Apache developed using Java. It is a full-text search Server Based on Lucene. Solr provides a richer query language than Lucene, supports

Use Apache SOLR for Enterprise Search

Provided based on the Lucene search engine and open-source with Apache Software License license. SOLR is (based on the Lucene site) "an open-source enterprise search Server Based on Lucene Java Search Library, with XML/HTTP and JSON APIs,

How to configure Apache Solr on Ubuntu 14/15

How to configure Apache Solr on Ubuntu 14/15 Hello everyone, welcome to read our Apache Solr article today. Simply put, Apache Solr is the most prestigious open-source search platform. Combined with Apache Lucene running on the back-end of the

Full-text search engine ElasticSearch or SOLR?

Recently the project team has scheduled a task, the project used full-text search, based on the full-text search SOLR, but the SOLR search cloud project is not stable, often query data, need manual full-volume synchronization, and other teams in the

[Linux] install solr 4.10.3 and centossolr on CentOS

[Linux] install solr 4.10.3 and centossolr on CentOSWhat is Solr? Solr is a top-level open-source project under Apache developed using Java. It is a full-text search Server Based on Lucene. Solr provides a richer query language than Lucene, supports

Quick full-text search of Django using SOLR

 Use SOLR to quickly implement full-text search for Django. Http://fzuslideblog.appspot.com/2010/03/25/django_solr_search.htmlsource address Django does not provide full-text search, but there are many options for adding full-text search to Django.

Import CSV files to SOLR

Today, I want to use DIH to import CSV files, so the data source is roughly implemented using filedatasource + custom converter. Package COM. besttone. transformer; import Java. util. map; public class csvtransformer {// reference http://wiki.apache.

Position-aware search using Apache Lucene and SOLR

Whether it's looking for the nearest café via a GPS-enabled smartphone, or finding friends near you through social networking sites, or looking at all the trucks that transport certain goods in a particular city, more and more people and businesses

Import data from a database into the SOLR index library

In the SOLR and Tomcat integration article, the index library I used is mycore, now take this as an example.The first thing to prepare the jar package: Solr-dataimporthandler-4.8.1.jar, Solr-dataimporthandler-extras-4.8.1.jar and

Nutch 1.3 learning notes extended nutch plug-in for customizing index fields

Extension of the nutch plug-in to implement custom index fields 1. Introduction to using nutch and SOLR 1.1 some basic configurations Adding properties for HTTP. Agent. Name To CONF/nutch-site.xml Generate a seed folder, mkdir-P URLs, in

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